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The Murphy's Story

Novel By: Robert Gilman

When an everyday couple named the Murphy's move because of the father's work, things become strange in their new neighbourhood. There is a man that lives next door that just seems odd. Who knows what is next in the chapters that follow about the Murphy's strange neighbour. Read and find out what pieces will be added to The Murphy's Story.

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Chapter 1

It was a beautiful day in Alberts Bay, Nova Scotia. The sun was shining brightly, clouds were nonexistent. The grass on each and every lawn was green and well trimmed. It was thirty-two degrees Celsius, a record for Alberts Bay; what would be a record for most towns in Nova Scotia. Children laughed and played outdoors, fathers were barbecuing, mothers were tossing a salad. It was the apotheosis of a summer day. Not exactly everyone was happy, though. The Murphy family were some of these people. Today, for the Murphy's, was moving day.

"Darlene, I don't know if I can listen to these kids much longer. Why can't they just understand that we have to move, it's a necessity?" Jack Murphy was getting disgusted. He had two children with his beautiful wife, Darlene. James was seventeen (twelfth grade) and Leann was fourteen (ninth grade). His kids just didn't realize the importance in moving away; however, he knew that if they just sat down and thought for a moment, they'd come around. Jack was a car salesman in Alberts Bay, but he was let go for "taking more money than was asked for each vehicle". He didn't understand where this claim came from. He didn't know who hated him enough to accuse him of something like this, but someone had gone to his boss, Derek Lacey. Someone told him that he was taking more money for himself and he was let go, just like that; fired without evidence. Jack was rattled by the news, was taken aback. He had won employee of the month many times, employee of the year twice, and sold more cars than anyone who ever worked for Lacey Chrystler, but he was fired for one lie made about him.

After Jack received the news that he had been laid off, and after he noticed that arguing essentially solves nothing, and after he lost his case in court; he decided to look for another job. He wanted a full-time job and if it didn't work out, he would accept working numerous different jobs. He needed money for his family. His wife was a teacher's assistant and didn't make enough to provide for the entire family. Jack felt his family life was slowly deteriorating to nothing. He compared himself to Jack from the Lord of The Flies; however, instead of deteriorating to an uncivilized, savage human, he was simply deteriorating to a poor man.

So Jack decided to move his family to Havensworth, Nova Scotia. A town the size of Albert's Bay (which was small), very close to Halifax. He decided to go to Havensworth because he had been asked to work for Derek Lacey's rival, Luc Loinette. Luc had owned Loi's since he was about fifteen, after his father died. Georges Loinette was a wonderful, caring man, and his son proved this was in the genes. Luc had an extremely warm personality, but when it came to Derek, he was all claws and fangs. When he found out that Jack was in need of a job, he thought of him as a secret weapon. "False prices or not, who gives a fuck? This guy can sell cars", Luc told his assistant, Marty. "Yeah Luc, but just think. If we fuckin' get caught by higher authority, we're fucked". Marty was an abrupt man. He liked to curse a lot and liked to smoke a lot of dope, too much dope. He smoked cigarettes too, which justified his raspy voice. But he always said the good old weed was his favourite.

During Luc's confrontation with Marty, a man in Havensworth was sitting down to his lunch. It was an odd lunch, didn't match up; not like red wine and chocolate. He was a bigger man, not too tall, but tall enough. He had very dark eyes, not in colour though, just a dark sense to them. Nobody knew his name but he knew the names of everybody. He studied phone numbers, addresses, postal codes. He knew everything he needed to know about everyone; everything that officially made it creepy. This man just found out that he was getting some new neighbours. A family of four. He knew because he went out and yelled at the people working for U-Haul. Parking in front of his house was not acceptable to him. He wash't a happy camper. "You move that fucking truck, or I'll phone the police", he said to them. "Yes sir, no problem", the driver replied, without hesitation. He asked them why they were there, why the fuck they were there, and they told him. The driver of the truck couldn't help but notice the smirk on his face. His cavity grew a slight smile as if he was getting something he wanted. The driver thought, for some reason, of the wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.

The Murphy's were loading their car with the last of their clothes and were en route to Havensworth before they knew it. Leann said her goodbyes to her friends, and James said his goodbyes to his friends and girlfriend, Jamie. James and Jamie, apart forever. They said they would still talk and be "boyfriend and girlfriend", but deep down in both of them, they knew the result would be quite the contrary. She had been looking at a certain guy in her Tourism class, taking notice of him for quite some time. She didn't want to say anything to James and figured it didn't matter because of his moving away. It wouldn't be hard for James to find a girlfriend in Havensworth, they both knew. He had short, spiky, dirty blond hair, white, sparkly teeth, black framed glasses, and dressed in top of the line clothes. He'd be hooking up with girls left, right, and centre in his new town. But at the moment, Jamie was irreplaceable in James' mind.


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