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Its all started hare

the story untold:this how I had seen it

my name is bangaweni charles mongoe(solomonson)

facebook:xihlamariso bc mongoe





the dairy of my most memorable moment in life.

Since I can remember,that had happen is all in this past some are good ,some are bad,like the lost of my father and brother.it happen and no one can change it,is part of my history,but I can can change the future,by building on the foundation which is any of my past mistakes,i haad live some how greatful and gain hhope,honour along the way in decades past,from 1989 at muchuchu primary school,i gain favour on mrs Masinga our maths teacher one of my favourite subject since back,grade 1 with the confincedence that had one day we have being given a classwork,i wanted to be the first to finish then I write without answers but get total.that was stupied.

In 1993 mkhumbeni primary school,mrs mdaka our class teacher,she was friend with my father but at the end I fail find our that I registered with two surname(nyathi and mongwe)stupied me.in 1997 mvuyazi primary school then my skill where seen then I was introduced to soccer,nickname Ronaldo,one of tournament that our school beaten on the semi-final,i was subtitude out because I was kick on my mouth and I was bleeding,playing at mkhuhlu(matikwani ground)

on my primary studies that is where I had wast time failing at school,three time,it had result that I past matric 2003,i should had being out from school on 2000.but thank God,for it was his plan that I must learn on this and able to tell other that in life you can fail and still make it back be successful,so i'm greatful.many things happen that I would never forget like the love and support,favour most people at school showed,it had make me feel like i'm a human just like others,it also given power to press harder and pass at school for teachers and all who think I was smart and wise,i did it not to let them down and myself too.i remember some like dumisani high school on 1998 at gade 8 mrs Mabuza and mr Tsabetse my maths teacher mrs mabuza she never teachs me but knows me through my brothers yes they left a name for me at high school,she was keeping a close eye on me.mr tsabetse was I happy to have someone like me in his maths class,mrs ndlovu(GZ)my ecomomics teacher was supportive,one of the best teacher at dumisani,almost everyteacher at school,i never disappoint no one not that I was great but hard work and humble boy at school,even in the community yes not all people love me,how can I forget mrs maile and mrs qibi my maths teachers from grade 10 to 12,qibi finish it at grade 12 I passed with high grade D I also help her get 100% I was student subject motivator and also help one who get standard grade B(maths) that is caros mabunda one of my mates at grade 12 at dumisani.i represented our school on AMESA competition at polokwane on 2003(maths) through the love other I was lefted high and not fall

is good to be taught with people you love,i want out to johanesburg after i had finish my schooling,i met a boy from maputo,that is Gerald he was into english as he studied portugese,i was the only person to help him as a english speaker,since from school i studied this language as my second language,this it had push me to a right position to be able to write and public speak this language better,during my working at jozi i also met nkesani girl from venda she did help me by bring an awareness,to study and do short course,she was a helper after work she use to give me some left over newspaper for me to look for work after casual work i was doing.ican back home,and study public relations it was a short course that had taken me 18 ,months at mapulaneng campus,with a help of mrs shabangu our communication lecture,she was a helper too,in all things,studing material and personal problem and fanincial,i meet many friends during my time there at college,

looking back,i story to tell

a moment to share

love i exprience

people make an impact in my life

make a living dairy:mongoe bc

the turning point of my live:shirly de beer,amanda success mnisi,ofilia antoinette mhlanga,judith mkhari

2007 december from that chrismas something happened that had change my live till now,why do i have to forget it,it is wonderful to note .while my study and doing part-time work at hoedspruit spar it happen that i meeet amanda,at that time she was working at great north transport as a clerk under je travel agency;common between me and her we both come from mkhuhlu township,attend the some church,away from home,i use to met her at store where i was working as a packer,i want back home on january since it was not busy at store,she diceded to leave the job that month,then while i was at home i get a called saying that i wanted at hoedspruit only to find that i going to replace her as clerk,on 22 january i started working there,she want and do a driving licence,she was not any girl but a cleve,studied auditing at cape town,trained at mpumalangu legislative province office and also at pick and pay store,now she aim to work at jozi,a big thanks to her why do have to forget this,it is big.

during my staying and working at great north as clerk i met antoinette a journalist from kruger to conyon community newspaper,iu never exprience an altemete friendship like the one we have with thhis girl in my youth,common she loose her father,brother,like public work(like being part of something at the society,getting involve)like to write,read and laugh that is the some as me,together i feel nothing left we can't talk about relationship,family,personal problem and happen moment that what use to share and lift each other when one is down,we understand each other the language and style,together we did interview temba nyathi,she posted my poem to be publish on her work,she supported my awareness,we visited each other at work since we where not working on the some company but at the some place hoedspruit.a big thank you alway remain good in my mind,i memory i don't have to forget to keep this smile on my face,you broght me light and joy,hope you happy where you are whatever you became.

