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Twin Black Roses

Book By: Anaria

All Katherine Kathleen Lynn wanted was a normal life and to be a normal eighteen year old girl. No such luck she's always been different and now those differences are growing. She is always angry and now she finds out that she isn't human at all...What could be worse than that? Finding out that you have a twin brother who is also not human. Katherine is part demon, part vampire, part human, and part god. Wow. Her brother on the other hand is part demon, part vampire, and part human. His name is Zacharia Lee Smith and he is one hell of a rebel boy. Now its a race to find out just who she is and who she isn't and Kathy is on the clock. Because like her varied blood line there are people out there who would kill to have her...

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"Stupid cow," Joe Davis yelled just before he socked me in the face. His fist smashed right into my left eye and I instinctively curled inward. That little rat, I fumed silently counting to ten in my head. I fought to remain calm recalling my earlier promise to my father. I promised him that no matter what happened I would not hit back. The black snake inside me was awakening, it uncurled itself and raised its head sniffing at the air eagerly. It smelt my anger, the same anger I'd been trying to stamp down to surpress. I tried for a firmer grip on my anger but my mental talons kept sliping up and I couldn't find purchase. The dark thing rejoiced in my weakening grip and I could feel its relish in the thought of hurting Joe.

I gave it one last shot at keeping the thing lock up. With the last of my strenghth I clamped down on it intending to force it back. It was a useless attempt and I watched as IT began to take over. A corner of my mind acknowledged the fact that this creature was no outside force this creature was a part of me. A piece of me that was pure undiluted evil and I hated it with all of my heart. I felt it move through me and I shuddered.

The tremor worked its way through my body just as the darkness did. It took control of my body and as if watching a stranger I watched my body move without my conscious descision. My right hand whiped out and planted a right hook on Joe's face. His head snapped back so hard I could hear it with no trouble at all. "Shut up Davis. My mother was no whore and neither am I." My voice was unrecognizable, a low hiss that made my blood freeze.

My knee came up and slammed him in the gut with bone jarring impact. He made an odd huffing noise. Without waiting for him to recover my hands shoved him and he went flying back at least ten feet. He hit the wall with a crunch. I felt sick at the sadistic pleasure that radiated from not only the darkness but from me too. I didn't want to like this. Okay yes, this ass munch deserved a good punch or two, but even he didn't deserve the bloody pounding I was giving to him.

Part of me disagreed and that scared me. I advanced on Joe when a hand clamped down on my shoulder with an iron grip. I whirled my head around and stared at the face of Troy Villard, the hottest guy from high school. Upon being a high school graduate nothing had changed with Troy. He was still the same handsome guy with short curly brown hair, icy blue eyes, and a ruggedly handsome face with that masculine square jaw.

"Don't do it Katherine. He's not worth getting in trouble with the police. Believe me I've been there done that with him already. From the looks of you I'd say he deserved every blow he got and more." Though his tone was dead and icy I saw a glimmer of understanding and compassion in those fridgid eyes of his. The thing inside me seemed to struggle and then I felt my control reestablish itself. I nodded curtly at Troy to show that I understood and agreed with him.

He didn't looked all that convinced but he let go of my shoulder and headed over to the crumpled form of Joe. He check the boy's pulse and what he felt must have please him because he not so gently picked the unconscious boy up. "I'll see to it that he gets to a hospital Kathy. You go home now and get yourself cleaned up, Okay?"

I shifted from one foot to the other trying not to bolt away for him as fast as I could. I don't know what it was but this boy made me feel ashamed of being me. For no other reason than being me wasn't a good way to be normal. Because I wasn't normal in so many ways it made my head spin.

I nodded again not trusting myself to speak with him around. It was silly I know to want to impress a guy who just wittnessed me beating the shit out of some other kid. I don't know why he made me so self conscious and nervous, but all I knew was when ever he was around I couldn't seem to concentrate on anything. It was like I was stuck on freeze mode and thats where I stayed until he left.

With a simple "bye" Troy left me standing there alone still staring at my feet like I had been doing for five minutes now. I shifted slightly jarring my ribs and causing a sharp shooting pain to rip through them. I cried out in pain my eyes watering from the intensity of it. I waited for the pain to subside and then very gingerly using the very tips of my fingers I felt along my ribs. Applying slight pressure to see if they were as broken as they felt at the moment.

I gritted my teeth biting back a scream as I applyed the pressure and then there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that they were not broken. They had to be broken at least once probably more than once by the feel of things. Cursing under my breath I limped slowly over to the trees where my knap sack was hidden. With extreme care I slowly and painfully bent down to retrieve the bag.

Spots of black danced before my eyes and I nearly fainted from the pain, but sucking in as deep a breath as my busted up ribs aloud I kept my self conscious. When my fingers finally caught a hold of the straps I fumbled for a better grip so that I wouldn't end up dropping the damn thing. With a lot of effort and quite a bit of panting I managed to pull the bag up off the ground. With my left hand I dug for the cell phone I knew was in there some where.

It took me a good three to four minutes to find the sucker because it had some how gotten lodged at the bottom under all my other crap. Beads of sweat glistened on my brow and my upper lips the pain from my broken ribs hadn't gone away completely. Instead it had faded into a throbbing ache that if I moved certain ways came back to full force with a vengence.

"You better be home Dad." I dialed the house number with trembling fingers that almost didn't work. I listened to it ring seven times and was about to give up and hand the phone up when he picked up.

