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Nightmarish dreams

Book By: brauweiler141

No peeking. You need to read to find out!

Submitted:May 9, 2008    Reads: 145    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

Tuesday, April 12, 2008

I was walking down the street heading home when I noticed the clouds were a faint green colour. "Uh oh" I ran the rest of the way home, hoping to make it before something bad happened. When I got inside I saw my table turned on to it's side and the top of ot scorched. "What the-?" a fireball came out of nowhere and hit the table. I jumped back and saw a dark figure heading towards the table. At the last minute I saw Rescue and Luna behind the table. I rushed over. "What the hell is going on here!!" I demanded. Rescue looked over the edge of the table and threw something. I heard a bang and someone scream. "I don't know, Angel said she'd be right back from the store and she hasn't been back since....that was over 3 hours ago." I knew something was wrong. Unless Robert Englund had appeared in the local Avondale, she wouldn't be gone that long. "Something's up, and I know I ain't going to like this one". Rescue covered Luna and the mysterious figure threw another fireball, inching it's way across the floor. I stood up and got out my sword "You wanna play, let's play!" I lunged, striking first to the torso and then to the neck. Blocking easily, the person in the trench coat lit his hand on fire and reached for my throat. Grabbing the forearm, I twisted and sliced the inner leg. Crying out in pain, the figure pushed me against the wall and started to punch my stomach. Keeling over in pain as he stopped I saw him go for the table, unable to scream out a warning. I watched helplessly as the figure flung the table aside and get ready to murder her friends. get up on one knee, I gripped my sword, and stagghered over to the figure. Using the hilt of my weapon, I smashed it into the assasins neck. I watched as the figure fell, crumpled at my feet. I walked over to Rescue and Luna "Are you two ok?" they both nodded. I rubbed my stomach "I don't care if you throw knives or fireballs, everyone has the same pressure points dumbass" I said kicking the crumpled human. If you could could call it human.

I was going to kick it again when I heard someone coming throught the door. Rescue and Luna hid in the closet and I stepped infront of the figure. What I saaw come through that door made my mind do backflips and a double take. I was looking at myself form at least 1000 years ago. Her hair was tied back and her weapons were old. Bow and arrow, swords and her fighting skills. I continued to watch as she tried to climb over the table that had once been my mothers pride, now a pile of charred splinters. She stepped towards and I took an automatice, defensive step back bringing up my srms to defend. She laughed. "Oh Meliah, you very well I'm not going to hurt you." She glanced behind me. "I see you've done this job for me, thank you." I looked back as the assisin started to move. "All I wanted was a cup of sugar and I got beaten half to death." it mumbled more, but my mind was trying to take in the woman infront of me. She stepped around me and helped the man up, effectively taking off his hood/hat. I gasped her actions, calmly looked to her. "Do you know what pain I had to go through to bring him down? And here you are helping him up. Look what he did to my mothers table!!" I franticlypointed to the pile of splinters. They chuckled. He spoke first."This was a test and you passed. Now we need your help. Are you willing to help us or are you going to sit here ogling over a table?" I looked to the closet and nodded as Rescue and Luna came out. I turned back to the Mysterious Couple."Ass long as I can take them, I'll do whatever, to not get grounded." Thery laughed and turned to walk out the door. "Wait, where are you going?" I asked running to catch up. "I thought you said-" "We're are very aware of what we said, keep your mouth shut and follow us, you have a lot to learn." Shutting my mouth, I followed at a safe distance and walked with my friends. "Weird couple don't you think?" Rescue voiced a while later. I chuckled and kept a carefully trained eye on them "More then you know."


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