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The Witness Chapter 3

Book By: Iceyfrost

Chapter 2

Submitted:Apr 19, 2008    Reads: 134    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

Chapter 3: He's coming…

BOOOM! BANG WOOHOOOSH!! The gun's bullet rang out. My Granddad was just behind me. The killer left.
"Sam!" Granddad yelled. I was to sore to move I laid at one spot.
"Are you okay?" he asked.
"I'm DYING!!!!!" I yelled. He paused, and stared at me.
"You look fine to me.." he said.
"No! I got stabbed look here!" I said. But this time I felt better. We looked at my chest. Sealed and ready to go. Nothing was there, not even a drop of blood. It was fine.
"Sam, you just fell to the ground I thought something happened, I thought I saw someone so I blew the gun shots." he said.
"No! I could feel it, I wasn't dreaming! I could feel his hand… he's going to get me!" I yelled.
"Sam, let's go home, it was a dream just… forget about it." Granddad said and left. I stared at chest. Nothing. The wind blew and a note caught my eye….

You saw me…you must die….I'm coming for you……soon…………


I couldn't believe it. I ran to my house where Granddad and Grandma were.
"Granddad!" I said
"What is It Sam?" he asked.
"Look at this note!!!!" I yelled "You'll believe me, about the killer!!! From the Lake!!!"
"Sam, stop this right now!" he yelled.
"No!!! Look at this right now!!!" I said. Granddad waited. I dug into my pocket. Nothing.
Oh God please no, please let the note be in my pocket. Nothing. I rustled through my pocket. Nothing. Woshhh, I felt it! I took it out. With my eyes closing I gave it to Granddad.
"Here's the note!" I said proud to tell him I wasn't lying.
"Very funny Sam" he said. My eyes opened. oh no. It was a candy wrapper.
"But.. But! Its in lake I gotta go back!" I said.
"No!!! You're not going back there SAM! That's it! You're not aloud to go to THAT LAKE EVER AGAIN, Jesus Christ Sam!" he said and thudded upstairs.


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