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Last One Alive

Book By: frenguins

Things in this town just aren't the same as they used to be, but some people lives are about to take a turn for the better... at least that's what they think.

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AN: Looking for better description

Last One Alive

by Ben Stuart

I clicked on the TV, searching channel through channel only seeing commercials, until I found something interesting. Ya, it was a commercial, but this was a lot better. I didn't get to see the whole thing but what I heard was "New game show...big prizes...Jan. 24, 6:00...8620 O street." I looked around at the crappy apartment that I called my home. This is just what I needed. I didn't know much yet so I decided to go to the address for more info.
When I got there I noticed that it was actually a nice auditorium, and lots of people were inside. I went inside, and went to wait in line to what I thought was the front desk. When it was my turn I just said,
"I saw the ad for a new game show here." The man gave me a big smile and just whispered, "Sign up is right this way sir."He led me into a dark room. There was a sheet on the wall with a pen hanging down by it. I grabbed the pen, and wrote my name nice and bold.

Carter Freed is what I wrote on the sheet. From what I saw I was only the third person to have signed up. But I imagined like one of those phony game shows like wheel of fortune when you never get in. The man led me out of the building and he said if I would be in the show I will get a letter in the mail. I drove home in my old Chevy, and when I got home, all of my excitement came to me. I needed to be in this show.
They probably did some drawing for this, I knew more people were going to sign up and I really knew nothing about this, I had lots of doubts. My life is not what I would call good... but if I win this game show it will take a turn for the better. I went into my living room and it struck me that it was already 9:00. I think it's time for me to hit the hay. That was a normal night for me, no nightmares at all. Well normal until I woke up. When I woke up I looked around the room. Little bits of light seeped through the window, and from what I could see, there was a letter on the ground. It was a small letter just laying on the floor.
I knew I didn't have that yesterday. I picked the letter off the floor and started carefully reading, "You have been accepted into the game show, meet at the Jefferson building at 6:00 tonight." Excitement and fear struck me with one evil glare. I was so happy I made it into the show. But how did the letter get into my house? And the Jefferson building, that couldn't be right. That building had been abandoned for almost ten years now. Well... maybe they recovered it or something, it couldn't be as bad as it seemed. Lots of doubt hit my head but I knew I had to go to this. The rest of the day went by like a flash, and 5:30 was here before I knew it. I went down the long apartment elevator ride, and got into my car when I got to the parking lot. I drove away in the old car, as old gears clicked and made weird sounds. I steadily drove to the Jefferson building and when I got there, it was nothing for what I expected. I thought it would be totally recovered and all, but it was just the same. Old and dirty, like usual.

I stepped out of my car, and walked into the dreary old building. I had never been in here, but this was even worse then I expected. Spider webs creeped down from the walls, dry wood boards creaked under my feet, and the door practically fell off when I opened it. I looked around the dry, bleak room and I heard a voice. I looked into another one of the rooms and walked in. There were 4 other people there, just as curious as me. "So are you here for the so called "game show"," A girl asked me. "Ya, I am, isn't there someone in charge here or something, is this even real!" I said to her. "I'm out of here," I said. Well it turns out my amazing chance was just as stupid as all the others.

I walked up to the old crickety doors, I pushed it open, or at least tried. The door was locked. This couldn't be happening, this had to be some odd coincidence or something, they wouldn't really do this to us. I walked back into the room, panting my lungs out. "The door is locked!" I screamed to them. They all just looked like this was a usual day, but I knew it wasn't. Suddenly, a voice boomed from the intercom that I didn't even know was above me. "Welcome to the show, you are being broadcasted on like television at this very moment." The voice was creeping me out. "This is not your usual TV show, but there is a very interesting prize... Your life." I didn't believe this, what kind of people would play a practical joke like this.

