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Live to die die to live

Novel By: Mcc0039

Tags: Zombies, Horror

This story is about a group of young kids fighting to live in a world of dead lead by leader Maddison, she helps her group of kids to fight for the right even at the sight of family and friends deaths then the fear of running from them or killing them will they live to see the new day or die try to find out.

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Chapter One The nights were long and cold, the wind blow though the trees making them resale, it felt like the trees where running along with us. We ran down a hill weaving in and out of trees having the leaves brake beneath our feet, I turned and fired two rounds of my seamy ortomadic gun out towards the darkness. The only light in the night sky was of the new moon and all round was the flashes of gun fire, "where are we going" I yelled into the dark in hope of a reply, and I got one, a low manly voice answered back " don no, but we better get there fast if not were all dead". I ran faster down the hill to find some solitude, only to find no escape. At the bottom was a large lake that the fool moon field like a star in someones eyes I looked at it feeling so scared all alone, then out of the crooner of my eye I saw the flashing of more gun fire then nothing no sounds it was dead quite, I called out into the woods, " T are you alive" no answer but I saw the other members of our group come out of the woods, "over here Maddy where here". I waved my arm to bring them over we crouched down walking along the the waters eage. I had my gun raised just in case of the dead attacking us it is suck a fearful time who am i kidding the last year was terrifying time and all i could think about was the first time i meet T and all my friends that made up this group, and the one memory that i seem not able to forget they day it all happened, THE DAY ThE WORLD END The day it happened I well never forget, the sun shinning on us, the slow moving breezes blowed though the air bring with it the warmth We were sitting on on baseball field me and my friends, now more like my family. There was T I started calling him that first year of high school cause he was always climbing trees, he became my best friends half way though year seven I didn't even know him before high school. Then there was Lilly and James they have been going out since grade 6, and they are still together though all the crazy ass fucking shite thats happened. Tom, Steve and Taylor are the 3 arame goes they do everything together, they are the most funniest guys would have ever came across real clowns they were and when it's not to bad they play a little jock to lighten the mood. They are my friends, and they are all I have left from the years that have past. Then there's me my name is Maddison but no one calls me that any more it's now known as Maddy , mad or mad dog cause of my temper, I'm the typical girl blooded hair blue eyes and loads of friends, but I was different to what they saw on the outside I liked guns, bikes cars being one of the guys but with style, and everyone thinks that we have serviced as long as we have because of me, but me myself no I think it's just luck. When it happened I was on my phone when I looked up to see some old guy coming into the school he was slow and stumbling like he was drunk, he let out a rawer when he got close to this girl named ash I hated her but I didn't want her to die 25% of the time he grabbed her and bitt her neck ripping out her flesh, my friends and I stood up in a panic looking at each other like what do we do, that was the last time I felt a warm brazes. Lets just say we stood there and watched as it ate her not by chose but by the fear tear of what was happening. After that they looked to me just me, like I was the boss just because I felt nothing looking into a dieing man or woman some people took that as me to be heartless but I took it as a tool to help me get though. So as we walked along the waters eage once again I had no emission on my face just the determination to get every single one of my friends to safety, I kept looking behind to see if T was coming or to see if there was any zombies, the the zombies that walk, and the ones that didn't they were a lot more frighting. The sun was coming up in the distances it was so nice to see something pretty in this fucked up world. " I haven't seen and zombies for a while lest stop" I had only said this so if by chance T was alive he could find us, I handed out some water from my back pack, looking at all their faces we had been on the run for so long and yet have not came across a safe place, we need one I can see that but it's not that easy. I kept looking to see if T was coming I kept hoping I would see his blue eyes peer around to bend but no I don't think I will, "I'm going to look around don't go anywhere". I headed up the low ling hill, 'a road when did that get there' I though out lowed to myself I looked up and down looking for any zombies I didn't see any there. I scrambled over to top of the hill, I slide to the bottom hitting that walk way at the bottom it hurt my leg it was a much bigger hill then I thought, I grabbed hold of the hand Rayleigh and pulled my self up I and start foreword was a camp site. It must be one of the earlier camps I thought making shaw once's again that the cohost was clear then I still got on my hands and knees and curled just in case. There was lots of cars parked on the outside thats how i new it was an earlier camp i read the number plate it was blood stained, but I could still make out what it said SLE 784 "I know this number planting" I said aloud it was a blue car much like my dads car before the world fucked its self. I stood up to see my mums cold bloody faces steering at me,I put my hand over my mouth to stop from screaming tears field my eyes I cried as i gazed upon what once was my family's camp, I walked feather in just to see if they were all gron or I find a chances to see some of my family. In the back sit of the car was my sister, she did not look as bad as my mum but dead the same, in the back back laid my camping bag and some of my old cloths I dropped to my knees now not able to stand crying out "they were waiting for me, there dead no no no they can't be no noo nooooo". I sat and cried then when I couldn't anymore I sat there in silences waiting for a sine, but nothing not even a brazes. I stood up still looking down waiting for the last tear to fall from my face, as it fell everything slowed down I could see the drop moving towards the ground, as it hit the ground I felt nothing not sad or sorry not even frightened nothing I walked to the car doors and opened them, my mums body fell to the ground. I picked her up in my arms no tears in my eyes, as I dropped her on the grounded and walked back to the car and again picked up on of my loved ones someone I woud have done anything for, and now can't as I picked her cold dead body from the seat of the family car I feel, I feel with her in my arms as I had down years before she had fallen off her bike and a bit of bone was stinking I picked her up and feel, but I tried again the doctor said I saved her life doing what I did, I looked down "Indy I'm so so sorry I couldn't save you this time I'm so sorry" I said putting her head agents mine. I stood up with her in my arms and placed her down next to my mum and to other sisters, I started to look around for my dad who was no were witch meant two things one he is alive and got away or to he is a mind less zombie walking around feasting on the body's of the fallen . I found some fuel and a lighter and set my fallen family on fire as they did to kings and queens because that's what they were now and for ever more.


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