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Z-day chapter 5: the return of 3

Book By: Kmoran

3 have left the group, but 3 will return

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we turned right around. as we drove down the road, i looked at the same lone zombie. without hesitation i threw a dagger into it's head. Jake looked at me knowing that all the guilt i felt has turned to pure hatred. "where we going?" i asked. "To my mother's house. i bring her food and water." "where do you get the water and food" "i know some people, if i give then a handgun they bring my mom a weeks worth of food. it should be there." we pulled into her driveway. But when we walked in. not only was his mom there... so was mine. "m...m...mo..." i stammered. "KYLE!!!" she ran up to me and gave me a big hug. i couldnt believe she WAS ALIVE!!! "NOW!!!" yelled Jake as four other people ran in with shotguns. " In a time like this we need a sacrifice." 1 of the guys shot jakes mom. Jake turned around. "YOU ASSHOLE!" he then shot him plus 2 other ones. as he turned to the other one, he stabbed jake in the neck. jake fell dead. "you sed this was my plan, I was never with jake, neither was the one who shot his mom, you see me and "mike" got to gether and offered to be the one to shoot her and get killed for it. i aslo knew jake would think we all were in on it. i was his "closest friend" so i knew he would try to shoot me last. so that's when i would kill him. You see i want to be the one who ENDS the world. i go around the world making sure everyone is dead. Then i kill myself therefore the world ends." the guy said evily he aimed the gun at my mom. just as he pulled the trigger, i jumped in the way. i fell to the ground with a thud. "your turn." he said mom looked at me. i quietly said "somethings wrong" i said " like what" he said " There have been to many gunshots here today... they heard it. they are here." as the guy opened the curtain i looked. This time there was literally no way out as the herd of zombies zombies slowly surrownded the house.he dragged me outside and shut and locked the door behind him. i then heard my mom's scream followed by me seeing blood splatter on the window. i coiuldnt tell who but... 2 people ran up to me. it was, Brian... he threw his machete next to me and helped me stand up. come on! he said. we ran. he turned around to grab his machete but it was halfway through the herd. we got inside. " how" i said " in that garage there was a suage pipe. i climbed down, and when i found a way out, it was on the highway of that lone zombie you killed. i checked his pocket for a handgun, i found an ID. Kyle, that zombie was, dad." a tear ran down my cheek. " But my wish came true" i said brian gave me a confused look. " That whenever i would die, it would be with someone i loved." "die?" mom said then there were only the sound of the doors and windows breaking. "Bri, we escaped several times, i think... now it's time" me, mom and brian all looked eachother in the eyes in agreement. we all hugged eachother as the zombie slowly closed in. 1 by 1 zombies pulled them away. Then me... we were not dead, but in terrible pain " mom, aaaaaaaaah! brian... uuuurrrrrggggghhhhh i love you guys, ahh and brian thanks for watchin my back through all this" " no... problem little bro" mom then streched her arm out to me. brian did they same as i connected with them. we all stopped resisting and we all were laying in blood. we all closed our eyes. because if we were gonna be killed by hell it self... it will be together... THE END


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