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The main character Sonia hates the way rich people treat lower class people, well the fact that she too is a rich person. her mother wants to raise her into a refined young women. but Sonia doesn't want that, she has a tough western accent around others ( besides her mother). one day her mother arranges a marriage for her. she then decides to dress a boy and run away. she boards a ship and finds out the whole ships full of pirates. View table of contents...


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April 5th ( Not sure of the year "Mid-1700's")

It was all for my parents.

Well, not that my parents cared at all for me in the first place. I live in what ordinary folks call a mansion. Though it doesn't look like that to me. The house is pretty normal from the inside and outside view. The entire area is surrounded by metal fencing " To keep the dirty commoners out" is what my mother told me.

I hate the way my family...no every rich family critics the poor. Some treat them as if they were vermin. I cant sympathize their feelings, but I could tell when they feel hurt by these things. I'm the only daughter of the wealthy and prestigious Monarch family. Being the only daughter I was chosen a husband. Being chosen a husband without getting to greet him at first angers me. Just what did I do wrong to deserve this kind of lifestyle. I hated it.

Early in the morning my mother surprises me with gifts. From the fiancée of course. The maids dropped the "offerings" on my bed. I loomed over and saw, a bouquet of red and white roses, Another bouquet of lilies and daises, two boxes of the finest chocolates, and piles of clothing and jewelery. My face went grim looking at such a horrifying pile. I looked over to my mother who was smiling at me.

" You must meet him dear, he's such a handsome gentleman". In your eyes he must be.

" Age"? I asked her.

" The mans in his 20's dear". Of course she wouldn't tell me.

" I see". She then bragged about how rich and noble he was. I started to get agitated. Would her mouth ever shut and stay shut. During my lifetime that will never happen. My mother was a bragger, a nagger, and a gossiper. She liked to have tea parties almost every week. Only to show me off to the other noble women. Hoping that they have sons to match me with. On the other hand, my father works all the time so I never get to see him. The man picked a mighty fine women indeed.( way to go father).

" I already set up a date for you two to meet this afternoon at 3". my eyes widened. I stood frozen. Shocked with her words.

" So...I gotta meet the fellow". I slumped onto my bed at the idea. I looked up, my mother hit my head with her right hand( Which hurts a ton).

" I thought I told you to stop speaking in such a vulgar way"! I covered my head with my hands.

" Jeez, whats wrong with the way I speak"? I pouted.

" You sound like one of those commoners that dare to roam about the streets...looking like dirty human beings".

" Its not their faults, being like that". She raised her hand again, threatening me to speak to her normally.

" I mean...they did not chose to live such a lifestyle". She nodded and added that it actually was their faults. They did not work hard enough to earn they're pay and she also mentioned that god was displeased with they're looks. I don't think god cares about that in particular.

" Mom, Do I have to go...I don't wanna meet 'em". She placed both her hands on her waist. She seemed displeased with the way I asked her again. I can't help it. Every since I was little I didn't want to speak like her. It was like it left a strange taste in my mouth. I felt disgusted when I spoke so. So I eventually got used to talking in such a way.

" Dear...You must go. You will come to like him and eventually you will come to marry the young nobleman". She grinned at me ferociously.

" Whatever you say mother". I sighed. She nodded at my answer and walked out the door.

I fell onto my bed, rolling in it from side to side and thought about her stupid idea about marriage. I don't think I'm cut out for that kinda thing. I wouldn't be a good wife. Because I have no manners, I can't act or speak like a proper lady, and I've been labeled a tomboy by many. I grabbed the pillow and mashed it onto my face.

" Marriage...is...dumb". I muffled out from the pillow. I was tired from all the excitement and decided to take a nape.

I suddenly awoke to a horrible noise. I quickly sat up and it was the head maid Gemma who was shouting in my ear.

" Young lady, you must dress with haste"! I got up from the bed. I shuffled to the bathroom. Tumbling into the waterless tub.

" Milady you mustn't play like so, you must hurry. The young gentlemen awaits you at the appointed time".

I rubbed my eyes. And glanced at the clock in my room. I flinched, the time was 2:50 in the afternoon. And I must be their at 3. If I didn't leave now, mother would surely punish me.

I I wouldn't want that to happen...anything but that.

I had the maid draw a quick bath( which took 5 minutes). I jumped right out and patted myself dry. The maid had picked out a lightly blue colored dress. Which had lace collars and a frilly black bow. The lace covered most of my chest exposing so little. I tied my own hair in a high up pony tail and tied a blue bow around it. I had to wear a corset. The damned thing suffocated me. Mother told me that noble young ladies wear corsets to show their charm and beauty. I think behind those smiles they want out. It was hard to breath through.

I dug my nails into the corset trying to catch my breath.

" Do not woe milady, I'll be sure to make the corset easy to breath through". I looked behind me. And nodded.

She tightened the corsets strings securely but not too tight into small bows on the back. She then tied a white laced sash around my waist. I looked at the mirror and nodded at my appearance.

" I'll be goin now"! I shouted at Gemma from the hallway. She did not mind the way I talked to her. She was the same.

I ran down the narrow stair way into the main hall. My mother was waiting for me at the door. There was a carriage out front. I whimpered. I did not want to go. The very thought about my image of the man I will meet today made me worry a bit.

" Goodness gracious , took you long enough. Now hurry, the young gentlemen awaits you". I straightened my back and grumbled as my reply.

She patted my hand and waived my goodbye. What kind of mother leaves her child like this. I wanted her to go with me so badly.


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