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The Dreadful Curse

Book By: Hikaru Hasama

It is a story of two siblings. They both fight and they enter in another dimension. A evil lord, known as Lord Armadon, wants to take over the world and demolish all humans. He puts a curse on the sister, causing her to transform into a monster every night. The brother and sister travel to the lord's lair to defeat him. But sadly, the sister dies and the brother learned a lesson. He heals his sister and defeats the lord. Later on, the brother learned to love and not fight his sister. It is a fun adventure but both sad and loving.

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Once upon a time, my brother and me were playing outside. We fight sometimes and but I don't think we are ever going to get along. I had the ball but my brother wanted it back. "Hey! Gimme the ball back!" he argued. But as I sticked my tongue out, I answered to him, "Whatever. You can't get it." He was fumed with anger and started to kick and punch me. But I dodged him. But as we fought, we both fell to the ground and a portal opened, making us fall into it. "AAAHHHH!" we screamed with trembling fear. We closed our eyes shut. As we hit the ground, the portal above us closed.

My dad looked outside and looked around as if he was searching for something. "Hmm... huh… I thought I heard a scream." When I was already on the ground holding my brother hard, I felt a cold breeze on my skin. My spine chilled with fear and coldness. I slowly opened my eyes. I let my arms around my brother out. I shook my brother, trying to wake him up. But he still did not budge. "Jesus! Wake up!" He woke up. We both stood up, looking at the scary pitch, black, dark sky above us. The dirt was dark and barren.

I gulped and a couple miles away, I saw a small speck of light. I wondered what that was. But it got closer and closer. When I could see it, I realized that it was an angel. I was a bit nervous. The angel started to speak. "Hello, I am one of God's angels." I gasped. "I came here to warn you. You will face an evil lord and he will do something bad to you two. But I will help you. May God be with you." The angel started to fade away and the faith went into us. As I looked at Jesus, I still didn't know what was going on.

We started walking and walking. As we traveled, we entered a scary forest filled with monsters. We tried to fight and we did. As we struggled to exit the forest, an evil person appeared. He blocked us, not letting us pass through. We gulped of nervousness. "Hahahaha, you are not going to leave this place, EVER!" the evil person said. "What do you want?" I asked him. As he stared at me with his glowing red-hot eyes, he answered in a deep scary voice, "I want to rule this world! I want to demolish all humans and make them monsters and slaves!" He looked at me and made a chuckle. "Hmm, I think you might a good slave." My eyes widened with fright.

In a flash, he made a magical ball and as I tried to run away, some monsters held me tight. My brother tried to hit the lord. But the lord chuckled as he pushed my brother, "What a weakling." The lord, known as Lord Armadon, got closer to me. He faced me and I was frightened by his face-concealing metal mask. "You... are… doomed." I screamed as he shot a magical ball into me. "NOOO!" my brother screamed. But nothing happened. I opened my eyes and I noticed I was fine.

"I put you into a curse. It will occur every time you see the full moon. You will turn into a monster and everyone will not like you," the lord laughed evilly as he faded away. I said in a soft whisper, "no…no." I kneeled down crying. Mt brother came to me and hugged me. "I am nervous, Jesus," I said in a breaking voice. As Jesus hugged me warmly he said softly, "Don't worry. You will be okay, as long I am here for you." That made me less worried. I guess having a brother is really a gift for me.

We searched for a place to sleep. As we found an abandoned old house, we went inside. My brother prepared our beds as I found some matches and candles and lit them. I laid on my bed with fear. I wondered if the curse is going to be frightening. I gulped. In the middle of the night, my brother slowly opened his tired eyes. He noticed that I was gone. He whispered, "Oh, no." He stood up and he started to search around the house.

As he heard some munching sounds, he headed straight to the old kitchen. There, he spotted a monster munching on an animal. Jesus stood straight with fear. The monster turned around and stared into Jesus' eyes with glowing yellow eyes. It seemed not to do anything but eat the animal. Jesus went closer to the monster and went next to it. The monster, growled. "Nana…?" he questioned nervously. The monster's eyes widened. Jesus noticed that it was a werewolf. The werewolf turned to Jesus and sniffed him.

The werewolf grunted. As Jesus tried to pat his sister on the snout, it moved away. Jesus went closer and grabbed his sister's jaws and held them. "Nana, listen to me. I am going to cure your curse." The werewolf whined with sadness. Jesus brought a cup of cold fresh water to me. I shook my head. "It's water. Why would you drink it?" he asked. I went outside and to a river. I started to lick the fresh water. My brother realized the reason why the werewolf didn't want the water he gave it. As he knew the reason, he instantly got worried and stared at the harmless werewolf's golden beautiful eyes that reflected the pure light of the moon.

"Oh, no. If my sister gets used to this curse and to the werewolf transformation, the curse may be permanent and they will be never a cure for it!" he spoke to himself, worried. The werewolf finished drinking from the river's water and headed for the woods. Jesus scrambled to get his sister. "No! Come back to the house! You can't just be wandering off to some place!" he said as he was trying to grab the werewolf's body. The werewolf turned around and growled. With one mighty push with the furry paw, Jesus fell to the barren ground.

