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The Truth About Our Religion

Short story By: Ichigirl349
Historical fiction

Just a small story about fictional religion

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And in the beginning there was only God, or that is what it seems. The stories we are told are only lies my children for Adam and Eve were not true to our Father the lord. The bibles we seek out hope from only give us glimmers of truth every so often, for this book is made up of most all lies. The truth has been lost within our years of lose and years of lies. Now in the beginning there was only God who made Earth, who made all. Satan was brought about when Eve ate from the tree God had told her not to. The evil serpent who led the first woman to evil was Satan. There was never suppose to be a Satan but with a good Lord came the Dark Lord.
The apple bitten into by Eve unleashed hell, as we know it today. Hell is the place where all sinners shall go after death. A darkness so suffocating that it can drown souls, but they can no longer die. The pits of hell hold fire, torture, and eternal suffering. Screams of the tortured are relentless, day and night. Demons wreak havoc even on the souls of the living.
Now many will ask just how we know the truth, and many will scream, "Lies!" But my dear children we know all, every voice we are knows the truth, for we were here before the beginning of time and before the spirit of God. We are not the creator, the destroyer, we are only here to do what we are needed to do. The chains of hell cannot bind us for we are the angels of death, we are the Grim Reaper.
There are no words that can describe the tortures of hell. No words can be used to explain the endless pain of the souls, but we have no sympathy. How can we feel for the sinners? The sinners belong in the place they are at. Tortured by demons they may learn the pain God has felt for being betrayed by his children. We may call you our children, and that is because even we are bonded with God, yet not restrained by him.
There is only one thing we have ever done, and that is lead the souls of the dead to their rightful places. Only in the time of nothing did we wait in darkness for God to come and create for us what we would do. No, God does not control us, nor does Satan. We are our own entity, and exist to only do what we do. There is no other purpose for us as the Grim Reaper, as the angels of death.
Dear children you will never be able to understand how we are one, and just knowing what we really are, for we ourselves have not ventured into that discovery. The voice of all of us speaks as one, just as we are one. One personality, one appearance, one in many voices. For all of time you have made an appearance for us, but you have never known we are many in one. To make it known we are only a black cloak with the face of death, for that is what we are. We are death, fear us or welcome us it is impossible to escape us. We will send you to the place where you belong, and you will know if you have sinned. The hand of death is the feeling of the scythe we carry, it will comfort you if God will accept you, and for the sinners the scythe will be your first tortures of many to come.
As we have tried to tell the humans, the Bibles are lies. After trying so hard to reach his children God is tired, and Satan is becoming strong. There is no telling when the gates of Hell will open and this Earth will become one large Hell. Demons already wreak their havoc on humans, and yet their power is nothing compared to their power when the gates finally open. Angels are dying and demons are being born. Faith for God has diminished so much over the years, and many prayers would be needed now to save you all now.


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