I wasn't worried at all, I knew lots of people who would play a joke like this. I mean if this was a real hostage situation then they wouldn't of even said anything. I knew I couldn't get out of here through the doors so I walked into a nearby room to see if maybe any windows were open or something. I looked into the room and to my amazement, there was a window and it was wide open. I walked through the room and up to the window. I reached my arm through, it but I couldn't fit, I would have to break the top a little. I turned around, and I didn't see the usual boring old Jefferson building. My back turned to the window, and my eyes were glued on the knife that was hanging over my neck. I looked at the disguised man holding the knife, I looked at the floor below me "x" marks the spot, and I let out one last blasting scream.

Tom Higgins

I looked around at the three others in the room with me. I was still wondering where that other Carter guy went, but I wasn't worried, he probably already got out. I looked at the obvious couple who were sitting and kissing in the corner. This wasn't real, I was worried though, I wanted to get back home I mean I'm only 17 years old, I thought their would be a money reward so I could pay for college, but nope not here it turns out this is just a big old prank.

The other three looked so much calmer than me I don't know how they're not even worried a little. I was getting tired of just sitting here. I got up out of my chair and just shouted, "If any of you guys want to get out of here than we might as well come with me and look for something!" I was getting really frustrated here, this was ruining this whole thing I needed to get out of here. Nobody wanted to come with me which was a real surprise to me, I thought the others would at least want to get out.

I walked out of the room giving the others a menacing glare. I didn't want to be a part of this. I looked around the empty hallway of the old building. Nothing was very strange at the moment. I checked out some of the nearby rooms, and got no way to get out of here. That's when I heard it, the scream echoed through the halls like dynamite in a jungle gym. I followed the sound of the bellowing scream, what was happening here? My teeth clattered together like hail on a windy day, this wasn't good... this wasn't good at all. I followed the scream into a nearby room and nothing was odd about it, nothing at all.

I searched the room for any sign of the guy who had left earlier, but saw nothing. What happened here? I soon saw the one thing that got me going, there was something on the floor, there was a knife on the floor. I held back the horrible scream that wanted to escape from my mouth. I looked around the room, and no one else was here, but I knew that wasn't the truth. Their watching us...so many things were in my head but I knew this wasn't a joke... this was real.

I had to tell the others, he have to work together to get out of here. I left the dark room, fear controlling my mind. Not knowing what dangers lie ahead, or what things lurk in the shadows. I looked around the hallway, somehow feeling a little dizzy. My head started spinning inside of me. I was hallucinating, what was going on here. I suddenly felt tired, I needed to sleep. I looked around as my eyes began to close, I looked around in a full 180 spin, and the last thing I saw, was a needle in my neck... a shot in my neck. I fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up in a light room, this room was familiar... very familiar when I really thought about it. I looked around and saw that this was nothing more than the dentist's office. Have u ever had one of those dreams that when you wake up your just SO happy it wasn't real? Well I haven't, sadly. I saw as a dark man walked up to me and put on some weird gear, and I knew this wasn't a dentist. "Open wide," He mouthed the words to me as lots of machinery started plunging into my head, oh this wasn't happening! "This will only hurt a little," The man actually talked this time, right as a drill plunged into my tooth and heading for my head. I couldn't scream, I couldn't move, I was trapped... I was dead

Jessica Night

There were only three of us here, and now we weren't jsut being a lazy old threesome, we were searching. It was me and a probably married couple. We needed to search, the others have probably already found there way out, but this couple wouldn't stop sweet talking each other, this wasn't what I would call a good escape crew. But the real question here was hasn't anyone found out about this yet? I mean we are on LIVE TV they would know what was happening, and the cops would at least try to come to the rescue. I've already checked my phone, and there is no service what-so-ever.

If I couldn't get out of here I at least needed to figure out what was going on. "What are you doing!" I screamed out to the couple. "We could be in danger right now, we could be in a real hostage situation!" They looked at me and the man said only one thing, "Don't worry so much, the cops will figure out what's going on and come get us in no time at all." He was clueless wasn't he. "If the cops knew about this then they would be here by now." I knew that what I said was completely true. No one was coming anytime soon. I stomped out of the room, mad at everything, I thought this gameshow was a chance for me to get some money for college, but that wasn't the case. I wasn't gonna win anything from this phony situation.


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