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Journeys (Working Title)

Book By: bella2009

Nikki, Luc and Archer - two brothers and one sister, under go gruelling obstacles to protect each other, but something wants to stop them...

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Having someone that you dearly love suddenly and unexpectedly evanesce from your life is heart breaking, but you fall then into nightmares in your sleep filled with dark images of that person that left you, the images grow bigger and darker. They soon leave your sleep and haunt you in your day, until you can't bear to live without that certain person. Until that day comes when you get that sick feeling in your whole body, and you know that you have to carry on with your life, but you tear yourself apart, for you can't stand the idea of living your life, when all you can think about is that person. But there is nothing you can do. It brings you down. Those horrible images then leave you, but in a way you don't want those images to leave because they are the only things that you have left of that person. You have been torn apart so much without having this person to have in your arms, that you even want the most frightening of things, just to keep something of that person alive in you. You don't care what it is, your just satisfied that you have one thing to remind you of them. Then you wake up and you have lost all sense of that person, and they slowly just become a distant figure that once was with you, but now they are just a mere shadow that dances amongst the other things in your past and mind. But then once you have moved on with your life and have found a way about not having to think about that that distant, lost, forgotten figure.

I don't want this - Luc startled from his sleep. He sat up quickly, sweat sticking to his face and neck, his chest rising and falling rapidly. As he began to calm himself down, he fell back against his bed running his hands over his face and into his hair - tears began to burn his eyes as he closed his eyes and memories of past events stung his mind.


On the table lay her body. She looked so peaceful. As I stepped closer towards the table, I saw that her head was resting on a concrete slab, she still wore the same clothing - but her combat boots lay on the floor. She looked cold. A sharp memory slashed through my mind.

We're sat in a grotty motel room; she's sat cross legged on the floor, jotting down notes and patterns from the journal. The power has cut out the motel. She has a thin blanket wrapped her, but she begins to moan because she's cold, she hated to be cold, so I offered to go out to the car to get the sleeping bags, but she just raised her eyes brows and moaned more, 'I told you both to bring them in, but neither of you listened!' Luc, lying on the opposite bed, scoffed and told her to shut up moaning - they carried on bickering...

I was now stood directly next to the table. I moved a stray piece of hair out of her face; her long hair was spread out across the table and several strands fell across her shoulders. As I carefully moved the strand of hair away, my fingers lightly brushed the side of her face, her skin felt freezing. I took off my long leather jacket and placed it on the corner of the table. I leant forward, reaching out and gently I placed an arm under her neck lifting her up. I took the jacket from the side and carefully I wrapped the jacket around her shoulders and lay her back down. I rested my hands on the side of the table, my head bowed. My little sister. I reached out my hand and took hers in my own. I lowered my head, pressing our hands against my fore head, I closed my eyes. Another image flashed behind closed eyes. There all of us, our family laughing; she was laughing, smiling. The last time I had seen her smile, was when she dying in my arms.

Luc had fallen to pieces. He wouldn't talk or eat; he just kept looking through Nikki's journal, searching for an answer, for some sort of help. He kept calling round everyone that we knew, he'd curse and yell if someone couldn't help. I wanted to curse and blame the world, I wanted to tear the room down brick by brick, but I couldn't. There was a barrier, or something being blocked. There was emptiness. A part of me was missing. If I cried, tore the walls down - what use would this do? Would it bring her back? No. I knew one thing though, I was going to get my little sister back.

Chapter One.

Think about this for a minute. You see a person, just a stranger walk past you in the streets. Now, over time you have probably seen a lot, maybe even hundreds, of strangers just pass you by, but have you ever stopped and wondered who this person is? What aspects make them the person that they are today? Probably not, that stranger walking past you; you are just seeing the walking, talking outer shell of who they are. There'll be so many aspects to them that make them the extraordinary individual that they are. This person will have many opinions, they could have a family of 16 children and they may even take pleasure in dabbling in a bit of demonic possession. It's what you enjoy, dislike, love, crave, what you dream and how you look at life which makes YOU the individual that you are.

