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Halfway Dead

Book By: MIzzMac

This story is about a girl named Joy Sparrow. It is a mixture of genres. It's mostly horror but it is a mystery also. Joy is haunted by a girl she knew who got murdered. The girl is calling out to Joy for help. When Joy got in too deep she ended up dead also. She isnt completly dead just a walking spirit. Only her boyfriend Johnny can see her. The question is can that be enough to save her and capture the killer? This is a chapter book but this is part of chapter 2.

Submitted:May 1, 2012    Reads: 19    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

I got bored and walked around. Then I saw Jenny. Why was she here? Before I could get to ask her she ran out the club. I thought Nina would be alright. I followed Jenny. I went outside and looked around. I heard crying from down the street. I found her laying in the dirt. Her clothes were ripped and looked like they were burned. I helped her to get up. " Are you alright Jenny?" She came around and looked at me. She stood up but she didn't answer. "Jenny?" I said again worried now. She turned around and pointed the the creepy house down the road. I looked at it. " What about it the house?" I ask her. "Murderer" she whispered. Then she burst into flames.I screamed and backed away. "Help me" she whispered. I shook my head no. She came closer. "Stay away" I said shaking now. "Murderer" she said again. I shook my head again and turned to run away. I ran into Nina. I must of looked like a wreck. "Joy are you alright?" she ask me. " I...I " I couldn't get the words out. " You what?" she asked worried. " I think I saw Jenny." She looked at me like I was crazy. " Thats impossible.Jenny was found dead today." I shook my head no. " Oh wait you didn't know. Mmm I thought I told you." " I just saw her" I choked out. " She was over there". I pointed where I was. Jenny wasnt there anymore. " I think your drunker than me" and she laughed. " Im not drunk" I said angrly. " I know what I saw." " Calm down Joy. Can we go now before I punk my guts out. I can feel the liquor coming back." I nodded my head yes and she started walking to my car. She almost fell and I heard her curse about her not being drunk. I start to follow her. I stop and turn to glance back at the creepy house.


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