"Hello this is Richard speaking." I heard his voice and nearly fainted with relief. He was home I thought. I closed my eyes and took another shallow wheezing breath.

"Hello Dad. This is Katherine, I need you to come pick me up. I'm hurt pretty badly and I'm almost positive that I have a couple broken ribs and possibly a sprained ankle." In the back ground I could hear Dad cussing like a sailor. I took another shallow breath and waited for his answer. I unconsciously leaned against a huge oak tree for support because my right ankle had begun to give out. "Are you still there Dad?"

A minute or so passed and then Dad spoke again, his voice was tense and worried. "Okay I'll come get you, but I'm gonna need to know where exactly you are. After all I'm not a magician."

I closed my eyes and concentrated trying to remember exactly where I was and how to get there. "Okay Dad. I'm by the old Fowler place. You know the big huge mansion place no one wants to live in. I'm right behind the house at the edge of the woods. The Fowler place is one the corners of Ravencrest Avenue and Thirteenth Street. You know where that is right?"

"Sure do. Now listen to me young lady you stay right exactly where you are. I don't want you moving an inch. Do I make myself crystal clear?" I cringed at the command knowing that Dad was really pissed at me. He only used that tone when I was in huge trouble and I was gonna get a good licking or at least a good grounding or some other equally severe punishment.

"Yes sir." I said then snapped my phone closed. I leaned more heavily against the tree trying to relieve the pain by getting rid of some of the wieght and pressure on it. It sort of worked but my body still throbbed and ached. Closing my eyes again I concentrated on staying awake and alert. I had a hard time doing it because my body wanted to sleep and repair the damage. I lost the battle because the next thing I knew Dad was shaking me awake.


I cracked open my eyes trying to remember where I was and why I had a pounding head ache. Then my memory slowly returned to me and I mentally cursed at my own stupidity. How could I let Joe get to me like that again? Dad's voice interupted my mental shouting match. "Katherine wake up." his voice grated on my nerves making me want to scream. I don't know exactly why but everything he said made me want to lash out in unexplainable anger. He treated me like a time bomb he was waiting to explode and destroy everything. It was so not fair. I was his daughter wasn't he supposed to trust me or something?

"Don't shout Dad I'm up already," I rasped my voice sounding like sandpaper. When I cracked my eyes open a little bit wider I could finally make him out standing there bent over me. His normally neat flaming red hair was in disarray like he had just rolled out of bed, his sun bronzed skin gleamed in the setting sun, he had wrinkled jeans on and a white t-shirt, his eyes were hard chips of blue ice. I sighed. Why must I always be the cause of the look? Just for once I'd like to see some one else get the look, but no I was the only one who got the look.

"Don't you dare take that tone of voice with me young lady. You are in enough trouble as it is," Dad's teeth grated together causing my nerves to fray again. Great now I was getting a lecture today too. Just what I need to complete a perfect day, I thought sourily. A cloud of darkness settled tightly around me smoothering all other feeling from me. The anger was bottled up from over a decade and a half of torment. It was too much for me to handle at one time. I was cracking fast. To perserve what little composure I had left I breathed in deeply focusing on the action and not on him. It helped a tiny bit, I was able to look him in the eye without lunging for his jugular.

"What tone Dad? I am not using a fucking tone with you, okay?" I snarled this from between clenched teeth. His face became even darker and I sighed. Couldn't he ever just let it go? Nope, not my father, I thought darkly. I gently pushed my elbow up trying to prop my upper half up. Mean while he stood there fuming, he thought I was being a smart ass. I on the other hand was just stating a fact that was all. No need to get all riled up about it, you know what I mean. But apparently my father didn't read the memo. I gritted my teeth as the pain from my ribs shot up my chest.

"Katherine what did I just say about mouthing off? Do you want to make it worse?" His voice boomed making my head throbb and my nerves grate. Just breathe I told myself. Don't say anything. It didn't work too well.

"Dad, I've already made it worse apparently. So I'm going to go for the gold medal in bad mouthing your parents." I said my voice sickly sweet. "For once could you keep you big mouth shut, just once? Why do you always yell at me when I get into fights, even when they are not my fault? I don't get it. I'm your daughter but right now I feel like you think I'm something extremely disgusting that you can't avoid dealing with. Why is that? Aren't you supposed to make me feel like I'm loved no matter what I do? Well I sure don't think you've ever done that for me." I sucked in a big breath of air and pushed with all of my strength and groaned in pain, but I made it too my feet. "Take me to the emergency room, pops. Will ya?"

I could see the steam fuming from his ears but I knew atleast for now I was safe from his anger. As long as I was hurt he would restrain the worst of his anger until after I was better, atleast most of the time he did. I hoped this time would be the same with him because if he blew up now I don't know if I could restrain myself this time. IT was already stirring awakened by my anger earlier and my anger now that was simmering just below the surface. In contrast to him I didn't look like him at all, my hair was a deep burnished copper gold, my eyes wide almond shaped slightly slanted with long thick black lashed, they were jade green with flecks of silver in them, my skin was a pale ivory color that seemed to glow, and I was five foot six inches tall. I was the polar oppisite of my father in looks and personality, sometimes I wondered if I was even his child.

"Dad I'm trying not to faint here," I grunted out between clenched teeth sweat beading on my upper lip from the effort of holding myself up right.


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