Archer, Nikki and Luc, two brothers and one sister. If you saw these three walking past you, I doubt you'd think anything huge of them, but if you got the chance to, you would realise that they had many secrets and a bizarre way of life. Archer, the oldest of the three 26 and daring to kick life's as at anytime, unless there's free food, beer and well, women. Then there's Luc, 23 - enjoys tormenting his younger sister, yet he is intelligent and generally seen as the series one out of the three. Then there's Nikki, 22 years old, she looks up to her two big brothers and has thirst for life. The three of them stick together and they have done since all of them could remember. Two things which each of them stick by is family is the most important thing, but also families do not have to be blood related.


Archer jetted down the lonely, empty road in his 1972 Aston Martin V8, Luc sat in the front passenger seat wearing a smug smile, as Nikki sat in the back seat, her arms and legs crossed, so tightly it would be a miracle if she could unravel them, and an irritated expression sat on her face as she looked out of the window. Luc gave a heavy sigh of comfort as he stretched back in his, he snatched a quick glance at the stroppy Nikki before he began to slowly recline his seat back towards her. Nikki jerked her head forward glaring viciously at the back of Luc's seat, 'What the hell are you doing?' she snapped flinging her arms to the side as Luc's seat knocked against knees squashing her. Luc turned round to face her with a fake apologetic expression on his face as he mockingly replied, 'Oh! I'm so sorry! I forgot you were there, all the way in the back!' He smirked at her and turned back round giving a low chuckle. Nikki's jaw clenched as she kicked hard against Luc's seat, 'Dick!' Nikki snapped. At this, Luc turned round once more and tried to hit her against her legs, Nikki flapped her hands at him and began to knee Luc's seat who jerked forward slightly as she did so. 'Hey! Hey!' Archer yelled, he had one hand on the steering wheel as he shot angry looks at his brother and sister. He held out a pointed finger and he jabbed it angrily in the air at Nikki, 'Stop kicking my seats!' As he turned away Nikki's mouth feel agape, her brows knitted in annoyance as she snapped back in a high pitched, 'Me! It was him' pointing her finger accusingly at Luc, without looking at her Archer looked ahead out at the road as he sternly said, 'Any damage caused, and your paying for her repairs'. Nikki mumbled something rude under breath as he slumped back against her seat, and Luc opened his mouth about to come out with some smart remark, but before he could Archer shot him a stern look as he re-jabbed a pointed finger at Luc, 'And you, stop being a dick'. Luc closed his mouth and leaned back in his seat.

A strong and uncomfortable silence filled the car as they continued travelling till they reached a grotty looking motel. Archer pulled the Aston Martin into the drive way, the motor purring gently as he stopped in front of the motel. They all took in the depressing sight that sat in front of their eyes. 'It's better than crashing in this for another night...' Archer said as he pulled the car keys out. Luc took off his seat belt and bent down to pick up his rucksack as he said, 'Well, maybe if someone hadn't been an idiot and gambled half our money away, we might have been having proper nights sleeps the last few nights..' Archer mimicked Luc's voice as he opened his car door and stepped out mumbling, 'Smart arse'. Nikki was getting the essentials out of the trunk, she flung the weapons back over her shoulder and stuffed her other hand in her leather jacket pocket as she walked over to Archer and Luc. Her brows were knitted and her lips pursed as she gazed around at her surroundings, 'So, you think this is where Dad wants us to be?' Archer took the weapons bag from Nikki and shrugged idly,
'Dunno...I haven't heard from the old man since we were in Chicago, but this is where his coordinates have sent us', Archer pulled his phone of his pocket, and flipped it open, he raised it high to try and get reception but was unsuccessful, 'I might try and get hold of the old man...'
Luc snorted loudly, 'Yeah, we've got a better chance at winning the lottery!' as he turned away and began heading towards the motel. Archer and Nikki followed suit, trudging behind slowly, 'Ah, always nice to have Mr Negative around,' Nikki mumbled.


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