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The Whispers I Get At Night---Edited Ver.

Short story By: Artemis Lykaios Nightshade
Historical fiction

Three part Short Story of Jack the Ripper. Told by Ian, a doctor, David, Ian's son, and Jack the Ripper himself.

Story 1: A doctor sufferes whispers of death threats he gets at night. Will he face his threats like a man? Or will cowardice take over?

Story 2: David, son of the doctor Ian, wants both justice and to avenge his father. Will he get his justice/revenge or something more?

Story 3: The begining, the birth of Jack the Ripper as told by the killer himself

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The Whispers I Get At Night

As I walk down the cobblestone streets of London in the evening; rumors of a killer called Jack the Ripper haunt the very city of White Chapel. I am not worried about the "new", mysterious killer on the loose oh no, I am more worried about these whispers I keep hearing every night when I go home to retire.

"Dead,dead,dead you soon will be. Ripped apart by my hands of steel. Silent you shall be when death comes after you." The whispers inside my head tell me, making me afraid to ever sleep at night. Like a little child who needed a candle to scare away the monsters who might take them away.

I am but a thirty-four year old doctor named Ian. I shouldn't be afraid of these death-threat whispers, I shouldn't need a candle at night, and I should be able to sleep peacefully at night. Unfortunally those will never happen. The more I try and sleep the more death-threat whispers I get, telling me that death is on its way.


"Ok madam, I need you to take a deep breathe. In and out, in and out." I soothed her, trying not to scare her for she's about to give birth for the very first time. Her husband held her hand as she pushes her body towards me and takes deep breathes like I showed her.

She was sweating along with her husband and I too was sweating from both hard work and the fear of the whispers at night. I know this isn't a good thing to think about when with a patient, for they will ask "what's the matter?" and I'll have to explain truthfully. That, what I would have to tell them, would scare them frightfully.

"When is it coming out?!" Her husband asked frantically, worried as he squeezes his wife's hand tighter, telling her that he isn't going anywhere until this was over.

I smiled a huge smile and told them that its done and they have a daughter, a beautiful, healthy daughter.

I washed the little baby, wrapped her in a clean cloth and held her out to for her mother to hold and love.

They named her... Evangeline.


Why couldn't night-time come... never? I am dreading the night more and more. The sun is setting and I am not home yet.

The cool breeze chilling my spine as I walk down the poverty part of London. All the people begging me for money, food, clothing. Being generous, I give them those things they beg and require.

I made it to my home, my wife and children are asleep and I have to work still. Sitting on my chair in front of my desk, I take out my quill pen and began to finish the work my client sent me a few days ago.

Before I knew it and this has happened before, the candles blew out, the breeze became a strong wind, blowing the papers away, and the whispers then became a screeching sound, like a woman cursing you! Oh dear lord above help me!!!

Then it stopped. Silence comes and reigns over, everything is still, absolutely still.

I went over to pick up the papers when... I saw a shadow, of a man.

I became numbed, paralyzed with fear, afraid to turn around to see who it was, what the whispers I get at night were coming from.

"Your time is here, death is here. Blood shall spill from your very veins; ripped apart I said you were going to be. Here is your time, the dead awaits you." The whispers said making me shake with terror.


Still looking down from the shadows, I see the silhouette raise a knife above and upon me, ready to strike any moment, thus ending my life here forever.

I closed my eyes tight for a second then opened them. Getting up in a flash and twisting my body around, I was then, face to face with none other than the White Chapel murderer, Jack the Ripper.

"You're...You're the White Chapel murderer. Jack the Ripper!" I said, pointing a shaking finger towards him.

"And many more." He smiled a cruel evil smile and we both knew what he meant by 'many more'.

He lashed down his weapon of steel terror, trying to kill me as he once try and do before.

I dodged, I ran, I cried out for my wife and children to run while I try and lure Jack the Ripper towards the night-shift police.

