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Dear Illuminati.....

Article By: jon bladez

An open letter to the secret society known as the Illuminati.

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March 13, 2013

Dear Illuminati,

Hello. I am not a member, so I understand that because of that, my name isn't important to you. It seems that since all I am is a number to you, go ahead and pick one, and we'll skip the formal introduction. I am well aware that you are an extremely busy group of individuals, and since my time is short, I'll keep this letter as brief as possible. I am writing to you speaking on behalf of myself, those that have something to lose, and those that are simply afraid of death. I am a God fearing American, working hands on as a licensed professional with the public of all ages, so my conversations range daily in their content. What I can see now, although it has taken me awhile, is that you are close to achieving all of your goals. The Centuries of countless dollars poured into the advances of Science, Medicine, and Technology, ensures me that you really do believe you can reach total enlightenment and immortality here on Earth. I've found that most people really have no idea who you are, don't care to know, or let alone think you even exist. There's people who don't even believe in God or Satan anymore, and that we are all just a product of evolution. People would rather believe that we came from Aliens or Galactic fungus because it would prove the Bible wrong, once and for all casting God's Word from the Earth. Most people believe that extra-terrestrials exist, more than they believe in God; believing that an Alien Race of evolved Supreme Beings holds the keys to the universe. Some people believe that Aliens are abducting them for study, but refuse to believe in angels or demons and spiritual warfare. Some people believe in a New Age Movement, where we all have the power inside of us to be Gods, we just need to meditate and open up our mind and spirit to channel our Light. Some people even believe in a Transhumanist Movement, splicing Technology with DNA, to greatly enhance human intellectual, physical, and psychological capacities. Some people believe in Mother Nature and that we must live in harmony with Mother Earth, giving away more rights to the plants and animals, thus preserving Nature over Humanity. People have become slaves to the television, unaware of what it does to their subconscious mind, daily tuning in and out of reality and into reality television. People have bigger interests in Sports, Music, Celebrities and Movies, than to what is actually going on in their own lives or the world they live in. People have no idea who even owns the Sattelite/Cable Companies, the Agenda behind the programming, or why the Government was so eager to give away free Cable boxes for the Digital/Analog switch. People believe that with the technological advances in Computer Science that we are growing smarter as a people, but in fact, we are becoming a more drug induced docile society. Most people have no idea what exactly GMO's (Genetically Modified Organics) are, why they are being placed into our food supply, and how long they have actually been putting them in there. Most people know that Fluoride is being put into our tap water, but have no idea as to why or where the idea even originated from. Most People have no idea what the study of Eugenics is, how it played a role in history, and what purpose it will serve in the future. Most people have no idea that China became a Super Power, by reducing its population through sterilization and euthanasia, and ruling with a gun and iron fist. Most people have no idea that China will be the foundation for the rest of the world. Most people have no idea that in the U.S. alone, 76 billion dollars was donated to Planned Parenthood Charities last year, or why. Most Children are becoming Anti-Social, preferring to live in Cyber Space, rather than developing the social skills needed to function by interacting with the people around them. Most children are being raised to constantly live in a state of fear, never to trust anyone they don't know, keeping them imprisoned within their social class. Most Americans still believe they live in a Democracy, by voting and electing their World Leaders, but have no idea about the History of this Country or its Royal Bloodlines. Most people have no idea that a Central Banking System is, a group of Secret Investors that print and loan Governments Money with Interest, with the debts being secured by that Countries Taxes. Most people have no idea who owns most of the Gold, Diamonds, and Silver of the World, let alone the rest of the planets Natural Resources. Most people have no idea who the Rothschilds family is, or how they have accrued over 500 Trillion Dollars, half of the World's wealth. Most people have no idea that the U.S. Dollar is the Worlds Reserve Currency, how it became to be that, and why it is purposely being devalued. Most people have no idea why the Pyramid with The Eye of Osiris appears on the U.S. $1.00 bill, let alone what the words "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (New World Order) underneath the seal mean. Most people have no idea about The Occult or its Symbolisms, so they remain blind to that which is now in plain sight. Most people have no idea about The Secret Society's of the World, such as The Skull and Bones, The Bilderberg Group, or what goes on at the annual retreat at Bohemian Grove. Most people have no idea who The Freemasons were, the role they played in the founding of this Country, or what their ultimate goal for Humanity was and still is. Most Americans still believe this is the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, but have no idea we are being manipulated and pre-programmed to accept the Occult and The New World Order. Most people still believe that a 747 planes jet fuel can incinerate a 90 story skyscraper, along with the plane and its 6 ton Rolls-Royce Titanium Steel engine that was designed to burn the fuel, but only left a small hole in the Pentagon along with human remains. Most people blame Religion and Greed for the World's problems, and are more willing now than ever, to accept a new change. Even after knowing all of this information, the most disturbing thing I've realized is, is that most people just don't care. BRAVO!!!!! I often wonder how I sleep at night, but then I remember, I'M NOT MOST PEOPLE!

JOHN 8:32


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