with antoinette i learn my weak point and my streangth,i write poems,complemnet,motivation with her on my back :shirly a colleagues at work,accounted on great north,she look at me with no new person at her face or difference in colour,even age,she supported me,i remember she brought a book for me to read,on my mind i know that this person know me,this is what i like to do,after my contract termination away from hoedspruit she given me money and even post some of my writting published on newspaper for me,with the money was to keep me going since i was not earning no cent at that time,how can i forget this,its a life to me,knowing others care for me it make me strong ever y day when i think about this,thank you i will not forget this either i like to cancel this momery i can't it is apart of my life,my foundation for whatever come from now in my life.

saying good by to hoedspruit was't easy but wealth,on december again coming home,a call from judith since she heard i'm at home not working any more,she me copme and work at discom expecting to earn something at the moment i want i started working,they say i'm training,from december till april without earning a cent,that is where shirly lay a hand with money because i was panless,since she use to want to find our what is life going with me and work at discom.judith was a good close friend and sister we want through a lot together,she use to put me first before her family at some point,her family bacame my second family,i get whatever i ask,whenever i passed by the street there,some common between me and her both we where christian,born on 1983,may thou she was born on the first week before me 16 and i was born on 23.like to sing,she is a humble,good listener,she now married and happy staying at mkhuhlu.i will never for get the part you played on my life as long as i live,the reason i keep this record with me as a memory.

society,back at cork formed group(mpumalanga combined talents)this became a challenge to other youth where it had lead to new group to be formed,youth inter-dinomination for christian,my participation on community leaded me to rise my commants due to the lack of water,we people have to drink un clean water,go distance to find help getting a clean water,it became a fear what they may do to me the elder of this place when you speak true\,you are calling for fire,that was my state i meet,i also rise a commants on the result of students at matric national but making it clere to our local school by missioning the school on the newspaper and previous results,there i did step wrong, infact i step on a living snake,i was called to answer on this matter not saying it was wrong but they did say you have added more on the matter.i alway feel i need to do something whenever i see something wrong,at church i did challenge excutive committe,i have to call to every person to say what they see wrong done this church that is making them not express themself or not feel free when coming to church on chrch services,that was an other mountain to clime,other had to cry,it is where i started to realized the important of what i studied at school,communication,skill on leadership and lesson i did learned practical, i have to make sure people going to church to be happy and enjoy being there not just it is a must.many aproches me saying you are on a wrong church,for me it was not matter what matter was God is still mine father,who hold my future He know my tomorrow,HE KNOW I WILL PASSED HERE DOING THIS IS TIME.

i'm not a superman but only boy trying to catch a way back home just like others,i meet what many meet i long the way,like incident,on 2006 i almost lost both eyes,at jozi loosing my payment with bank card,it was not easy,at acornhoek loose my cellphone,new one and it was my time at colllege,incident happend coming from work at hoedspruit almost die,fall buse was still on motion,i was under it.1988 on our way as family to kuger(skukuza) incident many where injured but all in our family where save praise God, i will never for get what the lord had domne on my ,true there is a reason he protected me till now.psalm 118:18,17,16 many happens to me that could had taken my life but God did't let me die,this is the reason i keep praising his name

From charles mongoe the writer

published at kruger2canyon community newspaper


oh! can you hear the cry?

from the wilderness,

a cry for help.

A cry of the lost ones,

crying to be heard by their fathers.

Are you aware?

They need your help.

Can you walk away like you did not hear anything

from the cries of babies born with HIV/AIDS,

from the babies who's parents are dying?

The cries are from boys and girls.

Living in the street without parents,

perhaps you have enough?

But you can't even give a little away,

for a child who's had nothing the whole day.

How long are we going to run away?

From people who need our help.

We pretend we have't seen them

how will we look at them

tomorrow in paradise?

Can you hear the cry?

Look behind you.

The cry is surely calling you!







Mongoe Charles the organiser of the even,at local ground classic F. C. The was tournament four team came to take part but one team must win,thou it was without a real sponsor but the boys came in numbers to play and get a little lesson from me the organiser,one boy win himself a book cost R299,00,and tournament was kind of friendly game and one team own the right to be thanks,I did give them R20.00

on my interview that day,one parent came to see the boys play,he said is not easy to bring youth together or support them in sport like this..the questions was:why not you support this kids and encourage them to play soccer? It seem like people are giving up on sport like this because of the behaviour of this boys start from home ,they fear that you can't teach other kids when you fail to teach yours at home,if your own kids can't listen to you why some one 's kids listen to you.