I hear my wife and children scream in terror as the neighborhood friends come out and about to comfort them while their brothers, husbands, fathers, uncles, and male cousins all went out to help me and capture Jack the Ripper.


I am trapped, there is no way out. A wall blocked my way and Jack is now right behind me, blocking my escape. His killer smile making my knees shake, my heart pound, and my breathe nearly impossible to control. I felt as if I am about to faint right here and now.

I had no weapons to protect me, even if I did, this man, this killer, is an expert when it comes to knives and swords I believe. Closing my eyes and breathing my last, I wait for death to take me away.

I heard the foot-steps of the killer, Jack the Ripper, his chuckling becoming a menacing laughter as he raises the knife, preparing it to be lashed down upon my flesh.

"Say good-bye life and hello death." Jack said as I repeated the words in a whisper and I also whispered, "Take care my lovely wife and children, protect one another as I did to you.

The knife lashed down again and again. I fell to the hard ground and wait until I breathed my last.


My name is Ian. I'm a thirty-four year old doctor, with a wife named Clarissa, and two children named: David and Marie. I am now dead, killed by the White Chapel murderer, Jack the Ripper.


The Whispers I Get At Night 2: The Revenge

My name is David, I am a fourteen year old, my mother is named Clarissa and my little sister is named Marie. I am off, off to the murder spree of Jack the Ripper.

I do not care so much about the others who were murdered by him, no; the only person who matters most in my life is my father, Ian.

My father, Ian, was a thirty-four year old doctor, the best man any boy could ever have as a father, friend, and teacher. The killer, Jack the Ripper killed him. I will not just sit here at home in fear and let Jack get away with everything.

"Davy, where are you going?" Marie, my sister asked glancing at my nearly packed bag.

Not answering her question, I head out the door, determined to bring Jack the Ripper to justice. I didn't care how much pain, emotionally or physically I will bear this very time, he will be brought down to justice.

For my father and all those who were murdered by the White Chapel Murderer.


My friend, Charles McCalvin, raced towards me and asked where I was heading to.

"I'm going to find Jack." I said not stopping to tell more but kept going down the cobble streets.

"Jack? Jack Morrison or...Jack the Ripper?" Charles asked in a low, nervous tone. I nodded my head for the second Jack. Charles was taken aback and shook his head and asked if I was becoming mad in which I knew I wasn't.

I shook my head. "No, I'm not. I want justice to be brought, people are becoming too scared to walk out at night even sleep. I want to bring Jack down for all he has done." I explained making a turn towards an alley.

I thought Charles would run off and mind his own business but he kept walking towards me, following me.

"I am coming too. You might need help, just in case." He said with a broad smile but in his eyes, he knew he will regret it. I nodded my head thanks and we both head off to find The Ripper.


"Extras! Extras! The White Chapel Murder has struck again! A woman of high society has been murdered last night at midnight!" A young news-girl shouted out for the people to hear around.

At first I didn't recognize the girl then I did as I came in closer, it was Lucy, another one of my friends.

I have to admit day by day, night by night she has become more and more beautiful.

"Charles! David!" Lucy shouted out when she spotted us then ran towards us hugging us to death.

Smiling, we hugged back then withdrew to give each other space.

"So what are you guys doing out here?" Lucy asked handing a young gentleman a newspaper then receiving her shillings.

Charles explained that we were looking for The Ripper; Lucy gasped then lowered her voice so only they can hear.

"Are you mad?! He'll kill you and....rip you apart." Lucy whispered.

"We know that's why I brought a few weapons to protect us." I said showing, secretly, the weapons to Lucy who shook her head skeptically.

We said out good-byes and departed. I look back to see Lucy's beautiful figure before I was rudely nudged by Charles' elbow.

"Wait! I'm coming with you!" Lucy cried out, running towards us.

I look over at my friend who shook his head frantically.

"Don't bother telling me I shouldn't come along. This, I say is also an adventure and besides, I know where he last struck." Lucy stated, leading us to where Jack last struck.


