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my zombie expiernce

Book By: king drake

im writing this as i go so be patience but its my idea of a zombie book.

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zombie the begening

we knew it was coming ahead of time for it was only a few states away and spreading rapidaly. me and my friends always joked about it but never expected it to be real or to ever happin to us. many panicked a few didnt believe it some just didnt worry but no one stopped at least not yet.

its two months after the zombie infestation began and it happened fast the world has basicaly stopped not ended just stopped.my names james drake im 18 and hiding with my friends who have so far survived. its some time in june 2019. the best way i can explain this infection is that it effects all living things and mutates DNA to do god knows what turning its victim into a damn savage beast with no emotions or consions.

so i would like to start the story by informing you im curently pined back against a wall waving a flaming torch at the monsters from hell infront of me. not reconisable as a human standing bout nine feet very large with muscle skin a hard greenish armor of nasty zombie infront of me. two but larger ones and i was defencless.

without warning i here an alarming BOOM i feel gooie blood splatter on me i see a blade wave infront of my face through the throught of my attacker. as the zombie falls behind it i see as i expected my closest friend 18 year old randy styles known as styles. he stood there out of breath covered in redish blackish blood with a pistole in one hand and a mushedy in the other its blade dark with old blood it has bathed in.

"bout fucking time" i spoke deep and low almost a growl." just screwing with ya styles thanks man." i walked along with styles towards my sword i lost during the action.i knew no matter what randy was on his way and near by for help its the only reason i attemped fight back without him i would have just gave up. "come the hell on drake were behind i told the others to go on'" "how are they?' i asked hastly trying not to sound worried but this was my family i wouldnt survive without them. were the lucky few to have fvfe together and still makein it though we have lost a few. "as far as i know there fine noone hurt headed north. though sarah is deathly worried bout you she got chocked and almost couldnt finish off a zombie on her own. luckily lucky was there with his baseball bat" we both laughed it was nice to relaxe after the attacks makes it easy to keep going.

it took hours of walkin in the dead of heat for me and styles to walk back to the fort. we knew noone was there for they went ahead to find a new fort but we had to check the place out. i walked into the trailer door styles right behind me i jumped on to mine and roses bed to tired to move i hurd styles from his couch 'we will have to move fast in the morning meet the thers and keep heading towards teneesee to see bout that safe place but for now i sleep' 'night man' i called as my eyes closed with rose on my mind thinking bout her laying by me.

the next morning as my eyes opened to see a dim light in the next room but nothing else i lit a cigerat laying in my bed considering how the day would continue to play out. i was sore from the running the previous day i pushed up off bed walked in the next room to find styles still passed out. i sat on a couch and comensed to cleaning my sword like my morning ritual preceeds. i wiped the long sharp blade a few times then stuck it back in the sheff. i strolled back to my room were i begin to put on my clean cloths and pack bags. i hated that this safe house no longer had running water cuz a morning shower was important to me during this time in other words i enjoy the small things. people forget how nice it is to stand in a hot shower or watch an old vhs or play basketball with your friends just the small things you should never let go of.right now you think it doesnt matter but wait till you come close to losing it all and you will miss it more than losing your leg.

i was up for bout two hours before styles ever stired but he finaly woke up pumped as usual for the day.we packed all the food and batheroom supplys,snacked a lil, and then comensed to walking along the road with nothing in sight.we looked for signes that the group leaves each other when they seperate.i didnt reconize any of are usual signs and i didnt seem to be familar with were we were curntly at. it all seem new and strange. first i was confused by how clean the streats were, i mean no dead bodys, no crashed cars, most of all i saw no zombies."styles how far are we from tenneessee"i asked curiously."bout 20 miles i reckon but for real i dont know were the fuck were at or wre the fuck the others are at.this place is way to clean some thin fucking wild is going on.shit dont make since drake it just dont."i knew styles rambling on with long replys was a sig he was worried but i also knew if he was it was for the others not are selves.

as we traveled further through the city i found it wierd how nice the houses were and the way there was no damage or sign of life. "hello,any one there anyone at all ill even except a zombie at this point just something!!!!"styles hollard loudly.i looked at him and pondered a quick way to calm him down "styles you need a smoke?" he looked at me for a moment"first lets check out a crib put are food and shit up load are guns and give this place a look around."

so were doing exactly that.we found a nice to story house with eletric and water plus a sturdy fence so i knew we were set.my sawn off pump shot gun was gripped tightl in my hand as i strolled next to styles whe held his usual machety and pistal. we checked empty house after empty house still found nothing."drake check this out quick!" i bolted over to styles after hereing the urgency in his voice.he was nelt down by a bush holding an item i couldnt see in his hands,i aprouched the mysterious item with my hands as it was handed over to me. i knew the moment it landed in my hand...

"roses shoe, fuckin a...."i wispered for i didnt want my best friend here my voice quiver in worry.i held the black sneaker in my hand with a grip of worry and rage."they were here, drake there near by and im sure there fine i see no sign of zombies or struggle."styles attepted to reasure me.i felt the pain cut through me, rose is my pregnet girlfriend future wife the moment all this hell is over i would die if anything happened to her or my child.i stopped and remananced back to the day that we found out she was pregnat before all this started,i remembered how extatic we were and usualy still are though we worry more now."lets find them and quick'i demanded."lets spli meet back in the safe house in thirty"i continued as i walk towards the next house we hadnt checked.styles disappeared out of my sight as i forcefully kicked the large door in."rose!"i screamed. i tour through the place till i was sure there was no life just an empty older house wich was ounc somebodys home...i hated that thought 'home' what was 'home' anymore.

i stormed into house after house in a panic my heart racing like nothing before.i went through about four houses and found nothing but emptyness.i came to a large older wooden house the closer i got the slower i aprouched i had no idea what to excpect i hated suspence with a pation.


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