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The unexpected ally

Book By: brauweiler141

You must read to find out.

Submitted:May 15, 2008    Reads: 141    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

April, 21, 2008

I walked into the store and grumbled. "Just because I accidentally killed an onlooker the last time doesn't mean I technically failed the test. And really it wasn't me who killed her, it was the car that swerved to miss me..." The more I thought about it, the more it made sense. You have to be careful Meliah, always careful. Komorn (Kay) was always quick to point that out. He never seemed pleased with me work, but he was never angry.

I shookmy head. Get your head in the game Meliah, you have a villian to assisinate. I crept along the farther walls, keeping a trained eye on the subject. He was tall, muscled and handsome. Much too rich and powerful to be working in a common shop. I smiled. "Ah, see something that takes your fancy little miss?" I scowled. "My name is Violet and no I haven't yet. But don't worry, I let you know soon enough when I'm through here." I said a little to tartly but I didn't care. I picked up a box of lacy cup covers and headed to the front, placing them on the counter. He took them and scanned them through, all the while smiling. "You don't strike me as the frilly cup covers girl." I smiled back poisonously "just goes to show, you can't judge a person by there appearance. Like for instance, you're a murder and a drug dealer, skilled in the arts of swords but no one would have guessed that from the store you work in." I started to turn when I heard him take his sword and lunge over the counter. "Time to play eh?" I dodged to the side and took my own sword in my hands, readying myself.

I glanced around as I searched for him. Damn, he can hide. Oh well I can find. I rounded a corner and a sword thrust through my upperarm sleeve. Fainting left and swinging with my sword arm I sliced down his leg, leaving a good sized scar. If olny he would live to tell the tale about it. I shook my head as I thought of all the women he could have seduced into his bed with the story of a have crazy wench taking the life of his only son and wife. Walking up to him lying on the floor, I shoved his on his back placing my sword at his throat. "Now, about those frilly cup covers, I think I deserve a discount. You cut through my shirt. Bad Boy." I finished him off. Pushing down on the sword with my weight, I watched as the life slipped from him. He was staring at me when I turned and pulled up my hood, cutting the security camera off and stepping on it before heading out of the store. I crossed the street and leaned on a tree watching the day past, no one stepping near the store. I watched for someone I felt I knew to come near, I just didn't who I was looking for and why I was looking for them.

Good, he needs to think about what he did. I mused as I turned away almost colliding with another assisin. I could tell by the way he looked around taking everyhting in. As I had been taught to do from a little girl by a man this one reminded me of.I looked at him hard trying to figure where I had seen him. "Do I know you?". He finially looked at me and smiled. "Why little Violet, is that you, my you're all grown up!" He hugged my and I knew he had been sent to find me. Thinking quickly I hugged back, looking for a way out. "Yes it's me Trevor, or are you still Trevor the Tremble?" I smiled as I lied. He knew I was lying. He had known my cover name so that either meant that he was with us or he was against us. I tried hard to figure out but he was good at keeping secrets. Holding me at arms length first then pulling me tight to his side he began wo walk the way I had come. He didn't say anything but he didn't have to, I knew he knew I was trying to think of a way to escape. Mayhaps this is a test I wasn't told about. I thought throughout the trip.

We got to a nice little apartment, his most likely, when he finally began to talk to me. "So how's your mother?" He walked like we really were related. I thought quick. "Dead, same with Pops. Both had a heart attack" He looked at me as we stepped into his apartment "Could it be the fact that they knew their little girl was an assisn?" I looked to my feet, something that killed my pride to do so. "It's true" I said quietly. I sat down thinking, trying to remember what I had been taught but instead the mans face came into view. I kept trying to remember where I had seen him before. Like a dream when I was a child, just before I had started my training with my old master. A face, a man's face much the one I was now in the company of, loomed before me and I saw.... My head jerked up as my sword came out. "You killed my parents!! You're the reason I must live like this!!" I stood my back to the door. He paced toward me and I stepped back. "No, no listen that wasn't me. Do remember a little boy who used to live beside you when you were that small? That was me." I remembered a little boy, we used to play all the time. I nodded them it dawn on my. "Your father killed my parents" The relisation hid me. I was so dizzy I had to sit down. He cam over and placed a hand on my shoulder. "I wouldn't done anything to harm you, ever. Meliah, I've searched for you." I loked into his eyes and I realized I had been looking for him too, just not wanting to admit it. "I've been looking for you too Adam" I curled into his embrace and fell asleep, dreaming of a more peaceful life. One free of fear and death.


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