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- Lost memories - part one

Book By: Imagine Words

Lauren and her brother mark are experiencing ghostly activities and don't know what to do. When it comes to exercise these ghosts some old memories will have to be remembered even if they are painful and were meant to be forgotten. Please rate and comment to let me know what you think.

Submitted:May 10, 2011    Reads: 63    Comments: 5    Likes: 6   

Chapter one

Laurens (POV)

*BANG, BANG, BANG* it was that noise again, running into the small sitting room I cowered in the corner of the couch. Trying to keep my breathing easy I pressed my face against the fabric.

"Lauren" he whispered as I felt a lock of my hair curve back around my ear. I started to hyperventalate.

"Leave me alone!" I shouted as I jumped off the couch and into the kitchen, throwing chairs out of my way I hid under the dark, oak table, frightened as tears started to roll down my face. "Your not real, your not real" I told myself as I covered my ears and tightly shut my eyes. Rocking back and forth I felt a hand touch mine, as it pulled it away from my head without any force I heard another whisper "Lauren."

"NO!!!" I shouted as I opened my eyes to find my older brother facing me.

"Was it him again?" he asked, I fell into his arms as I let the tears fall from my cheeks.

"Yes, he's back" I muttered through tears.

"Don't worry" he told me in a calm voice as he pulled me out from my hiding place.

Marks (POV)

Finding Lauren under the table in tears I rushed over to her, she was shouting. Knowing that it was that same force from before I ran to her "was it him again?" I asked her, she fell into my arms as she let more tears slip from her eyes.

"Yes, he's back" she muttered through tears, I really didn't know what to do. I was no good in situations like this.

"Don't worry" I told her softly trying to comfort her, I pulled her out from under the oak table and held her in my arms. She was only seven, her eyes were an aqua blue with hints of hazel. Her hair was a remarkable brown with natural blonde highlights. Ever since she was five there has been someone or something following us, I don't tell her that it's also happening to me because I don't want to worry her. Lately the activities have been getting worser and I had no choice but to get some help. As days went by no one could help us, everything was falling apart the only option was to move again, it took the force at least a month to find us last time. Maybe we could move to different hotels to avoid it, no we couldn't do that it would terrorise others that didn't deserve its aweful presence. Somehow we had to face this ghostly figure, but how?

It had been a week since Mr No one, as I called him had paid us a visit. I had a feeling he would be turning up some time soon so I didn't leave Laurens side. The worst part about his visits were the that fact I couldn't do anything but watch as he tortured her, sure he did it to me too but the truth was he only hurt me the most when he was near her. I couldn't handle seeing her in pain, she had never done a thing wrong, why did she deserve such a punishment? Whilst Lauren slept on the couch I turned the computer on in search of a priest of some sort to get rid of our problem. Finally finding a priest named Mercury Parrish, he was apparently good at getting rid of ghosts and the supernatural, I hoped that he was as good as his page reccomended. Copying his number down on a spare piece of paper I suddenly heard a tap at the door. I got up to answer it to make sure I didn't disturb Lauren when I shouted at who was at the door. I opened the door to find a small man with grey hair, spectacles and a black robe on.

"Can I help you?" I asked the strange little man.

"I'm here for Lauren Fletcher, there seems to be a problem."

"Like what?" I asked confused.

"Please just let me see the child" he begged.

"Who are you and what do you think your doing here?"

His grey eyes suddenly turned a scorching red that burnt through his skull, "let me see the child!" he commanded as he pinned me against the door with one hand that had stretched out and hung me there with no effort at all.

"I have come for the child Mark give her to me" he hissed as he through me to the floor.

"I will be back and I shall take her" he promised as he walked away. Slamming the door closed and waking up an sleepy seven year old I ran towards her.

"Come on we have to go" I told her as I cuddled her, she looked worried. Her little eyes stared into mine with nothing but confusion.

"What's going on?" she asked in a drowzy voice.

"I'll tell you later but for know go pack some clothes, we have to get out of here... now" I told her as she trotted of the couch.

Laurens (POV)

Mark was acting really wierd he was running around shoving clothes and other things into bags that he then flung into the car, I got dressed and found all my stuff was already packed. My suitcase was on my bed with a note on top which read:

Lauren, I am looking forward to meeting you

in person soon. We have already met but it

must all be a lost memory by now. Hoping

to see you soon. D.D

Shoving the small note into my pocket I started to wonder who D.D was, whos initials did they belong to?

I plunged the suitcase into the car as I sat in the passenger seat awaiting Mark to start the engine. "That was quick" he said with a worried expression.

"Really?" I asked trying to pretend I didn't know what he was talking about, I really didn't want to upset him, he had enough on his plate without worrying about me. The only thing that clouded my mind though was the note and the fact that Mark wanted to move all of a sudden.

"It doesn't matter" he said with eyes that scanned my face for something I didn't show, he then gave me a kiss on my forehead as he started the car. Watching as shadows stretched out towards the car I shut my eyes still hearing those voices as they followed behind us. The further away from the house we went the more they disapeared, feeling better I let out a sigh of relief but Mark was still uneasy.

Chapter two

A sudden urge then came to me as I felt de ja vu take over, I felt as though we had been down this road before. But we had never been here before or had we, what was this place that I remembered?

"Mark?" I asked in a quiet voice, he no longer looked uneasy this time it was my turn.

"Whats wrong?" he asked giving me a quick glance from the corner of his eye.

"Where are we going?" I could see that he was hiding something from me.

"We're just visiting an old place, doesn't anything look familiar?" he asked me squinting his eyes.

"No" I told him as I shook my head, his expression was cold like ice. It was stabbing away at him, he brushed his hand through his hair.

"I really don't blame you for forgetting about this horrible place" he whispered.

Marks (POV)

Lauren started to stare out the windows as though she was afraid of something and it only took me one guess that it was him. Lost in my chaotic thoughts I was lost in confusion. Braking my focus I heard a quiet voice call my name "Mark?"

Jumping to conclusions I spat out the words as I glanced over at her, she was sat close to the edge of her seat "whats wrong?"

"Where are we going?" she asked sofltly, I had over reacted feeling foolish I started to consentrate on the road.

"We're just visiting an old place, dosn't anything look familiar?" I asked her looking at things that brought back memories to me, I visioned lauren running around a tree that she loved playing near and the field of grass.

"No" she told me shaking her head, feeling guilty I felt as though a thousand daggers had just struck my heart and attacked my face, I nervously brushed my hand through my hair.

"I really don't blame you" I whispered, realising she heard me I left the silence to take over our akward conversation.




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