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Green Eyed Slave Girl

By: ultragurl700

Chapter 2, Emi is born and later at a young age finds out the secret her mother held from her.

On May sixth in the hot spring of 1844 in the south a baby girl was born to a slave woman named Juna in a slave shack with the doctor, the slave master Wilson Henry, and a couple of other kitchen maids. She gave birth to a tiny baby. A girl. The doctor examined the girl. Wilson gave her an assuring look. Juna smiled.

"She's healthy." The baby was wailing. "Let's check her eyes." The doctor used his man fingers to ply the little girls eye lids open. The baby blinked then her eyes shimmered green.She began to wail. The doctor widen his eyes. "She has green eyes." Juna looked at Mr.Henry, she seemed to be panicking a bit. His eyes where green as well! Wilson swallowed something in his throat and cleared his throat.

"Doctor please leave," Wilson said as he took the infant.The doctor looked at his eyes.

"Yours is green too. I knew you had-" The doctor was speaking like a mad man.

Mr.Henry told the kitchen slaves to take him out. He sighed and sat on the bed near Juna a twenty year old woman. He was only twenty-nine and Juna nineteen when they started the secret love affair behind the backs of others. Sneaking into caves,coming to shacks at midnight, and making stupid excuses just to be close to one another. But now the secret was out.The baby was born. A stressed thirty year old Wilson Henry touched the babies hand. It's little fingers clasped around his thumb and gummed on it.

"She so cute," Juna said lovingly to Wilson. He was looking sick. "What's wrong?"

"The doctor knows now." He choked a bit on his words. "You can be hurt. I can be hurt. She can be kil-"

"Shut up about that I want let her get hurt!" Juna practically screamed. "I'm going to name her Emi." She calmed a bit and Wilson squeezed her shoulders.

"I like Emile," Wilson said finally smiling.

"Okay Emi is short for Emile," Juna kissed her baby's tiny hairs. Emi slept in her mother and father's arms.

"Emile no!" Juna yelled at Emi as she ran towards the steps of the chicken coop catching some chicks and hanging them up side down rattling them. Just then it's mama came up and pecked her leg. Emi cried. She threw the chicks down and splat they dyed fast the mother cawed and tried to attack Emi but Juna kicked it sending it high up into the heaven. "Damn beast!" She scooped Emi up and carried her inside.

"Momma that thing bite me on my leg," Emi showed her tiny mark.

"You'll be okay," Juna informed her. Emi tried to take her cap off. "No!"

Emi had to cover her hair because of the incident two years ago with the doctor. The caps ruffles shaded her eyes.

Emi pouted and stomped in. Rosie Beth stood in the door way. She pulled Emi's arm. "Shorty come 'ere," Rosie said in a small southern accent. Juna let her daughter run near Rosie. She looked so funny when she ran Juna had to laugh by all the times she trampled over and Rosie sighed and was forced to help her up. Rosie was a bit taller than her at five and Emi (Emile) at two. Emi at a young age could remember every thing.

Juna stopped watching them and turned she bumped into Master Wilson Henry. He was looking up at them smiling. Juna turned her head slightly to see them disappear into Rosie Beth's little play room. "I want you to come with me," Wilson said whispering so close to her lips.

"Okay," Juna said. They walked together away into his office and bed room.

Rosie Beth jumped up and down on her bed and Emi did too. "Higher Emi! You gotta jump higher!" Rosie Beth demanded. Emi pumped her legs up and then stopped to catch her breathe. She was panting fast. Rosie Beth pat her back. "Are you hurt?"

"No miss," Emi said calming her self.

"Don't call me miss." Rosie looked up. "Call me...hmmm....Rosie of the South." Rosie stood up with her hand on her hips and looked in the sky like an heroin and said her speech. "I, Rosie of the South will make all people have large slave land for all Negroes to work!"

Emi put her head down. Rosie looked at her. "I don't mean you," Rosie Beth said hugging her. "I think your pretty and your more than a nigger to me."

Emi hated those words but the Southern people mostly whites called the slaves nigger,blackie, and so much that hurt her.

"Why I have nick name like that but you don't?"Emi asked. "Rosie please don't ever call me that."

