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Wrong job.

Book By: Amber202

This story is pretty much a bout a girl that gets kidnapped. I'll be writing it on here so I might change some things as I go along and I'll probably add things too.

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Maria got in her car and started driving. She was heading to her new job she was so excited. She was going to be working on Horders: Buried Alive. It was her dream job, to help people plus she got to be on T.V. Yes!!!!!!!!! When she got to her first project she got out of the car. It was a nice house fairly big too. Most hoarders keep there messes inside the house in the back rooms must be that type. She walked over to were there was the most people so she could fine whoever shes suppose to talk to. Thats when someone tapped her on the shoulder

"Are you Maria?" Said a man. He was short and fat with a beard and a mustache. (Creepy :3)

"Uh ya thats me."

"Okay so this is your first one and it's not going to be filmed. Our clients orders. So think of this as a practice one. Got it?"

"Yep. So where do I go now?" I asked

"Follow me I'll take you to meet the boss. She'll do most of the talking you just talk to the client and do it is whatever you do."

She didn't like this guy at all. If he kept giving her an attitude like this she was going to smack him.

She faked a smile. "Okay. Got it."

As they walked she looked around the yard was huge and was moving with people. Now that she was here she was getting nervous.

They stopped behind a tall women. She was in a normal pair of jeans and a T-shirt. She had work gloves on and seemed ready to start running at any minute. The man tried tapping the women on the shoulder but couldn't reach. So he just said


The women named Aubri turned around. She was very pretty with peircing blue eyes and dark brown hair.

"Yes Gus?" She had a voice that sounded like bells.

"This is Maria the new crew member."

She turn her gaze towards me.
She smiled. "Hey I'm Aubri. So your the new member. Welcome to the family."

I smiled back. I liked this job even more. "Hey thanks happy to be here."

The smile slipped away and she turned her face into the all buisness face.

"Okay so when we go in there we need to be serious. We need to be kind but firm. They aren't going to like throwing away there stuff. If the client starts getting overwhelmed you step in and take them off to the side we'll stop moving stuff and wait for you to do your job and get them calmed down. Okay?"

"Ya. Lets do it." I smiled. The smile returned to her face.

"Okay cool."

She turned around and yelled over the all the commotion.

"Okay people were going in there in five minutes. Lets hurry up and get everything ready."

Everyone started running around getting everything set up.

Five minutes later we were all standing infront of the door and waiting for Aubri to open the door.

When she opened the door we all swarmed in standing in the opening room. I stared in awe. It was all so beautiful. We followed Aubri farther into the house single file.

When we entered the hall we heard thumping above our heads.

"That must be the client." Says Aubri.

We got upstairs and followed the sounds of thumping.

What they saw when they opened the door well scar them forever. Inside there was over 2 dozen people. But thats not what scared them. It was the fact that they were tied up. Some in ropes on the floor some chained to the walls. They were all gagged, they were screaming at us through the gags. Maria couldn't make out what they were trying to say. She rushed forward to the nearest person. It was a man, he was very skinny. He had brown eyes but it was so filthy it looked almost black. He was thin and looked dehydrated. She untied the gag and looked at the man.

'Whats going on here?"

"You need to get out before he comes up." He looked very scared.

The man was a big and he looked like he once was very strong. So who ever took him was very powerful. This man shouldn't have been very scared of anyone.

"Who's holding you here?" Maria asked forcefully

"I don't know his name. All I know is he is powerful and you need to get out of here before he comes back." He was gettinghysterical.


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