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Love and Kingdom

Novel By: Nithya
Historical fiction

Natalie, as her name, she is a beauty and future queen of great riches and kingdom, for others. But in reality she was a bird in golden cage, all she longed for was freedom. She awaits for a prince to come and rescue her as all princess did. When she sees a rebellion she unconditionally falls in love with him and believes him to be her prince awaiting for him to break her cages. Unfortunately fate has its own plans...
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Demon's dwell

Erected with interior and exterior sculptures of ancient gothic style that palace was a real miracle. It stood majestically in the centre of that country. Anywhere from that country the palace could be viewed. It had been passionately called as 'Palace REX'. But for the past decade people hesitated to use that name, instead they referred it as 'DEMON'S DWELL'.

'Demon's dwell' was restless. Everyone in and out of the 'Demon's dwell' heard a thunder like roar. It shattered the peace of night into pieces. That roar came from the courtyard. Soldiers were forming groups and left with rush and worry.

"Lord Theodore was flying in rage. I could only pity that old maid Naomi," said a soldier.

"She is as dead as meat. Pray her soul shouldn't haunt us," said another soldier.

"Fools, stop chatting and try finding our princess before dawn," ordered their captain, 'At least she could save Naomi and... us.' He thought to himself.

The horses nearly flew in search of Natalie. They searched every possible and impossible place. They carried the sentence of death on each ones head. If they failed to find her, they would choose their own destiny.

Coming back to 'Demon's dwell', this was the scene any one would witness. A tall built young man was standing regally but his youthful face was horrible due to the fume in his heart. He was staring angrily at an old drawn woman. Her face showed that she was ready to accept her death, any time. The wrinkles on her face showed her age. Fear added more wrinkles to her face.

"How could she get lost, when you are alive? You old hag…" words came like thunder out of Theodore's lip.

"Lord, when I las…t saw her she…. was in her bed, sleeping…," shaky words came one by one mixed with the sound of weeping.

Old dried eyes were watching the scene. Those eyes had witnessed butchery of thousands and thousands of innocent people. The blood that drenched those eyes was not enough to put out the fumes in it. Still those eyes were bright and glorious with the fire of vengeance.

Those were eyes of King Cecil.

White hair, pale skin and red eyes made him to appear as an old weak wizard, but not. He was the demon, who dwells in the palace. He was the demon who crossed the bridge before a decade. He still had the same courage, which massacred thousands of lives. He was neither angry nor sad. His face was emotionless.

"Lord," a soldier came and bowed before Theodore. As soon as he saw King Cecil, he Kneeled before him and bowed saying "We have brought Princess Natalie back."

Theodore became human. He gazed Naomi and went after that soldier.

Naomi still kept shaking. She would live at least to see the next day. She turned back to see King Cecil. His face was still without any emotions. He lifted his head and saw Naomi. He gradually opened his mouth and said "Go," in a soft but steady and fearless voice.

Naomi almost ran away from that place with her trembling and unsteady physique despite her age.

........ continued


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