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Of Mavarek

By: Crpowers

Page 1, Mavarek the ancient, the powerful, the undead.

With eyes aglow
In beastily dower.
He shows no hint
Of forgotten power.

An ancient ancient
Fiercly glow.
As darkness falls
As fast as snow.

With eldritch eyes
He begins to rise.
A pearly orb settles
In twinkling skies.

White is light
On fair palest skin.
Sun would be
The death of him.

Settle now,
He settles then.
For hunger under
Midnight grim.

Spell on him.
A spell is damned.
His life is lost
In oldest hands.

A life,
A life.
For deathly wake.
'To drink the blood
Of all thy race.'

A monster,
Masked in friendly shell.
A hunger,
Till the daylight swell.

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