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Mommy, I Can Touch the Sky

By: AmandaBrookeWrites

Page 1, Inspired by the Industrial revolution spreading to the United States. More mother son relationship then industrial


He came all dressed in rags

Just he and his mom alone

There is neither money nor a dad

Her superman never even groaned


                                “Mommy, I can touch the sky”


A year passed and he joined the others

An industrial worker, he was made

A smile to hide the pain from mother

But the bruises just wouldn’t fade


                                                “Mommy, don’t worry! I’ll be fine”


Ten hours a day, working for a fiend

Bruises he couldn’t conceal

Losing clothes to manmade machines

And her nightmares are incredibly real


                                “Mommy, it’s not that bad”


A mother always knows the truth

She hated the labor she had

But it’s nothing like what he goes through

All because of his deadbeat dad


“Mommy, I can do it”


One day, her little boy didn’t come back

Workers escorted her to his deathbed

There was an accident on the train track

When she finally saw him, he said:


                                “Mommy, I can touch the sky”

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