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The Devil's Belt Vengeance Is Mine

Book By: Garry52

Come along on the adventure as the professor heads for New Orleans in search of his missing nephew. Upon arriving he is directed to a Voodoo priestess who tells the professor of a Cajun guide who can help in his search. But it's deep in the Louisiana Bayou and the swamp holds many dangers. It isn't long before the professor realizes that he has been lead right into a trap set by Lucifer and his devil beast. Will the professor make it out alive? Pick up your copy today and find out.

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Chapter 1

It's a hot sultry night as Professor Devine leaves the university and heads for the campus parking lot. He unlocks his CJ7 and climbs into the driver's seat tossing his brief case into the passenger seat. Starting his Jeep he pulls out of the parking lot onto the main road.

As he heads down the dark familiar winding road towards home he thinks about what he'd like for supper and pulls into the local fast food restaurant and orders a double cheese burger, order of fries and a soda.He pulls back onto the road and continues his drive for home eating his sandwich and fries as he drives. He finishes his soda as he pulls into his drive way and parking his Jeep in the garage shuts off the engine and heads up the steps to the door.

Unlocking the door he heads for the kitchen and walks over to the refrigerator and pulls out a cold beer. Popping the tab he heads for his den and sits down. As the phone rings he picks it up and hears a voice on the other end say, "Uncle Richard?"

"Yes this is he." Richard answers.

"It's me, Jamie."

"Hey Jamie, how have you been?" Richard asks.

"I guess ok. What I called about Uncle Richard is, I'm

worried about my roommate Donald."

"What's wrong?" Richard asks.

"Well it's just really been a concern as he has been acting so strange lately."

"How do you mean?" Richard asks.

Jamie says, "Well he's been keeping weird hours and he sleeps in late, usually out till the early morning hours. When he comes in he looks as though he has just finished running a marathon race, all sweaty and he has scratches all over his arms and legs like he's been running through a briar patch or something. It just isn't like him, and he hardly ever takes a shower anymore and he comes in some mornings smelling like a dead animal or something. When I try to question him about his behavior he becomes very defensive and tells me to mind my own damn business! Uncle Richard, I'm really worried about him."

"Well Jamie, he is old enough to come and go as he pleases. If he keeps late hours and misses classes that's really not your problem it's his." Richard says. "Maybe he's going through

some personal issues right now, maybe you should just back off and give him a little space. Hell we all have bad days; I have them from time to time that's for sure." Richard asks, "He hasn't got involved with drugs has he?"

"Donald?" Jamie says. "No way! He's your typical college

geek; he'd never mess with drugs. I mean he has changed, he's not the meek and mild Donald he used to be that's for sure." Jamie says.

"So what does this have to do with me?" Richard asks.

"Well Uncle Richard," Jamie says, "I knew you had done some counseling in the past, I thought maybe you could come down over the weekend and maybe talk to Donald. See if you can

find out what's troubling him and why he has been acting so strange lately."

Richard says, "Oh Jamie, I don't think that would be a good idea. I don't even know this kid, and it's really none of our

business. Hell Jamie, maybe he's just having some relationship

problems or something, I'm sure you're over reacting."

Jamie says, "Well maybe your right Uncle Richard, maybe I am just a little paranoid. Guess you think I'm pretty silly don't you?"

"No Jamie, I don't think you're silly. Maybe just a little overly protective is all." Richard says. "You take care of yourself Jamie and if things don't improve for your buddy call me back in a few days maybe then I'll think about making a short visit."

"Ok Uncle Richard, thank you." Jamie says, "Talk to you later." And hangs up the phone.

Richard leans back in his chair taking a long slow sip of beer and smiles thinking, that kid is something else. Richard looks at his watch and seeing the time gets up and heads for the bedroom. Getting undressed Richard climbs into bed and is soon fast asleep.

Chapter 2

Morning comes and Richard gets out of bed. Scratching his rear he heads for the bathroom. Looking in the mirror he sticks out his tongue, rubs his whiskers, and picks up his tooth brush and brushes his teeth. He then walks over to the tub and shower and starts running his shower water. Checking the temperature he climbs in, the water feels warm and inviting as he washes his hair and body.

He steps out of the shower drying off when he hears the phone ringing and heads for his bedroom and answers the phone.

"Richard, it's me Jessie, I'm sorry to bother you so early in the morning but I was wondering if you'd heard from Jamie lately?"

Richard says, "Why yes, in fact we talked on the phone just

last night, why?"

"Well, the college called and said he missed a big test today

and they wondered if he had some kind of an emergency at home or something." Jessie said. "I told them no, last I knew he was at the college."

Richard says, "I see. Well he was concerned about his roommate last night when he called, said he'd been acting odd lately. I wonder if that has something to do with him missing class?"

Jessie says, "I just don't know, it's not like Jamie to miss a

test. He's very much into college and he loves his classes and classmates as well as his teachers. I'm just a little concerned is all. No actually I'm very concerned, promise me if he calls you today you'll let me know."

"Sure," Richard says, "you bet. Now just try to calm down and relax, you'll probably be getting a call anytime from the college letting you know he's ok."

"Thanks Richard." Jessie says.

"Don't mention it." Richard responds, "I'll talk to you later. If you hear from Jamie let me know as well."

"I will Richard." Jessie says, "Goodbye." And hangs up.

Richard gets dressed and goes over in his mind the conversation he and Jamie had last night. I just don't recall Jamie saying anything about missing class Richard thinks to himself. Damn, I hope nothing bad has happened to him, sounded like his roommate was getting pretty pissed off at Jamie. Richard picks up the phone and calls Jamie but gets only his voicemail and hangs up. With that Richard puts Jamie out of his thoughts for the time being and heads to his Jeep. Starting the engine he backs out of the garage and onto the road and heads into town. As he drives down the road Bad Moon Rising comes on the radio, sung by a well known group. He suddenly pulls off to the shoulder and stops his Jeep. A cold chill suddenly comes over him as he reflects back to a time, not long ago, that he got involved with a cursed object called the Devil's Wolf Strap. Then he remembers Jamie's words regarding his roommates behavior, and how he came in with scratches all over his arms and legs looking as though he'd run a marathon race.

Richard thinks to himself, my God you don't think Jamie's

roommate is a Werewolf? No, Richard thinks, now who's paranoid? But I think I should touch base with Jessie when I get to the college, call her see if she has found anything out yet regarding Jamie. Richard pulls his Jeep back onto the road and heads for the university.

It isn't long before Richard pulls into the university parking lot, shuts off his Jeep and heads for his office.


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