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An Ordinary Day based on the tragic event 9/11 a short sad possibly real story, rest in peace the death of the 9/11

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Its Going My Way

It was a day like any other day, I am getting up at 6.00am as I did every morning to get up and ready for work and woke my beautiful wife up so she could go to work as well.

She is working at an amazing flower shop, I always visit her after work and after work and sit down to have a cup of hot warm tea which is amazing after a hard day at work. We would talk about our day with the rushing sensation of new flowers flowing through my nose. The place I work I rather not say as it's a boring job anyway, travelling for an hour to climb around about 50 flights of stairs.

I got up to do my usual daily routine. Get a shower, get changed, go down the stairs and get breakfast, while I was watching the stock rates on the news, a strong smell caught my mind. Something's burning I thought. I put down my cereal bowl and bolted through to the kitchen to see nothing but a black cloud engulfing the kitchen coming from the toaster and beside it my wife. Standing there gutted because she didn't have time to make anymore toast. There was a butter stain smudged all over her apron that reads Lily's Flower Shop. I grabbed a washing cloth from the sink and cleaned the smear of butter off her. I stood back up face to face about to kiss her and just I make contact with her lips. The fire alarm went off. The long beeping sound woke me up more than my alarm did this morning.

I walked into the hallway covering my ears to block the continuous noise and jumped up to push the bright red button and now my ear drums are resting. I walked back to Lily she was pouring milk into her cornflakes from not being able to make some toast properly, Lily starts work at 8.45am, she puts her cereal bowl down and asked me 'can I ask you a question? A thousand thoughts ran through my mind and then she asked 'how do you feel about becoming a dad? I was left with no words to say and then she said 'I am pregnant'.

An enormous smile was filling the whole of my face I am the happiest man alive, I lifted her up and I was holding her tight. We both said 'I love you'. The great thing is we would be financially stable for a baby due to me getting a promotion. I didn't want to run too deep into the conversation about it I was running late to leave for work it was 7.00. I burst open the door put on my jacket and hat and I ran outside but forgot one thing, my shoes. I kissed Lily goodbye and she had the same smile as me, nothing could ruin this day except that annoying fire alarm.

In the car I was passing construction everywhere on the roads on houses everywhere just the sound of drills hammering away at cement, and then being stopped by so many traffic lights, and the occasional police car speeding down the lane with their blue and red lights slowly fading in the distance and having the sudden heart attack trying to pull over. I got to work at 7.30 the elevator was about to close I sprinted for the door and door nearly snatched my tie and a thought in my mind that today is going to be right. I waited a while to hear on the radio in the elevator that it's going to be sunny all through the day, a day to take your kid down to the park and play some soccer and I said to myself 'soon'. I reached my new floor: floor 100 I didn't know anyone at all, My new boss greeted me and he sat me down at my desk and my first job was to write a review on websites password reactivation advice, the joys. At least it is better than calculating income for a company who don't even earn more than $1000 dollars a year.

It was 8.30 I could not stop thinking about Lily and the baby. All that my mind was thinking was names for a boy and names for a girl, a name for a girl I was thinking Rose and a name for a boy, Luke. Anyway Lily should be on her way to work now I was thinking about her for 15 minutes now it was 8.45. I finished all the reviewing now, and something cached my eye in the distance in the window, I jumped out of my chair and I pull out my phone staring at a white blur in the distance and I phone Lily.

I walk outside the shop and leave the smell of new delivered flowers holding a bunch of roses and my phone rings. It reads Lucas. I answer it and look up to the tall magnificent structure where he works and all I hear from his phone is 'I' and a boom of something that his where he works and now all I hear from my phone is his phone making a long beeping sound and I drop the roses…


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