"Okay. Hey you can call me Rosie B and I'll call ya Emile Lime!" Rosie said laughing. Emi did too. She looked at her eyes. Emi noticed and dunked her head down. "Why can'tIi see your eyes or hair?"

"Mama said no." Emile said fixing it to cover her eyes.

"Well I say yes!" Rosie reaches for her head but Emi runs to the toy box opening it.

"Oh I have to go get momma!" Emi ran out the room and walked down the hall. She opened Mr.Henry's office door. She walked in more and saw his desk was empty. No one. She opened the door leading to his room. She gasped at the scene. Juna and Mr. Henry where kissing on his bed. Mr.Henrywas gripping Juna's waist and Juna his neck. "Mama whatcha' doin'?" Emi said pouncing on them.

Juna screamed. Mr.Henry looked shockingly at Emi who took her cap off. Her curly sweaty hair feel down to her back and her green eyes sparkled. Mr.Henry smiled slightly but snapped back. "Emi what are you doing here?" he said in his Master tone. Juna looked crudely at him. "I-I want you to go back."

"But I wanna see mama!" Emi yelled. Juna hit her hand.

"Stop that yelling!" Juna said.

"Don't hurt her Juna," Wilson said.

"I didn't."

"You did! If you hurt my child again-" Emi gasped. Juna hit him in the rib reminding him.

"You my daddy!" She pointed and jabbed the air. Juna began to cry. She grabbed Emi and ran out the office as Mr.Henry sat on his bed ashamed. Emi was going to die at two, he thought, all my fault.

Juna sobbed in the shack and Emi petted her hair slowly. "Momma are you scared of the dark?"

"No baby." Juna said wiping her big eyes of tears. She held Emi close. "I love you."

"I know mama. I love you too." Emi said finger brushed her mother's hair imagining her in those pretty dresses white southern ladies where. Oh she would be prettier then them all if Mr. Henry--well papa--- could marry her."Mama will you marry papa?"

"I don't want you to worry about that?" Juna kissed Emi on the cheek and carried to her cot and sung her to sleep and held her close feeling this would be the last time she could ever feel her babies warmth.

That night Juna visited Wilson. "Can't we do something?" She asked pacing in her white night gown.

Wilson sighed. "I can but you can't." He rubbed his temples in frustration and sighed.

"What any thing. I just don't wanna bury my child or you!" Juna yelled in tears. She was angry now.

"Okay please calm down for me.We'll get over this...."

"No we won't." Juna said leaving the room . She paused at the door. "We should've got out of this place when we had the chance." She left. Wilson stood up and picked up a picture of Emi he drew when she was laying on his bed at three months and burst in to tears regretting his next decision  only  for him self and Juna but not for Emi. She was going to be okay. Right?

"No!" Juna pulled on Wilson as he carried Emile out side of the shack and in front of the main house where a wagon for slaves waited. An fat man was waiting their with a boy pulling his horse. Emi screamed, "Mama help," as she cried. Juna reached for her tiny hands but Wilson pulled away quickly crying a bit but wiping his tears. Juna fell to the ground and sobbed faster and faster she was out of breath. A couple of slave women came to help her up but she shrugged them off. "No I need her! Wilson give her back!"

Wilson put his only daughter. Mixed and born in slavery on the wagon. He sniffled and held his self together. Emi yelled "Papa" to him but he turned with his head down. A shamed of him self.

In his office he watched the wagon leave. Juna sat in his chair still looking like stone. Wilson closed the curtains and Rosie Beth ran in crying. "Oh uncle why? She was my friend!" Rosie sobbed. "I was her friend!" She threw her doll to the ground sending shards every where and ran out. Wilson got on his knees near Juna and cried. Juna snapped back and petted his head and held it in her lap.

"I had to do it," he said.

"I would've died with her," Juna said mourning. Wilson jumped up.

"Don't ever say that!" He hugged her tightly and Juna poured out her tears.

Emi arrived on the Thompson plantation. The slaves there wear dark and hot clothing.She was introduced to Mrs.Thompson,Mr.Thompson, Adam Thompson and Bonnie Thompson. "You're ugly!" Bonnie said laughing. Emi cried but Mrs. Thompson told her to shut up. Adam just smiled sweetly at her. She liked him best.








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