When we finally arrived at a mansion, we hide behind a bush, crouched down as far as we can go.

"There, he murdered her there." Lucy whispered pointing towards the mansion's stables.

Icrawled out of the bush, keeping low, I headed towards the stable the rest of my friends followed.

We were careful not to be seen or heard. Two huge dogs almost caught us off guard but luckily, I was an expert with dogs of all kinds.

When we arrived, I slowly, quietly opened the stables to let the others in before going in myself.

"Now what?" Lucy asked, standing up and looking around.

"Well, we look for clues." I said quietly.

We searched and searched all over but there was nothing. "I could have sworn he attacked her here. I've seen it." Lucy said placing her hands on her hips.

"Well this is the stables; the horses could have covered it." Charles said giving me an idea.

I got on my knees and began moving the hay quickly, the others joined in until we found evidence, a letter.

"Dear, my love, I know what I have done is wrong. I know that I would be hung for what I did, know that I will always love you forever. Yours truly, Julianna." I read out loud to my friends.


Walking outside in the cold dead night, I read and re-read the letter over and over again.

"Who is Julianna?" I wondered out loud, trying to figure out who this woman was.

"Julianna was my lover." A man said making us jump with fear.

Not turning around, I noticed by the light of the light post a shadow of a man with a knife.

'Jack.' I thought now terrified. Turning my body around slowly, with my head planted face down on the ground, I then look up slowly to my father's murderer, Jack the Ripper.

"You're...You're the man who killed my father, and the others." I stammered, trying very hard to be brave but to no avail, I couldn't hide my fear.

I looked up into the eyes of Jack the Ripper. Gulping, I held my head up high and demanded he is to report himself to the police.

Laughing, I saw Jack raise his knife, I thought he was going to strike us but he didn't. Instead he put his knife in his pocket.

"Now you listen well boy, you are not worthy for me to kill yet or your friends. But keep this a secret among us. I, Jack the Ripper, am your father's younger brother." Jack said in a low tone.

Before I could ask questions he turned around to leave us in the dark, leaving us with many, many questions.


"Jack the Ripper was your uncle?!" Charles asked, just as surprised as Lucy and I was.

I thought all of these questions. 'How was he my uncle? Will I be a murder just like him? Was my father one? And who was Julianna really?'

"Just be happy he isn't murdering you yet. And I am sorry you haven't brought him to justice." Lucy said in an apologetic tone.

Not being able to take it anymore, I gathered her in my arms and kissed her a sweet, gentle kiss. A kiss that would last forever and never be killed.


The Whispers I Get At Night 3: The Beginning

It was only 9:00 and already I was bored to death, my brother, Ian seemed to be enjoying himself with a woman whose name was Clarissa.

My name is Jack, well not really, I go by the name Jack since I wanted to keep my real name a secret, why? Well I don't really like it, there are too many men who have my name. Jack, not many people have that name plus I like the sound of it.

"Jack, why so down?" Ian, my brother asked placing a strong hand on my shoulder.

Taking two glasses of whiskey that was coming our way, I gave one to Ian who began chugging it down like he always does, as for me, I take sips. I like to enjoy the sweet flavoring of the whiskey.

Before I could speak a word, Clarissa came by and stood next to Ian. She was beautiful I admit but I can plainly see that she only had the heart for my cousin.

Ian deserved it, there had been so many women who rejected him, he nearly given up so I'm glad he founded someone, someone who loved him.

"Brother, this is Clarissa." Ian said with a broad smile. Lifting her hand to kiss her knuckles, I smiled and told her how very lucky she is to be with my cousin.


I left before the party ended, wasn't feeling so well after fifteen glasses of whiskeys. Walking slowing towards my carriage, I told the driver to send me home. The cobble stones made the ride bumpy, making my stomach and head feel even more worse than it was before.

