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Taken by S.O.S.

Book By: adrianlover97

On her way to a three days grace concert with her older brother. Sophia and Matthew Mitchel are kidnapped by a gang of guys,through hell and back will they ever make it out alive or die trying? What happens when one of the kidnappers takes a liking to Sophia, will he save her or take her for himself? Find out in Taken.

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Chapter 1

I was packing my bag for our trip to Los Angeles, when my brother Matt came up.

"Hey you almost ready, because we need to hit the road soon while it's day light."

He said, at the entrance of my door.

I ran a brush through my unruly brown hair, before putting it into my bag.

"OK, I can't wait to get to Los Angeles! So are mom and dad home?" I asked.

"No they left around six o'clock, mom had to take Jamie to school and dad is at work."

He walked into my room and looked inside my bag, arching a brow.

"Is this all your taking, because we're going to be on the road for like I don't know 3 to 4 days."

He said, before walking over to my mirror to look at himself.

Matt was 5'10 and had shaggy blonde hair and blue eyes.

Which looked nothing like me, I am about 5'2 have unruly dark brown hair, and hazel eyes.

"OK if your done flirting with yourself than I would like you to get out so I can change." I laughed at his expression.

I pushed him out of my room and slammed the door in his face.

I pulled on my BVB band t-shirt and my black short-shorts, after undressing.

I walked over to my bed and grabbed my poem book which had tons of my poems scribbled down in it.

I flipped it open to a clean page and began writing.

May 4


Your meaness makes me hurt

I can't help but think

I'm not worth it

My sadness brings you joy,

but to you I'm just a toy

I am the object of your happiness,

the pain the seems to hide it's self

From within,

your undying selfishness

Which does nothing

but bring me sadness,

that makes me cry

All I can ask is

your reason why,

you like to see me cry

your only regret ever being

not saying sorry.

I got up and put my poetry book in my bag, and pulled it over my shoulder.

I walked down stairs to be greeted by Matt stuffing his face with cheetos.

"Stop eating like a pig and get a move on." I said, laughing at his cheeto covered lips.

"Hwi wuvs staring!" He yelled, mouth filled with cheeetos.

I laughed unable to control myself.

"So you had to eat my cheetos?" I asked, smirking as his face fell.

"Iws dwidn't mwean foo!" He yelled, mouth still filled with cheetos.

"What ever lets just get out of here before mom has a cow a sheep, and maybe the whole barn when she sees the mess you made!"

If your a Mitchel or anyone close to the Mitchel's than you know not to make a mess in the house when mom's already cleaned.

"OK, and sorry about the cheetos......" He said, making me laugh.

"What ever lets go!" I said, tightening my hold on my bag.

He grabbed his bag and I hurried up and grabbed Gina my pet ferret and walked out.

My brother drove a Camaro 'Red Flash' car, I got into the passenger side and put my bag on the floor.

Matt got in the drivers side and tossed his bag in the back seat.

I grabbed my copy of Twilight and started reading, while he drived listening to BVB.

When we came to a stop, I looked up from my book and saw we were at a hotel.

"Why are we here?" I asked, Matt wondering why we weren't driving.

"Because it's getting late and it's the closes hotel for miles." He replied, tiredly.

"Alright, but we are getting a two beded suite!" I yelled, grabbing my bag and jumping out of the car.

At some point during the running I acted like I was a lepricon carrying gold!

We walked up to the front desk to ask for a suite.

"Hello my name's Matthew Mitchel and this is my sister Sophia and we need a two beded room." He said. to a cracky looking lady.

I looked at the cracky looking bats name tag to see her name was 'Jolene'.

"Of course Mr. Michael's, I will have the honeymoon room set up for you and your fiance." Jolene said in a snoody tone.

"My last name is Mitchel not Michael,and she's my sister." He said, clenching his teeth.

"Ha ha well here's something you should know! I don't care!" She said, making me want to punch her in her wrinkled old person face.

"How about you shut it old lady and get us a room before I kick you teeth in!" I yelled, expressing my feelings.

"How dare you, you little brat! I am only thirty-seven!" She yelled, glaring at us.

"Well those wrinkles on your face say different!" I laughed.

"Is there a problem here?" A male voice asked, behind us.

I turned around to see a guy in his mid twenties standing behind us.

"Yes accutually, there is this bat has no manners." Matt said, sounding insulted and disgusted.

"Well I am terribly sorry about that, Jolene your fired. And let me get you guys a room." He said, walking over to the computer.

"Alright do you want a two bed or one bed?" He asked, politely.

"Two bed would be wonderful." I said, smiling at him.

"Alright that would be $250 and are you gonna have dinner?" He asked, typing buttons.

"Yes." Matt said, pulling out his wallet.

"Alright the total for your stay will be $275, have a good stay and please come again." He said taking our money.

He handed us to card keys and walked off.

The room number on the cards said room 222, we walked over to the elevator and went up to the 2nd floor.

We walked to our room and swiped our cards, before going inside.

We put our stuff down and ordered dinner, we got chinese.

After that we went to bed, both of us exasted, after I fed Gina.


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