My lesson of the day was all about the reason for 16 December and give them knowledge of lost history on many boys about reconciliation ,what did this come from,why and who started it ,why the event like this is related on the day,sharing this information with them it has help me a lot,to get back increased my general knowledge also feel part of the community and make myself available many like me.


time waitt for no one,we need to catch the time.everything came into existence by time,we partner to be lovers,to be friends by time,you gave birth to that baby that you you didn't know what would he become in futurer time,you live to see,him as a president in this present time

time wait for no one,but we ned to catch the time,it is by time we celebrate.it is by time,we weeps and be dad.it is by time,we laugh.it is by time,we cries,it is by time,that we gathered here ,it is by time,we separete from each other.

time wait for no one,but we need to catch the time-it is by time we live,it is by time we die.it is by time,we remember.it is by time,we forget.it is by time

time wait for no one-but you need to catch,to get hold of it,it is moving ,moving forward,it wait for no one .it has no favour,it has no friends,it has no father no oother,it is before us,ahead of everyone of us.is for us to look at it,follow it,we will never but we can but it on us-that tie is God,sine he create all,by himself,in his self.all things are created with him.

time wait for no one,but in all it is by time.


B E F O R E (charles mongoe)

Before all that

Everywhere we going,we start form where we aren't where we being.our wish is for tomorrow not for yesterday.

Before is a pause and is a waste to think of what you can't control.what you can't change.

Yes,there was death,failure,sorrow,fear,regret before but now?

Yes,summer came and passed,trees changes again as before but now?

Even river,ocean had being dry and famine came and passed but now?

Yes, hate,lies,crime,looses and pain before,even divorce,fight,joy as happiness before but now?

If I had meet you ,if I had known you,if I had got this chance before,what about now?

You should think present,this is the right time,I met you,knows you so we can change the future together,as long as we still live from now onward.

I get this chance to save the world so I must use it.

Before is a waste,need to be forgotten

before does not help

before will never grow

it is before

S T A N D (by charles mongoe)

You are the last man standing on earth so be greatful now.

Your words stand as you had promise is up for to cancelled it.

You stand before us and speak for us the voice less being.

You always stand up for what is right,as a friend you stand for me,you stand in our trust

I know I won't fall for you zealous to strengthen me by standing aside me.the true friend stand for others,like a family that pray together,like dove's egg always together,together we win.

I'm not alone for I know some stand before me,numerous we are,someone who is the substance of all my weakness,my poverty,my failure and my worries

He stand and step forward to take my burden for me to be free-standing for what is right,for what you belief,for your wealthy, stand still and don't be moved by that wind,stand strong,stand straight walk,show that you are not out or down,stand and reach that goal,that is you objective where you are right now ,you are going some where starts from where you are now.but you need to stand.

just stand be a hero



with jesus in mylife i have the substitute of what i hope for in life.

in the corner of shame,with jesus i looked like a humble and adorecent.

in suffering,with jesus i look like surrounded with peace and joy.

in failure with jesus i look like a master of success and a victory

in poverty ,with jesus i look like a rich king.

in my loliness with jesus i look like a famous,well knowing ,loved person.

he change every negative to positive

he change every failure to success

he change every weakness to strengthfull

he change every fall to rebuilding

he change every sickness to healthful living

he change every evil works to purity

the reason

above all the precious of this world,i choose jesus to be the substitute of all...........................


by mongoe charles

who tells you to laugh-can see you are sad

who feeds you on your mother's womb-can also see you are hungry

who make you realized you a friend-he is a true friend

who point finger on a brother-must know that the other four pointed back against him

who laugh at the wisdom of God-he is truly dead alive

who know how to help the weak-he realized how strong he is.more power comes with more responsibilites,if you allowed fear to be ahead ofn you,you will never have confidence,you will never win even to try in life.

who love from heart,is a lover

who keeps his words ,is a honest person

who learn from his mistakes is a master on his work

who learn on others,never will he discover himself,will be a learner always.better to be poor but being yourselve then being rich by being someone else copying from others

God never created twin you but you alone,to be your selve,play your part on God 's novel.don't make God cancelled your part as you still alive.

a son because of parent,no matter they may not be alive now,but they are the reason you are on earth

pay attention to advice and learn as much as you can,wisdom is call in every direction.a light outside the cave,hope with enough energy and strenght

love in a poem,in heart,in a mind,in smile,in a real man

the teacher.................i seen all little a boy of my age can see,i realized in all the chance in available when there is stil a second,if you die you fail but if you live there is no failure only a delay.beauty is in the eye of the beholder

no good friend if you are not good friend

no matter how much i love my life but there is someone who hold it,is good to use this moment i have now


when everything around you started to fall on your direction.like your life has a cause,like all doors on your life areclosed,feeling you are not like other people,is time you sto

and ask yourselve a single question,question that you can able to answer yourselve.is there any hope for me?"if the answer is yes..

shout it again ,with a loud voice.then you start everything was falling on you,for you to see ahead in life.your road is being prepare with posibilities,you are not to open the door by your selve the creator will do for you.

you are example and reflection of God's image.you are special and understood by the master himself.there is never being too later,or early for God knows exactly the right time for you .you don't need to compare your self with everyone,your educational level your shape,your colour,your familky backgroud ,no, i say no,,change be what God wanted you to be .right now

God need you fear him obey his command and take and make a use of his knowledge and be wise you are with God and i'm with GOD.