His sister stood up with two legs and howled. Jesus got even more worried. As he sobbed, monsters started to surround Jesus and his sister. Jesus gasped as one hideous monster grabbed his arms. As Jesus' sister noticed that her brother was in danger, the werewolf's eyes widened and grabbed the monster and threw it across the field. Jesus stood up and fought against the monsters. As the monsters were defeated, the werewolf panted as it scrambled to walk to the abandoned house. Jesus followed her.

The werewolf lay by Jesus' bed and closed her tired eyes slowly. Jesus smiled and patted his sister on the back. He slept on his bed. Morning is here and Jesus woke up and seeing that his werewolf sister wasn't there. He was nervous for a moment but as his sister came in the room all dressed up, he was relieved. "Good morning, little bro," I said, smiling weakly. "Are you okay?" he asked me. "Yeah, I am. I just feel dizzy from last night," I answered him. Just as I saw a red scratch on my brother's left side cheek, I ran to him. "What happened?" I asked, frantically. As he sighed, he said, "Nana, you were a werewolf and you scratched me last night." I felt bad for him and I hugged him. "I'm so sorry."

"It's okay. It's just a small scratch," Jesus said as he hugged me. "We better get ready to fight Lord Armadon," he added. "Oh, that creep?" I asked. "Yup," Jesus said, as he packed. "We are heading out for the creep's place in the nighttime," Jesus said. "But, the curse would occur at night," I said to my brother. Jesus looked at me for a long time and thought. "That's a good thing because maybe you can fight off the monsters and the lord."

I raised my eyebrows and smiled. "Okay, maybe that's a good one." As we packed, nighttime came. Jesus grabbed a bag and I entered it. As he closed it and walked out of the house, I asked him something. "Why am I in a bag?" I asked, patiently. "You are in a bag because I don't want the curse to occur on you since it works only if you look at the full moon."

I understood and we traveled to Lord's Armadon's lair. Jesus went under a cave and I went out of the bag. Behind me, I spotted a metal door. My bro and I suggested that the door was the entrance to the lair. As we opened it and entered it, a hot blaze of very hot temperature rushed through our face. "Oh my god!" I yelled, as the hot temperature hit my skin. Monsters came to grab us. We grunted as we struggled to free ourselves.

The monster led us to a rocky cliff and below us was streaming hot lava. We both gulped. But I wondered where the lord of darkness was. I looked up and noticed that he was on a cliff on the other side of the lava river. The monsters tied us up and made us kneel down, facing the lord. "MUAAHHAAHA," the lord laughed evilly. "You are so doomed," the lord added with a deep voice. I tried to look for an opening in the roof.

As I found one, I saw the full moon. My eyes were hypnotized by it. The lord realized that the curse was occurring. He smiled evilly. My brother looked at me and closed his eyes. I scrambled to go to another place. As I found one, a bright light burst out. I broke off the chains and freed Jesus. As Jesus stood up, he said to the lord, "All part of my plan!" The lord ordered for monsters to attack them.

We defeated all of the monsters and lord growled, trying to think of another plan. I growled. The lord held out a gun, wanting to shoot my brother. As he shot the gun, I moved Jesus to the side, and got shot. "NO!" Jesus screamed. As I fell off the cliff with one hand hanging off the cliff, Jesus tried to hold my hand to keep me from falling. I groaned and tears fell down. "No, don't die, please," Jesus said, sadly with tears flowing down on his cheeks.

"Ha, ha, silver bullet," the lord chuckled. I got up and laid down. As I laid my head down sideways, my brother caressed my furry head. He sobbed. My eyes was about to close. "Nana, please. I have something to tell you I that I should have told you before." He gripped my paw hard. I whined, looking at him. "I… love you. I really love you, please, don't die." Memories of being with my brother started to flow through my mind. My eyes started to closed. "No… no," Jesus said, sadly with a broken voice. He sobbed so hard. "No," Jesus whined.

His sister no longer moved. Jesus let go of his sister's paw. He closed his eyes and beautiful sad tears fell on me. "No, no, no…" he cried. The lord laughed. Jesus placed his face on the werewolf's chest hard and sobbed and sobbed.

But then, Jesus and his sister started to glow pure white. Jesus gasped. The lord shielded his eyes and screamed in pain. "AAH! So much… light!!" He disappeared. He was defeated. The lair was filled with light and his sister changed forms. As the light died down, his sister was lying there, as human form. The curse was broken. I slowly opened my eyes and smiled. Jesus laughed and smiled. He brought clothes for me to change. We hugged and we went back to the portal.

We were back to the backyard. I grabbed the ball and we played happily. Every time Jesus wanted the ball back, I gave it to him. We no longer fought. My dad was wondered. He came to me and asked me why we were not fighting anymore. But I didn't answer. I just looked at Jesus and smiled. During nighttime, I laid on my bed. I thought of my adventures. Then, something popped in my mind.

I was thinking, what if I wrote a book about my adventure? I smiled and I planned to write it the very next morning. I looked at the night sky, with stars shining so brightly, and at the moon, my eyes started to close, drowsily. That was the beginning of another great adventure.

The end.


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