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Green Eyed Slave Girl

By: ultragurl700

Chapter 3, Emi\'s life as a slave in the Thompson house hold. Emi\'s now 18

1862 on the Thompson Plantation,

♦ ♦ ♦

Emi was now eight-teen with a slender figure, curly hair that fell to her back like when she was five when she took her cap off, green eyes that shun heavenly in the sun and the same olive skin tone as she had as a child. She lived on the Thompson plantation since she was two and was bullied by Bonnie since then and forced to clean after Bonnie's annoying up tight horse Nora Bell a gray horse. Adam barely calls her only to help him finish a snack. He was a sweat heart to her not slimy and smug like the rest of them. Mr.Thompson would make her clean his office until no scuffs where on his white floors and Mrs.Thompson was a brat like her daughter. She barely did any thing! Emi over came all of them (and their nasty comments) and had a friend ship with a slave girl named Reda, who was sold to the Thompson at two when Emi was three and they became best friends. They even shared a little cot on the floor of their shack snuggling close telling jokes about what Bonnie did and Mr. and Mrs.Thompson.

One day as she was on hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor Bonnie walked in with muddy boots marking up the floor. Emi looked at her. Bonnie turned to she her but Emi lowered her head. She never wanted any one to see her eyes that was why it was always lowered or any one to see her hair so it was piled in a cap. Sweet beads rolled down her forehead. "You do a horrid job at cleaning," Bonnie said.

Emi ignored and scrubbed the floor some more. Bonnie walked back and forth until the horse stuff came off and track dirt. "Now clean that up!" Bonnie stormed off. Emi stood up and wiped the foot prints. She hated Bonnie so much it was hard to put in to words with out sounding like a killer! Emi sat on the kitchen chair and grabbed an apple.

"Hey!" A voice boomed. She jumped up and screamed. She looked at Adam in his evening wear. His blue eyes smiled. She sighed in relief. "Go on you can have it Em's." He sat down and offered her a seat near him. She gladly but weirdly took it. Adam took and apple and handed her a new one.

"Thank-you sir," Emi said.

"Oh she speaks," he said. Emi was so quiet her talking was like lightning. It only struck once.

Emi giggled and lowered her head biting the apple. Adam was so close to her she could hear him breathing. She was only a few inches shorter than the man. Adam was twenty while she was eighteen only two years apart. Adam looked down at her. "Are you okay?"

"O huh," she said. He was so kind!

"You look mad at Bonnie a bit," Adam said looking up. "She's a brat I know."

Emi had to giggle but it came with a laugh too. Adam smiled at her. "Emile don't let bratty two face get to you,"Adam said. Emi smiled. He was on her side and he called her Emile.

"Emi look," Reda said crawling from the tiny wood table in the shack she held a picture Bible in her hand. "I can read this whole scripture."

"Wait I'll check the doors," Emi said running to the doors. She peaked out every one was a sleep or just inside being quiet as a mouse. She took her apron off and threw it in the tin wash tub to be washed. "Go on."

Reda read Matthews 4:9. Emi slowly took off her dress. Brown and dingy looking to reveal her body which she quickly covered up in a white night gown that wasn't as pretty as Bonnie's but was warmer. She walked bare foot across the dirt floors of the shack and wiped her cap to the ground. her curls came out. Reda had a puffy hair style and brown light eyes that where almond shaped.

"The end." Reda said bowing. Emi clapped and hid the blue bible. The door knob jiggled. They jumped in to place. Emi hid behind the curtain. Mr.Thompson came in. Reda waved at him. "Hi sir."

"Stop that where is Emi?" he asked picking up her cap.

"Oh huh? Oh yeah she's cleaning up she needs to change."

"Oh kay." He leaves.

"Come on out." Reda said laying down. Emi does and takes a place near her to sleep. They slept silently. Emi heard Reda snoring and moving around in the bed made of straw and feathers. She sat up in the canvas covers and fixed her night gown. Barking rose and gun shot. A run away slave being chased after? She ignored it and went back to bed.

"Woof! Woof!" She jumped up. Mitzi, Adams German Shepard stood over her. She smiled at her.

"Where ya papa?" She asked. She grabbed her collar. "Mitzi don't you like me?"

"Woof!" Mitzi respond.

"Good," Emi said smiling. She walked out the shack escorting the dog to it's master. She opened the Thompson house door and walked the dog inside and up the stairs. It barked for her. She knocked on the door. Adam appeared sleepy. He smiled at her then looked at his dog.

"Oh you went to Emi?" he asked picking the two hundred pound dog up."She loves you." He smiled at Emi and disappeared into his room. Emi wished it wasn't just her.

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