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Get Away in the Darkness Chapter 1

Book By: June85

A girl who always gets bullied and always gets pains when ever she gets close to school and hears a voice in her head finds out that there is someone who wants to help her that is in her but causes her trouble.

Submitted:Mar 17, 2013    Reads: 7    Comments: 2    Likes: 0   

Chapter 1
It was a Monday, just as always going down the gloomy path with the fall leaves. For an odd reason I always get horrible pains when ever I get near school and I get a voice in my head that sounds like mine, that is saying "just go away, die die die, get away." I have gotten used to it, but it has started to get louder, more pain has shot up my back as if some one were stabbing me more and more it wouldn't stop i was panicking trying to reach for my phone, i had fell i couldn't move no one was there. I tried to yell for help but no sound came out. Darkness was all around me, in a far distance i saw a girl with long dark hair covering her face, she was wearing a long red dress. She slowly came up to me she was short and said "put out you hand" i did as she said because i was in fear she smiled and said " don`t be afraid i want to help you so ,no one will hurt you." she put her hand on mine and with her other hand reached behind her and pulled out a long knife and put it in my hands. She said "together we will win".The darkness faded away and i quickly got up and looked around still no one was there, the knife she had given me was gone and my pains were also, and the voice. But i knew i was almost late to school so i ran quickly in time before the doors shut i open my locker to get my books for first period. Lucky enough i was a bit early so i sat in my seat and looked out the window,Lucy Antler came up to me and slammed her hands on my desk and said "mush brains get out of my seat" i looked up and gave her a look like she was crazy because i knew it was my seat of course. she laughed at me and slapped me in the face "your so funny, you don`t do any thing when someone plays around with you. what it you died do you think someone would care because you are worthless, and noting i bet i could make you disappear and NO ONE will notice" Lucy says. I guess she likes to try to scare me thinking i would give a fuck but i just sit there and laugh .she says " what is there to be funny about i am treating you you should be afraid of me you know i can make you miserable in front of the whole school, i bet you would do something then!".I look at her with a confused look and then smile."eh, talk for crying out loud don`t you have anything to say" she says. I push out my chair and stand up then look down on her i put my face close to her face and say" do you really think i give a fuck what you have to say about me and what you can do.Oh ya do you know that the worthless one is you thinking you can push on the week and how dare you think you come in here thinking that this seat is yours when i always sit here are you an idiot its gust a goddamn seat all of the seats are open pick one for last time." I sit down and look out the window thinking what on earth that's not what i would say. Lucy is still standing there looking at me making a face with her lips curled up in anger thinking she can do more to me. I get that pain again the darkness spreads all over me and i get a feeling like i am in a deep whole i hear the voice saying "i will make everything better". I look up i can see though a whole that there is me and Lucy as if i am just a different person watching them. I see the other me in the seat eye`s turn a dark shade of red before i knew it there was black and white striped curled horns coming out of the other me`s head and a long thing black tail whips out. Lucy`s face strikes in fear soon enough i switch back but my the tail and horns are still there. The voice in my head says "just watch i will make you happy believe me!" in a happy way. I am still not in control of my body I could tell it was the voice or that girl or just something using me. I grad her arm and my long nails pierce her skin she yelps and i say "if you ever lay you hands on some one or hurt someone i will get your soul" as my hands reach into her chest and grab a blue like circle and holds it up to her face then i shove it back into her. Then i grab my books and say " i got the wrong books for this class" my nails shrink back and my eyes turn normal then the tail and horns go back. Lucy stands there in fear and her eyes wide open sweat running down her face soon starts to slowly walk away. so i just stand up with my books and go back to my locker.


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