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When Hell Broke Loose

Book By: Eric Sanchez

A bunch of high school kids are partying at a beautiful lake house on the beach. But a dark room deep under the house is discovered and an old chest is opened. An "Evil Dead" scenario occurs, and people are possessed. The youths find that there is something much, much bigger going on than they thought.

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Eric L. Sanchez's
Alright so this is my first story on here. script I created, until that movie is made, (I want to be a director when I'm older) this will be available. This was inspired by the Evil Dead films (1981-2013) and Night of the Demons (1988-2010), more so Evil Dead, though. Warning: This story contains some sexual content, lots of profanity, drug references, alcohal use, gore, terror, and I'm pretty sure there's a rape scene somwhere in there. Hopefully that covers everything.
Chapter I: Let's Begin.
We begin on a Friday afternoon in a classroom of a high school, and the final bell before the it ends. A student, Benjamin King, is staring at the clock on his laptop, anticipating the sacred bell. Then his focus is suddenly interrupted by a classmate, Haley.
"You seem to be deep in thought Ben, Are you okay?' She said, chuckling.
Ben responded "No I was just looking at the... I'm fine, sorry, this happens everyday, that bell is like God to me. I'm just waiting."
"For the bell?" Haley asked.
"Yeah." Ben said.
"Oh, I'm pretty sure everyone's waiting, even Mrs. Freid. Oh and are you going to Jennifer's party?"
Ben was thinking about the party all day, that's what he was looking forward to. Everyone was going, well almost everyone. He just liked being around his friends, and a drink once in a while.
Ben responded, "Yeah I'm going, and my sister too, but that might make it weird."
"How? Oh I see, it might be awkward to see Ashley drunk and horny huh?" Haley asked sarcastically.
Ben responded, laughing a little, "Well basically yeah, but I don't think she'll drink that much. It just might be weird for us to go to a party like that. Usually she stays while I go to parties, but she wanted to go this time since Rob's taking her."
Haley added, "They make a good couple."
Ben opposed, "I don't think so, Rob's a big fuckin' stoner, and she's a good person that probably never touched a cigarette. I mean, she's been drunk before but that's it."
Haley responded, "Haha, well Rob's still pretty smart, he makes A's in all of his classes, at least that's what he tells me."
"Yeah you're right, its weird though, I'm pretty sure out of all the times I've seen him get high, his brain should be fried by now."
Haley laughed, "I guess he's just immune to it."
The bell rang and the whole class tumbled out of the room, into the halls, and out of the school.
Ben went looking for Ashley, he found her by her locker.
"Oh hey Ben!" She looked at him with her pale blue eyes. They seemed to look right into a person's soul, they were beautiful.
"Hey, um I just wanted to know if you needed a ride home, I was going to head straight to Jennifer's but if you need one I..." Ben was interrupted.
"Rob's already taking me, it's okay." She said.
"Alright, well, bye." Ben walked away into the school parking lot. He opened the door to his car and started driving to the highway, to the lake house that was waiting.


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