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This is a fictitious story of a flock of egrets that lived on some agriculture lands owned by a firm. The egrets found out that the firm wanted to develop the lands and erected a building so they collaborated with a cow to attack a group of men from the firm. The men felt embarrassed and drove off but later went full speed with their plans an eventually erected the building. The egrets and the cow continued to live ... read on ...

This story has its setting in a country area on an island in the Caribbean. It was first written in 1966.

Picture image is adapted from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Cattle_Egret_I_IMG_7820.jpg

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TWICE upon a time not very long ago there was a flock of egrets that went about their business peacefully on the farm lands of Cannon limited along the Mid-Stream stretch. The fact that they lived on the farm lands for a number of years, they believed they enjoyed "squatters' rights" and no one could evict them from the lands because they would fight for their rights.The company just completed harvesting the Easter crop and the vast expanse of farm lands was conspicuous.Luscious green grass grew very quickly on the farm lands.

A group of officials drove slowly in their green jeeps along the Main Road and stopped by Mid-Stream area where Tantie, an old brown and white cow, devoured the lush green grass moistened by the overnight dew.The officials came out of their jeeps and gathered by the roadside.One of them pointed to the area where the egrets were having their breakfast.Tantie tucked both ears up and listened attentively how the men plotted to destroy the feeding grounds of the egrets.She lifted her head and gave a distressed cry .... mooo.

The flock of egrets quickly flew around their leader, Ramgolam.The spokes person for the egrets, Valarie, said,
"Ramgolam, it seemed that the men come to take Tantie to the butcher.Please go and find out from her what the matter is."
Ramgolam immediately bounced off the ground and in no time she flew over to Tantie.She walked slowly besides her and enquired why she gave that distressed cry. Tears trickled down Tantie's cheeks as she disclosed to Ramlogam how she overheard a plot by the men.By then the men went back in their jeeps and drove off.In a flash Ramgolam reported to the anxious egrets.
"What is the matter, Ramgolam?" one of them enquired.
"Tantie said those men have a plot to take over our feeding grounds." Replied Ramgolam.
"Listen everyone, whenever those men returned, I have an action plan which I want everyone to follow carefully and quickly."
A few weeks later the green jeep and a few black cars stopped at the same spot.As the men came out of their vehicles, Ramgolam quickly flew over to Valarie and said,
"Valarie, girl, send a text message to Tantie.Tell her to listen what the men are saying and to give us a signal when to put our plan in action.Tantie moved into position not too far from the men, pretending to mind her own business.There were officials from the State and the Cannon Company.Tantie turned around, stomped about raising dust in the men's faces, the lifted her hind legs and exploded a great pungent sound from her rear.
"What is that?" one of the men asked.
"It's that damn cow," someone replied.
Ramgolam summoned the egrets and with a quick response they all lifted off the ground and headed straight for the men.As they flew over them, they ejected from their rear white missiles on the men.The egrets then circled above the men and excreted on them again and quickly returned to base looking attentively to the reaction of the men.The men were all messy and feeling uncomfortable. Without uttering a word they fled to their vehicles and drove off for a dive in the river.
Exactly one month later great bulldozers went into action and in no time the lands were flattened and well landscaped.Everywhere men were busy as the construction engineers erected a massive centre on the lands and enclosed the whole area with chain link mesh.Tantie maintained her usual position listening attentively to the conversation of the workers.She learnt from one of the construction workers who went by the newly erected fence to discharge some water, about the opening ceremony - the day, date and time.Tantie wasted no time in radioing the information to Ramgolam who summoned Valarie and the rest of the egrets to an extra ordinary emergency meeting at the back of the centre.
On that memorable day, date and time, it was a Saturday to be exact, everyone was there for the opening function.Officials from Cannon Limited, from the State, the Church, the Private and Public Sectors and the children were there.Not unusual, Tantie was by the roadside having her favourite meal of Bermuda grass.For certain, the egrets were around Tantie.
The moment arrived; everyone stood at attention and lustily sang the national song:
"In every land
It is very grand
Everyone can stand
And be in command."
Ever since that day, there were activities at the Centre.Tantie continued to have rights to the grass by the roadside and the egrets enjoyed the special privilege of strolling and having meetings on the lawns around the centre.
One wondered who really was in command! (End)

Copyright © Frank Ramtahal, 2011


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