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Fatal Bites: The Purge

Book By: nross

humans have begun to realize their not alone and a war ensues. death is inevitable for a lot of the population

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IN THE YEAR 2026, HUMANS BEGIN TO REALIZE THEY ARE NOT ALONE. The first werewolf sightings have been confirmed. The human world is rocked by this new discovery and splits two ways. On one side, humans want us alive to be used in their wars as immortal soldiers. Those humans like us. On the other side are those that want us all dead, including the government. A mass cleansing shatters the supernatural world and splits our races.

In 2126, merely a hundred years later, the cleansing has killed over a million super naturals. Werewolves, vampires and demons fell to human greed, fear, and weapons. The werewolves did what they do best and struck back, killing human after human and creating a war on Earth.

With us on one side and the humans on the other, both sides are losing with an outcome that spells death for every thing on earth, natural or supernatural. In this growing chaos, survival becomes our only hope.



"It is now known that humans are not alone," the old TV blared." Werewolves and vampires do exist and they walk among us creating mass hysteria and panic among humans. The government has issued a kill all order. If you see it, kill it."

I stare at the TV with my pack mates. "How could this be?"

"I don't know," Atashi McGruder, the alpha of our pack, replied. "We have been so careful."

"According to recent reports," the TV continued, flashing a picture of a werewolf. "This is not as far fetched as we think. Several of the infected have been spotted all through out the world. Europe, Asia, even Africa has these massive beasts. All myths set aside, they do exist and we must warn you to be on the look out for these beasts. Signs of a vampire are unusually pale skin, extreme speed and a taste for blood. Werewolves are much harder to identify unless they are in full wolf form. They tend to be more aggressive, bigger then a normal human and most of all, their eyes have animalistic glint to them, if you think you have found one of these infected, call your local task force and do not approach them. They are highly dangerous and will not hesitate to kill you first."

I shake my head. "We are not all bad."

"Regardless, we must be all the more cautious. The sentence for being a non-human is death. Jason, your first job is to get a tan," Atashi said.

I stared at him with an eyebrow raised. "A tan?"

"You can't look like a vampire, even though you're a hybrid," he replied.

I blinked. "Okay."

Just then, there was a loud knock on the door. Atashi looked at me and I knew what he was going to say before he said it. I must hide because I look too much like a vampire to hide the fact that I am. I sighed and jumped to the second floor, opening the nearest bedroom and hiding in it.

"We work for the task force. We are here to search your house for any vampires and werewolves that you may be hiding."

I heard Atashi reply and then they came in. I heard their footsteps and sunk deeper into the closet, praying for once that I was invisible. The door to the room I was in opened and I buried myself into a tote of clothing. Light shined through as the closet opened.

"Clear," a voice said and the closet closed.

I sighed with relief as they left the house, finding nothing requiring their attention. As soon as they were gone, Atashi yelled up at me to come down. I walked down and looked at him.

"You know, even if I do get a tan there is still one problem," I said suddenly. I twitched my tail.

"Yes, well I can cure that," Adrian said, holding up a knife.

"I can take care of that face of yours too," I replied curtly, baring my fangs.

"Stop it," Atashi said. "Both of you. This is neither the time nor the place for this. Jason, retract those weapons and tie your tail to your back. We have work to do."

im still working on this one. this is book one one in a three book series.


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