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listening does get paid,good advices cost nothing but your ear

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by mongoe charles

years back,i was young at the age of 18,i recall it like yesterday.me and my friend were at high school above to finish. the future was bright for us.because of what i had learn from home.

my father ask me to sit down and listen,he use to take time spand it with me,and give me some advices,motivations and encouragement.it did not cost a cent

at that time, father was important to have around,i did work hard to show him that i appriciate all his effort that he didecate on me.

he said "son i may had not being young on this age,but i was young before,i fail and pass at school,

many things iseen,i have dreams,some off did not turn out the way i wanted it to be, some how i did not pleased my parents.that was what i regret by now. many of us when we grow up we hope for the simple life,we did not wants to work hard.start from school and home"

my father added " i used to listen to my friends at your age.when we do wrong,i did not want to take a blame ,neither wanted correction,i think all kids should do as i do.

i till that day i wanted to quit school,that was when i fail fives times, i believed i will never pass at school,i started drinking,smoking.use drugs

but one thing happened, i saw my friend die in front of me and that time your mother was six months pregment with you inside her.

my son that is when my life change i asked myself many questions, before taking a right one.-what family do i have with this life?

what family do i like to have?

what would my kids become,when i keep living like this?.

what is right about what i am doing?.

i want straight to my mother to tell her,how sorry i am and that i am ready to start again and work hard

i did pass matric and get a job"

my boy i don't want to see you, become a loser and a failure, l destiney to be in life. like me,i was lucky to be alive and you can do better than me.

i seen many boys and girls do better it was because of the choice and respect thay have towards they family.i don't push you son,but whatever choice you take i will still be a father to you,but you take a choice and consider the future that you are to live,without me and your mother

the future is on your hands and how to shape it,it is on your power.

whatever problem you meet ,talk to me and your mother.friend are good to have but don't let them choose for you or leads you to where you will regret tomorrow

i want you to work hard at school and that will pleased me,your mother and your self.when my father finish ,he hold my hands and look like he can cry

to get this motivation it did not cost me,but i given my ear to listen and heart to trust i can do better

now what i own and have a family this is my pride and i did not pay a doctor or a special physician to help me.

when people ask of my success.i say with pride..nothing i did pay,i did listen to my parents ,they advice and it did not cost me a cent to apply it and to work for me..only a minute of love i did give..


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