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The Great Alexander

By: Jamesthethane

Page 1, Just a quick poem I wrote when I couldn\'t sleep about a battle between Persian and Macedonian forces. The Macedonians are led by Alexander the Great and are severely outnumbered. 100% original.


Soldiers run to
As more defend
Survivors are few
To tell to few friends
The story of this
Mountain of blood
So close to death's kiss
Buried face in the mud
As Persians defend
And Greeks attack
The ground runs red
And the sky is black
But one man alone
Sees through all this mist
One man alone
Avoid's death's kiss
A great Alexander
To rule them all
A great Alexander
To lead the fall
An empire so fierce
A dragon would run
A force that can only
Be second to Sun
But Alex leads on
Determined to win
He fights with his men
To the bitter-sweet end
An ugly truth
Face a beautiful lie
A truly brave warrior
Stares down Persia's eye
All he say
Is head to your death
Leave all our legacy
To all our last breath
Who we are
Will show through our shells
Our one true form
Will fight unto Hell
We all will not die
Though most of us will
But that we will need
To will rights of will

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