I NEVER BEING ALONE THE HIGHEST IS WITH ME.fall,mountain no ocean or with ocean i know my redember is with me.


by mongoe charles

the healing in me was not because of doctors and they medicin but you around me.

nine month ws nothing and birth pain was like a real birthday celebration,because you where there

i saw all the faces and ties of relatives during the eath of my father and my mother but it was nothing for me ,because i know you love me.walking with you on that thunder and lighting night without no imbralla but with you is like it never happen.

when i was powerless you are powerful,when i'm weak,fear,sickness,shaken you are strong couragerous and zealous enough.with you i'm surrounded by love,with you my stomach is full,with you it is always chrismas,with you there is a reason to laugh

you are the reason i remember i'm never alone,never can i fail,with you i got all answer and everything i need.with you a day becoe a thousand days ,you are the joy that last for ever,when no friends,when you talk is like listening to a talk show where i participate with all y friend

just for now is like we where we were born together myn idetical twin,your blood and ine are the some,i can feel you when you are on pain or not happy.no pain in me,never being so serious when you are around- the reason i remember.


by mongoe charles

look at yourself as a human being first.as the man first,you are not born to loose. You are born to live,not born to die,not born to eat,not born to love or be loved

but born to be happy with yourself and enjoy everything God created just for you in this world;ecclesiastes12:13 "fear God and keep his commandment,for this is man's all" is what you are created for.

You are not born to fight,fight every situation you find yourslf in no,we are born to be defended,be protected by the one who created us;exodus14:14 "the lord will fight for you,and you shall hold your peace"all your wishes are on his hands and He love you more than you ever know,nehemian13:2 "however,our God turned the curse into a blessing"

when things are not going in our way right now,don't worry the next time you will be celebrating just like others,because your time will come ,you just have to wait and have faith in God.what would had happens,if all our wishes could be granted the way we wanted it?some could have wish for the world to vanish or for all to die,even for all disappeared,because our minds are all not the some,some think bad ,others think good and only God is in control for all and our plans and what tomorrow holds for us, are in his commands.his will on us will come to pass.

Accept what God given you,some will have wanted to have it, you think is not worth for you,you are unemployed at the moment,wait any to the Lord,you are without kids or having trouble with them wait unto the Lord,be on his wing he will keep you save from the enmy.what if you where without all that but have you wife and kids,all happed in God's will for he control everythings.

The true is,if all our wishes comes true,the way we wanted it to be,we could have been dead by now,but let God's wish be into your live,others will not like you but jesus loves you ,he always does,

don't axpect you and me to be the some. Unlike terms attract eachother but like terms repear eachother.just like you and me differ, we are the reason we love each other, just image if all we where rich, yes is good but we could had hated eachother even more that this,God is wiser and he knows what is best for us. ….... to be contiue....................................


mongoe charles






time waitt for no one,we need to catch the time.everything came into existence by time,we partner to be lovers,to be friends by time,you gave birth to that baby that you you didn't know what would he become in futurer time,you live to see,him as a president in this present time

time wait for no one,but we ned to catch the time,it is by time we celebrate.it is by time,we weeps and be dad.it is by time,we laugh.it is by time,we cries,it is by time,that we gathered here ,it is by time,we separete from each other.

time wait for no one,but we need to catch the time-it is by time we live,it is by time we die.it is by time,we remember.it is by time,we forget.it is by time

time wait for no one-but you need to catch,to get hold of it,it is moving ,moving forward,it wait for no one .it has no favour,it has no friends,it has no father no oother,it is before us,ahead of everyone of us.is for us to look at it,follow it,we will never but we can but it on us-that tie is God,sine he create all,by himself,in his self.all things are created with him.

time wait for no one,but in all it is by time.



no master if there is no learner

no food if there is no cooker

no mountain,ocean no river if there is no land

no son if there is no parents

no you there is no me

every opression,comes with a cause and there is no opressed,if there is no opressor

every opression there is a storm that blow and lasty no longer

every opresion is a test ,need to be past is a fear of unknown needed to be known

every opression therrre is like anything in the world that can be removed or stoped,can be planned

you can also point it from a distance yes every opression

as long as we know our openent in life,we need to stand and face him,he could be nothing that can feared us

our opression is just any illussion

every opression


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