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A Test of Time: A Victorian Era Love Story

Novel By: Nerdybird123
Historical fiction

Her name is Fiona. She is whisked away from a dingy orphanage in London to a fairy tale mansion owned by an uncle she's only met once. Why is she here? Is there more to Glover's story than what he claims? And who is the boy in the woods? Time travel is impossible isn't it? View table of contents...


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While the trio sat in their little shack, things were going badly back at Uncle Glover's manor. He had gotten the help of several of his neighbors and old friends to help him get his niece back from "kidnappers". After they had attacked the enemy camp, four of the men sat on the porch wounded, being tended by the others and he hysterical Edith. Glover paced back and forth in the yard, thinking over the situation. He knew they hadn't kidnapped her. No, she had turned her back on him and was helping that boy. He spat at the thought of Robin. The No-good hoodlum. How had he earned her trust so easily? Then he remembered that crazy thing called love. He remembered Valentia. Glover had been willing to risk everything for her. His family, his comforts, his own body - even now he was taking chances getting her back. He had paid for love once - SHE had paid. He didn't want to see Fiona get into that situation. If Glover went back to stop Valentia from dying, then he wouldn't be here. Fiona wouldn't have come. None of this would have happened. He pitied his Niece. She would be back in that orphanage, more than likely. She wouldn't be loved or cared for. She would go back to being mute. As for Calvin... That was another story. Glover shook his head in frustration. He headed back towards the house. The words of his once allied friend rang through his head. "Odds are, if you want something badly enough, you'll hurt a few people, break a few laws, make some new regrets. You just need to ask yourself, is it worth it?" Jules had told him while they were looking for that hidden orb. Was it worth it? Who would he pick - Fiona or Valentia? ~ Even at mid afternoon the sun provided no warmth. There was a thin sheet of snow on the ground and leaking into the little shack. Fiona and Robin decided that they HAD to go back - neither had eaten since the day before and the temperature was dropping. Besides that, Rory was getting a fever. He had woken up in a cold sweat and he still wasn't thinking clearly. He needed help. Rory wrapped himself in the quilt and both his brother and Fiona put an arm around him to support him while he walked. They slowly made their way through the foreboding forest. Fiona had never been so far. The thick trees were bare of their leaves, making the entire area look like a wasteland. Shadows formed in every crook and cranny, making it seem like they were being watched by ungodly creatures. The undergrowth tugged at the girl's skirts and made the three of them stumble. The occasion crow broke the silence with his mocking tone. Robin directed them by little notches in the trees. They steadily made their way, heads and eyelids drooping in exhaustion. Fiona would start to cough uncontrollably at times. The cold was irritating her lungs and making it hard for her to breathe again. During a coughing fit, Robin would hold her hands in his own, warming them. With those interruptions along with Rory's slow progress, it took them two hours to reach camp. A shout went up as soon as their presence was made known. Mr. Gibson ran out to meet them and shouted something incoherent. His eyes spat venom at Fiona. He seized her by a handful of her tangled hair and started to drag her away. She screeched and struggled. "Father! What are you doing? Let her go!!" Robin commanded. Jules poked a finger in his chest as a man in armor started to help Rory away. "Don't you DARE tell me what to do boy! She's the reason for all of this! I will hold her hostage until I get what I want! UNTIL WE GO HOME! She almost got you killed. She almost got me and your brother killed! Because of this little devil child, three of my best men are dead and we are STILL IN THIS HELL HOLE!" Robin winced at these words. Fiona was clawing at the man's fingers. "You don't understand. She doesn't have it, but she was gong to fetch it-" "YOU BELIEVE THAT?! SHE'S GOING TO RUN OFF BACK TO THAT SON OF A BITCH AND LEAVE YOU IN THE DUST! SHE'S BEEN USING YOU TO GET INFORMATION! SHE'S A SPY!" The bearded man bellowed. He waved a gun at her head. "THE PLAN WAS TO KIDNAP HER, GET THE KEY, AND KILL HER! DO YOU SEE WHAT PROBLEMS ARISE WHEN YOU DON'T LISTEN TO ME?" Fiona stopped her struggling and Jules pushed her to the ground. She gazed at Robin, whose eyes widened. "Were you...?" He seemed to have been struck by lightning. All the blood drained from his face and a single tear fell from his eye. "No... Fiona I swear I wouldn't hurt you-" She stood up to look Robin in the face. Jules smirked Evilly. He had hit home. "Robin... You would have killed an innocent girl to get something you wanted?" Her voice faltered at the word 'killed'. "No, it's not like that. I didn't want to - and... And after we met and I started to get to know you... Please, no. I love you Fiona. I would never hurt you... You should know that..." Robin stepped forward to try to embrace her. She only stepped back. Tears welled up in her eyes. "All my life I've never known love. Not since i was three years old, and Not until the last few weeks. I thought I had fallen for a sweet boy." She shook her head in disappointment. "I was wrong. I fell for a monster... I knew you were desperate...... But not to that extent."


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