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The injured Soldier

By: Larry 43

Page 1, To give a insight how injured soldiers were treated at the beginning of the nineteenth century.

It was cold and dark.

The street gas lamp gleamed

through the fog shrouded streets.


People hurried home, theirs day 

work done,not daring to glance at

the huddled form of a man.

The tatters of his coat pulled around him.

One arm missing in the empty sleeve.


He rembered the days of wearing

a red coat fighting the french.

He rembered the shell blast

that mangled his arm.

The leather bite between his teeth

the surgons saw.


Shipped back home and left alone

on the bleak dirty streets of London

he called home.


Nobody cared about the once proud

soldier who carried the flag.

Who was now left alone to beg and steal

on the streets of London town.




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