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sweet suprise

By: emoblackrose

Page 1, im being watched im changing and guys are watching me which they havent before i dont need glasses and im strong now too is it me or is something deamonic going on


Chapter 1

             I woke up coughing. I could barely breathe. I felt like I was drowning on water. I saw his face. The soft tone of his golden skin. The smell of his blood coming from his mouth. The metallic taste of my blood. There was sand in my sheets. Blood as well.


“Thelma! I need new sheets again.” I spoke in a ragged scratchy voice. The maid came running. She had that grim expression on her old wrinkled face. The dark hair falling out of her bun. “I don’t know why you dress like that I told you, you can wear whatever you want.” I said in my stern I’m a big girl voice.

“Remember you are only 16 ma’am. Not 20. Now, shall I run you a bath?” she asked.

“No I shall take a bath.” I smiled as I said it. Thelma was a mother to me. My mom’s a business agent so she travels a lot.

“Just ‘because I’m British, does not mean you have any right to fake that accent of yours. Now I shall go run a bath sweetie. What soap shall I use?”

“ The peppermint one, and can you get my first day of school outfit out of the laundry room and lay it on my bed please.” She let out a sigh and smiled.

“Look at you. Your almost 16! It has been an honor being your nanny. All though you don’t need a nanny  anymore.” The old lady smiled and pulled me into her embraced me.

“Can you run my bath now I have school in two hours?” She nodded and walked to my bathroom. I went and grabbed my pink robe. I wandered out to the kitchen to get some water. I looked out the window and a hand gripped my face covering my mouth. I screamed.



              I whipped around to see my father in his grey and

green  military suit. I haven’t seen him for two years.

“Daddy! You are home early. Why?”

“ I got asked to leave the mission for a few days, I go back in two days.”


“ Why? Why so soon?”


“ I have to help the people in other coutrries. I’ve got to go vist some people. I’ll be back.” And with that he left.


“ What the funck was that? He just got home and he’s already out the door.” I asked as soon as he was gone. Thelma shrugged and just walked away.

“ You’re bath is done.” And with that she was too gone.

    I wandered to the bathroom and started to strip. I climbed into the tub. The water was clear and fresh as well the smell was of peppermint plants. I leaned back and dipped my head under. I opened my eyes under the water and saw something in the window. I think it was a man. I jumped out of the tub spilling water as I went. I threw on my robe and ran to the window. But no one was there.

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