"Oh dear lord, why did I drink so much?" I muttered to myself, regretting all the whiskeys I've drunken at the party.


It was only a few blocks away from my house when suddenly; I felt a huge bump making me jump from my seat.

"Stop the carriage!" I yelled out, getting ready to see what we just hit.

Once my driver pulled the reins, I stepped out and walked behind to see a man lying dead on the ground, blood trickling down from the corner of his mouth

"Oh my, oh my oh my. What have I done?!" I thought out loud, thinking I've done it.

This whole scene then draws attention to everyone around White Chapel. People began muttering, thinking the same thing I did. My brother arrived with Clarissa and more people, few were his friends.

"Jack," Ian said looking down at the body in both concern and horror. "Did you do this?"

I couldn't speak a word at first; I didn't know what I did. "I-I think so. I-I don't know! Oh Ian help me!" I cried out as Ian came over and a few other men to helped me with the body.

'I'm so sorry.' I whispered so low that only I could hear but in my head, it shouted out, "more, more, more. Do it again!"


That night, I had nightmares about that man and all the voices inside my head saying to do it again. I am not a killer! Am I? But I couldn't be. What would society think of me? They'll start calling me "The White Chapel Murderer".

'No! I am NOT a murderer!' I screamed in my head causing me to have a great headache. Sitting up, I lit a candle and walked downstairs for a glass of water. No more of the whiskey tonight or ever.

Gulping down three glasses of water, I look up to see a full moon shining down a silver knife that was lying on the table, forgotten until used tomorrow. I walked over slowly, my focus only on the knife.

Placing the glass down gently, I pick up the knife gently and ran my finger up and down the silver blade. From the bottom to the very tip of it, careful not to prick myself.

All of a sudden, my mind went mad.


Mary Ann Nichols, the daughter of a locksmith, came walking down the streets of London with a basket in her arms.

"Oh, hello Jack, lovely night we have. The moon is shining bright and..." Mary started but stopped when she saw the state I was in.

"Um, Jack, something the matter? Jack?" Mary said taking a few steps back. I began to walk towards her. "Jack!" With that final scream, I lashed down the knife to her heart, killing her.

Over and over I stabbed her until I was sure I heard footsteps and people talking. Not leaving any evidence behind, I ran into the shadows and walked home.


The next morning, the news came out about "The Murder of Mary Ann Nichols near White Chapel".

"Must have been someone drunk." Someone said.

"I don't think so," said another, "I don't think there has been a drunken man who would stab a woman many more times than once and leave no evidence."

When Ian saw all the commotion, he ordered the carriage to stop a few feet away from the scene.

"What happened?" He asked pushing through the crowd to see the body being covered by a white lenin cloth.

"Murder?" He wondered, then out loud he asked who did it.

No one knew.


I knew I knew who did it and it felt good which was most odd. Could it be that someone in my family was a murder and that his murderous blood was now coming to me? Putting my coat and hat on, I walk downstairs to get the same knife I used the night I killed Mary Ann Nichols.

"Well, let's do it again." I whispered to myself, sneaking out of the place in the shadows, making myself invisible.


"Extra! Extra! Annie Chapman was murdered by the Leather Apron, also known as The White Chapel Murder!" A boy shouted out giving out the news to the people and receiving shillings for every news he sells.

"Oh my, two murders. Will there be more?" A woman asked scared to death and worried about her children.

"I dunno, maybe." The boy said shrugging his shoulders then turning back to his work. Ian came again into the scene and read the news at the spot.

'Oh my lord.' Ian thought not paying full attention to his now wife's concern look, who was also pregnant with their first child.

"A letter, to Mr. Ian." A man said giving Ian the letter. Taking the letter from the young middle aged man, Ian opened it and read it...

"They call me many names. The White Chapel Murder, Sir, Leather Apron and so on. You called me brother; Jack. Yes, I killed them and more will come. I am now and forever more...Jack the Ripper."


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