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Z-day chapter 4: just another zombie

Book By: Kmoran

this group has resently lost ashley, kyle and brian's sister. But as they travel down a road they end up coming to something that could change everything

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brian and me drove down the long road. "Kathrine how you makin out back there?" i said. then Jake said" sh im gonna snap her leg back." SNAP " i still cant walk" as brian drove the car, i looked out me window at 1 lone zombie walking in front of the sunset. That made me think, how could just another human living it's life, become a live threatening flesh eating killer? Not once in my life have i ever thought there is a safe haven. because, in life you have one chance, and i dont wanna get my hopes up then find out it's a zombie hell house.Brian says he hates dad, but he would never admit it but, the only reason we stay alive is to find him and mom a He drove down the road then took a right at a 7 eleven. " Kyle let me see my machete" brian said. i handed it to him while saying "that place could be over run by zombies!" calm down. he said and he went in. "i dont see a goddamn zombie in here" really i thought. i told jake to stay in the car with kathrine. when i walked in i couldnt believe my eyes. All the snacks were filled with food and there wasnt 1 zombie in sight. "Brian?" i said. he then walked out from behind a shelf, with a monster energy in one hand, a breakfast sand watch in another. his machete was in a strap on his back. but then at the corner of my eye i noticed the employee lounge door slowly creeked open. i turned as it slammed opened. at that momet a herd of zombies burst through. "RUN" brian. We both ran into the storage room. "OPEN THE GARAGE" i shouted. he opened it. "Kyle im gonna stay and hold'm off." i've argued with brian before, he always wins. so i just told him good luck and i ran out. when i got to the car jake was shouting help as i looked to see Kathrine growling and thrashing at jake. " she's a zombie now shoot her!" i ran to the trunk popped it open and grabbed a magnum just like the one i had. i opened the door as i. shot "Kathrine" in the forhead. "Brian is taking to long" i said. so i put the magnum in my pocket and grabbed a shotgun. When i got in the storage room i saw the herd in a circle all reaching for the floor... but i didnt see Brian. i ran out, jake was now in the driver seat. " Where's brian?" he asked "dead" i said angrily.


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