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Z-day chapter 2: raising the dying fire

Book By: Kmoran

when we left off are gun ran out of ammunition and we got surrownded by the dead

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"im trying the gun is out of ammo" "oh shit" the dead were closing in. "brian we're screwed!" no we are not just think." "come inside there is ammo in there" we ran inside and grabbed the ammo. brian held them off with the knives while i loaded the wright magnum. "KYLE THERE'S TO MANY OF THEM!!!" "BRIAN MOVE!!!" i screamed he jumped out of the way as i shot each of the corpses 1 by 1. they each fell to the ground they were once again dead. but this time they didnt rise. "ashley has her walkie talking so i can tell her to come pick me up." "ashley are you there, over." ................... "ASHLEY ARE YOU THERE? over" ............................. "no answer we gotta go look for her make sure the magnum is loaded." so we went out lokking down the street the car went. it lead to a highway. we saw the car at the end of the highway. it had crashed into another car and it was empty. "ASHLEY?" ......................... nothing but silence. he kept walking past the car trying to find her. i followed. "Brian look! we passed a house and spray painted on the door was 2 words... "survivors inside" we very slowly creaked the door open. right when the door moved. we heard at least 10 gasps. "dude there is people in there!" i said. they must'veheard me because a lady i would guess 20 years old opened the door. "welcome! you are welcome after you answer me this... are you bit?" we both said no. "we dont intend on staying... we are just looking for our sister ashley." "ash-ley? ah yes she is here we are just treating her to some cookies and tea. this is our home. we dont know why but our home is untouched by zombies. im Katherine" "well Katherine thanks for the introduction but, is ashley... bit?" "oh no she's fine. but you would really rather go back out there when you could stay here. i meen, it's a safe haven here." "Katherine can you please give us a moment?" she said yes then shut the door. "Brian i dont know what to do... i meen we are looking for... you know. but it's a safe haven here, untouched" i said "yeah but once we find mom and dad we can bring them back here and we'll all be safe" he said "but what if..." "what if what?" " what is mom and dad are dead? if that's true then looking will be suicide, putting you,ashley, and i in danger. like, what if they are dead?" " Kyle dont think like that" at that point we didnt know what to do what to do... stay or go?


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