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Depression (Chapter 1)

Book By: poemfever

Tags: Depression

Depression hurts.

Submitted:Mar 2, 2010    Reads: 77    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

The hate of life begins in 15 years old Karly McGuire's life. Her boyfriend just got caught cheating. Her best friend ditched her for sex. Her aunt caught drinking. Her father in jail. Mother dead. She has a hard life. The only person she has is Sam Wyatt, her best friend since kindergarten. Sam Allen Wyatt was the only one the liked Karly, understood Karly, and the only one that even talked to Karly.

Sam was kinda cute, too. On his profile picture on Facebook, he is REALLY cute:

< Sam

Karly does not think of Sam as a boyfriend, though. She thinks of him as JUST A FRIEND. Unlike every other girl in school who thinks he's the hottest dude thats ever walked down the hallway. The one in the school who Karly thinks is hot is Jason Orton. He is a football player. But like he even knows Karly exists.

Karly got off the bus, of course, with Sam. Well, Sam got off with her.

"Karly, come on, stay out of your room." Sam said throwing his backpack on the couch and following Karly into her room.

"No." Karly said flopping down in her black chair she got for her birthday. It was the only present she got because her family has nothing to do with her.

"Why? Its not that bad." Said Sam as he pulled up Karly's gray stool and sat on it.

"Yes it is, Sam. Maybe not to you but to me. Do you know how many bruises I have? How man scratches I have? Do you know how many cigarettes I have lit? I'm sick of it, Sam."

Sam rubbed his chin. "I have lit quite a few cigarettes, too Karly. I still do and you know you still smoke, too. It's not like we're proud of it. It's just a habit of ours."

Karly rolled her eyes. "I know I do, Sam. And no we're not proud of it. But we can't do anything. Everytime we try to stop, we fail. Besides, I live with my grandparents in a apartment. How worse could it get?"

"I don't know, Karly. I don't know. Maybe you can live with me for a couple of weeks to straighten things out. I have my own apartment, live by myself. I have an extra bedroom." Sam said.

"Yeah. Sure. I'll stay with you. Only if my grandparents even let me. Thet dont even letme cross th street without another person." Karly said shrugging her shoulders.

Both of them stood up. Karly grabbed Sams' hand and they walked out Karly's bedroom door.

Karly looked into Sam's eyes. Sam looked into Karly's eyes. Karly felt like the were the only two in the world. Secretly, Sam was in love with Karly. Karly was in love with Sam.

They leaned toward each other. They have just shared their first kiss.


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