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"The Philosopher's Haunt"

By: Lady Delyriah

Page 1, Taking on a different light of a philosopher\'s life, \"The Philosopher\'s Haunt\" melds the cruel reality of the brilliant minds separated by society along with the castaways of the supernatural, the phantoms.

"The Philosopher's Haunt"

As the world's colors pale to grim
The grayest Shades in my mind swim...
Emerging from Berth of Mist,
Surging from a Life Amiss
To Awake My Mind from its Spell

"I've naught a sole tale to tell,"
"--For I am one, and all spirits who fell--"
 Dear Ghoul, Speak to me Not.
 … Dark Soul, Sing for me Naught.
Yet Despite the Might with which I Pled,

Walls of Resistance also Fled
Leaving Droughts of Hollow Dread
To Tread Through My Heart of Hope Bereft,
And So, My Spirit though Once Sealed…
Bleeds as the Soul's Music Now Reveals...

Memories of Faces like Mine
Whose Lives were Eternally Denied
For they Are Society's Bane Designed
As they Teach the Truth Sublime

Alas, the afterlife is the ending most free
For How Lost would a Philosopher Be?
In a world of shepherds and sheep,
When there's a Royal Jester left to Please,
Those who enjoys their lies with Tea?



Disclaimer: The image tagged along with this post is rightfully Rembrandt's "Philosopher in Meditation".

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