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Child Labor Mill

By: callmecaylen

Page 1, Short skit about a boy working in a mill during the industrial revolution.


Scene 1

 (4am clock goes off, Adam in bed)

(Adam wakes, Mom standing at the door.)

MOTHER: You better hurry up or you will be late for work.

ADAM: Momma, I do not like it there in that crowded place.

MOTHER: I know you don't,but you've got to do it for your little sister and I. Papa would be proud of you for becoming a man barely at age 13.

ADAM: I miss Papa.

MOTHER: We all do, but he's in a better place now.

(Adam glaces at clock)

ADAM: Oh no, I am going to be late!

Scene 2

(Adam shows up at owners desk)

MR FINNLEY: Boy, what are you doing ten minutes late for work.

ADAM: I am so sorry Sir, I had work to do last night and I over-slept.

MR FINNLEY: Did that work involve this here mill?

ADAM: No sir. It was for school.

MR FINNLEY: If it ever happens again you are fired!

ADAM: It won't I promise

(Pipe breaks, water spews out)

MR FINNLEY: Now go fix that pipe!

ADAM: Yes sir.

(Adam goes to pipe and covers hole with hand water splashes in face)

WORKERS:Haha, I heard Adam had a little talk with Mr Finnley.

ADAM: Be quiet!

WORKERS: Now go fix that pipe!





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