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A movement against bullying

Article By: Kevvinfan1

Tags: Bully

Read this please and share, i am writing this to start something, because we need to work together for change

Submitted:Jun 11, 2013    Reads: 24    Comments: 2    Likes: 4   

Hi my name is Quinten Hamon, recently there has been multiple suicides in my city, now bullying played a role in both cases. I am here today to let the world know that it needs to stop! i want to start a movement against bullying, i have witnessed people hit rock bottem because of bullying, i have witnessed them attempt or talk about suicide, why? Because there are teens who bully them, who exclude them, who put them down, because there are adults who dont trust them, who put them in a sterotype! this is everyones responsibility not just youth, not just adults, EVERYONE! listen here is the bare bones of the problem. there is bullying in school, churches, sports, communities, everywhere, and youth bully without punishment, Parents ignore it, Teachers dont see it, Princeaples "Cant do anything", so who stops them, no one. Now there has been many cases, and i have experianced this, where you stand up to a bully, and protect the victim, and you know what happens we get in trouble, we get suspended, so we cant even do anything. So basically this is what is being said.

"take the bullying because parents wont help, and we will only kind of help, oh and by the way dont help because then you get in trouble too," Well its bullcrap! listen to me! bullying will always be there, but we can do something to minimize the effects, we can stop all the death that happens! I have seen it to much, i have seen to many people hurt, all because they have no where to go. There are child help lines, there are anti bully campaings, but they are small, and hidden, those adds for anti bullying are covered by games, and facial creams, stupid things that are so unimportant. suicides now, i am touching a very sensitive topic, but if you dont talk about it there is no progress, we cant go around dodging the topic, guess what its a thing, it happens, ok? do something about it! a lot of suicide is somehow connected to bullying, so stop it at its roots, stop the bullying stop the blood! suicide isnt evil, it is sad, it is sad when someone is so hurt or scared, that they feel like the only way to free themselves is to take their life!! And you know who's fault it is...... thats right YOURS, MINE, OURS!!!!!! Teachers, Parents, Everyone, im telling you, anyone who has bullied, anyone who bullies now, YOU ARE KILLERS! you kill spirits, you ruin lives, you rip apart hopes, dreams and hearts. thats right, you torture, those victims are NEVER SAFE! STOP IT! STOP IT NOW! people cut, they cut their wrists and bleed, they bite their toungues, they write notes in their own blood, they hurt themselves, some people who attempt, they take pills, making themselves sick, and you know what, it could have been avoided, did you HAVE to say that one mean statement, did you HAVE to share that pic, did you HAVE to kill that innocent child! NO! I have had enough of the crap, no one is doing a dang thing about this, and people laugh and joke, but its not funny, its not funny when you open your door to find your child hanging from the stairs, or with a hole in their head, go t some parent and laugh! it is no joking matter, you play your childesh pranks and they "Go to far" the line is easy to know, so dont cross it! I am not sugar coating this, it is a problem in our society, it is a problem in our world, and it is millions dying because they are put down, whether suicide, murder, or dying because they are on the streets because YOU said they were NOTHING! i hope everysingle bully out there one day realizes the harm they did, and i pray they get on their hands and knees, and BEG forgivness, and BEG to make a difference. This is my feelings, this is my proposal, make a change, make a difference, share this, spread the word, and talk, make it a big thing, stop it, bring it to people of authority, we have power, USE IT! use it to make things better.

Finally i pray, that one day it will end, its up too us, you think you are cool or funny when you bully but you arent. you are a cruel, ice cold, Mean, and heartless Killer, a venomous person, a parasite feeding on victims, YOU ARE HELL! if you get offended good, i mean to offend the bullies, because guess what, its time that we fight back, its time for them to understand that we are sick of it, and that they are not cool, they are not strong they are weak, if you are a bully YOU ARE WEAK!

Thank you to anyone who reads this. stop the bullying stop the blood, save feelings save lives!


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