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Insane is Thy Name-A Madmans dream.

Novel By: Chrysta

This is a snippet of the second book in the series i'm writing.
Dealing with Schizophrenia,the police,drugs,friends,love and his own sanity,Matthaias must complete his mission in life and survive.

Submitted:Apr 21, 2009    Reads: 122    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

"Wherever I found the a living creature,there I found the will to power." Nietche.

Adrift in the haze of psylocibe,Satan's face was a morphic;glowing form in the distance.Electricity crackled in the air all around me,and beneath that was was her sultry voice,whispering unto me dark words.I could smell her voice,the scent of potporri mixed with wild,sweet citrus.My Angwin,she is blue like storm clouds and yellow like embers,sharp teeth like white lightning.

"Remember,"She murmured sweetly from afar. "Our child,and your power."

""I'll remember you the most,my exotic peacock."

Her face dispersed in the blackness,and a strong orange light shone on my eyelids as her spell left me.Exhaling,I opened my eyes to the real world.The radiant sun rays hit the forest floor in kaliedescope patches,intermingled with the branches and leaves of the steamy green jungle I envisioned.All was enhanced,and pleasant.The trees were never ending green poles that faded into the vibrant blue sky with it's cottony soft clouds.

"Mart?Mart,are you okay?"A panicked voice said from behind,sweating hand gripping my shoulder.

"Enough.I'm awake."

I came out of my kneeling position and stood before my two friends.They were disoriented from the shrooms,swaying wnder the weight of their high.Pupils dialated and cheks flushed,I could tell they were more frightened than I.

"What did you see?" Cearb asked,wringing his hands as he went further into his subconsious,trying to break out and grasp the situation before all was just one wavering blur.

"It was there,wasn't it?What did it say?"

"Calm down,Cearb.Let it mix with your blood,and drown in the flavor." I soothed,touching his face with a million translucient hands.He shut his eyes,breathing shuddery and weak.

"Let it sink inside of you." And as I said this,all of the tension was lost.

"Yeah,Mart knows best.Just drink it up." Baykok added smoothly,his beard a sea of brown waves in my eyes.

"So you wanna know what I saw?"Baykok looked on,Cearb stared on dreamily.


* * *


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