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Musical Tragedy

By: JessieCat

Page 1, This is a poem I wrote from my Creative Writing class. It metaphorically combines 9/11 with an orchestral band\'s performance.


The lights come up on

A musician’s stage.

Fog rolling slowly across

The ground. Eluding to the

Massacre to come.

A lone flute drones a

Haunting note.

The dawn is rising.

She begins to taper off,

And just before the silence

Engulfs her the rest of

The band filter in.

The bustle of a new

Day is unfolding.

Strings flow softly up

And down chromatically.

People stepping into

Elevators, carried to

Many identical office


Trumpets blare obnoxiously

Over the others.




Traffic becomes thick

As more of the world


The baritones and tubas

Converse musically with

One another.

Groggy people walking along

The road.

Clarinets frantically rush

Through sextuplets.

Workers run along the ascending

Stairs, chattering to themselves.

A cluster of oboes rise above

The swell in a piercing note.

The sun is now at its highest.

Melodic lines become more

Frantic, leading into the

Inevitable. One Contra

Bassoon speaks out, low and


A few men drive the controls

Of religious madness.

Saxophones trill out



Innocent people taken along

For a deathly ride.


There is one measure of

Silence; then the horrifying

Clash of cymbals.

Flames leap up to fill the

Newly opened hole.

The Orchestra screams out

In a final forte then, one

By one, die loudly away into


People stand at the edge

Of sanity, and leap into

The void of fear and pain.

Glissandos, marcattos, crescendos,

Staccatos; all being choked at

Their highest point.

Survivors watch as the

Structure slowly falls.

Half the band is lost; the

Remnants crying out in a

Closing pianissimo.

Cries for loved ones lost

Can be heard throughout

A shaken nation. Smoke

Is rolling thick; mixing

With the afternoon fog.

Lights, slowly, fade to black.

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