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Sneak Peak Into The Monster I Am

Book By: 1trevor30

This is just a sneak peak into my new book - The Monster I Am. I will be adding a sneak peak into the next chapter every weak, so that the ones who enjoy it will have something to look forward to weekly, instead of every two weeks.

Submitted:Apr 5, 2014    Reads: 7    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

New sneak peak!

A day has gone by without food, my stomach pains me more than any beating I had suffered before. Each growl and grumble is like a thousand knives sheathing into my belly. I desperately wanted the pain to end, but knew my options all too well, and would prefer to die then to resort to such actions.

As the pain grows by the hour and hysteria starts to set in, I look upon her corpse with hungry eyes. Unable to control myself any longer, I slowly hobble over to her. Angry, and disgusted with myself, I shouted at the top of my lungs. "I'm not going to die! I'm not going to give you what you want! I'll keep doing what I have to do so that someday, someday I'll bury these fangs into your neck and rip the life right out of you!"

Crazed, I leached onto the side of my mother's stomach, the blood tasted bitter and lifeless. I drank my fill until she was nothing left but skin and bones. I look at my reflection in a small pool of blood left behind from my messy feasting.

My face covered in blood, I could no longer hold back the tears I had been holding in for so long. I started beating at my reflection, screaming "Why, why, why! Why was I born, what is my purpose? Was I created just to suffer? Is this really my fate in life?"

I keel over from exhaustion after a few minutes of my mindless banter. I must've created quite the commotion for I heard footsteps heading quickly to my cellar door. It was almost as time had slowed at that fateful second for the doorknob turning felt as if took minutes for it to be turned fully.

My Heartbeat was racing, I had thought it was my father coming for more of his daily beatings, but as the door opened slowly I realized that was not the case. My brother Braxton shimmies through the narrow door. He had a dead look in his eye as he entered.

He looked over at my mother's drained corpse, and then looked at me. "You disgusting beast!" he yelled. I've come here to kill you; I'm tired of having you live amongst us runt! The nobles have caught wind that my father's good for nothing runt son is still alive inside the castle. They think he's gone soft, so he sent me in here to do what he should've done the day you were born.

Braxton's begins to unsheathe his claws as he gets into a menacing stance. At that moment, instinct kicks in, and I hop onto all fours, unsheathing my claws as well and start growling like an enraged dog.

"What is this?" sputtered Braxton as he laughs at the sight of me trying to defend myself. You think you can actually take me on? I was going to make it quick, but for this insubordination I'm going to make sure you suffer!

Unable to contain my anger any longer, I pounce upon him, clawing at his chest as I do. Braxton is a skilled fighter, and quickly counters my maneuver by flipping me over and gunning for my ribs. His claws pierce my flesh as he holds my up by the bones.

"You dare make me bleed!?"Braxton yelled as he became engulfed with rage. You're going to watch as I rip you apart… right down the middle. I'm going to leave you alive long enough for you to bleed out all over the floors right next to your cunt of a mother.

He slowly begins to pull my ribs apart. The pain was excruciating, but my anger somehow kept me focused and fixated on Braxton. I rapped my claws around his back to get him closer to me; he yelps as I do so making him ease up on ripping apart my ribs. I only had one chance at this, I opened my mouth as wide as I could and drew my fangs, biting into his neck. He screams as he struggles to get me off but to no avail. I clench down harder and rip out his throat.

He gags on his blood for a moment, and then slowly starts to let me go. I push him away and watch as he scrambled around on the floor, bleeding out and crying in pain.

I clutch my chest to try and clot the bleeding, then move upon Braxton to finish the job. I kneel down before him and put my hands around his neck. Braxton looks at me and mutters his last words, m-m-monster… With one final struggle I rip his head from his body and silence him forever.

Hovering over Braxton's corpse, I scream "You made me this way! You made me a monster! You got what you deserved!

I hold unto my brothers head as a trophy, and then set off to find my father and show him my work.


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