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WW1-war Poem

By: Crystaljem

Page 1, This is poem i am writing for a piece of school work so any thing you think would make it better, (I\'m sure there\'s lots) would really help. Thanks


This is a war, that no man should fight,

Because of the terror and horror that lies,

There is no honour but the cold black sight,

Of soldiers falling with death in their eyes.


The pulverising bombs shoot overhead,

The sickening muds that claw at your feet.

The land all scarred with the helpless dead,

Surely there’s nothing there but the cheat,


The cheats of those who were told they would die,

In grace, in honour somewhere in the skies,

Not where the gunfire shoots till nigh,

And the gas wouldn’t stop until the sunrise.


The savage and torture of the bruises and scars,

None of this is physical but down in your heart,

Of the people you’ve killed and the wives that are widows,

The crying and fear of the bombs that will follow.


The trees there are lifeless, skeletons like the people,

And the grass doesn’t grow because of the smoke,

The tanks are so huge, they destroy and they steeple,

And oh no it’s a gas attack and I start to choke.


And as I look beside me I see my friends,

Collapsed and lifeless; near to the end,

And all I could wish for is just to amend,

But the ground drags me in and I apprehend.

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