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Book By: rockincallie

my friend moves into haunted house her family slowly starts fading into the demon but not her the demon doesn't come after her.

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"Why do we have to move i dont even like New York all my friends are here mom !!! please !!!!" ( as tears roll down her cheeks her mascara runs rapidly as well ) " Casey i know you will miss New Jersey and you'll see me less but honey living with your dad and stepmom is whats best and i must do this honey at least till i find a job" a short moment of silence "............well try to find a job quickly .........and i promise i will call you every tuesday right after school ...... and if you can't answer i'll try again later .... you promise we will do that ?" said casey " I promise and we will talk about everything that happened that week " said caseys mom

They took a plane and then took a cab to their new house casey's mom did not tag along. Casey lived with her dad now she also lived with her stepmom, Lumpy you can call her. Casey found her room right away she walked upstairs as she thought about her mom and what she was doing. Their was a whole floor fit just for her she knew this had to be hers there was a closet the perfect size and a bedroom just a wink to small but they could fix that. She went down stairs and told her dad about the room she wanted he said " thats the room i was thinking for you actually " " Its a little to small though can you fix that " said casey ( and no it was not a question more a demand ) " of course any thing for you " said caseys dad

The Next Day

The family got unpacked the next day but only the important things " I want all of the stuff unpacked into my room today! ' Demanded casey's sister " Okay " said lumpy casey's stepmom. " Can i just have my bed unpacked i don't want to have to sleep on the floor " Asked casey ( in a really nice tone ) " Possibly casey we will try but if not today tommorow i promise " ( Slightly irritated ) Casey kept unpacking the kitchen. Good thing she did not have to lug that huge fridge in here she thought. After the kitchen it was time to unpack the living room. Then all of the bedrooms. Casey's sisters room was already unpacked details and all. Her brother Caige was next and then casey. She did get her bed in her room but that is it no sheets or anything.

The New House

Casey woke up early the next morning not being able to sleep long in her old to small sweat pants. Being up and nothing being unpacked for her to do she walked around her house. Casey soon found that it was very large. She found a quite large under constructed room on her floor with a very small door more like a tall cupboard actually. She walked downstairs and then down another flight of stairs into the basement it was large as well at least six rooms i think that it used to be a wine cellar. She layed on the floor as the coldness took over the hair on her legs stood up as she shivered. She layed her head on the ground her hair turned cold as well. She didn't realise it but she could not sleep because of to much heat. When she layed down she fell asleep because of the coldness like a puppys wet nose.

Odd Things

Casey woke up the next day her hair feeling nasty. She went up to her room not really noticing anything only partially awake. She looked at the clock it was 9:00 a.m. but no one was up. She walked downstairs and into the bathroom . At first she just let the hot water run over her she did not want to move. it was like the Niagra Falls just got warmer and alot softer. She used shampoo and conditioner cleaned herself up and got out of the shower. She grabbed a white fluffy towel and dryed herself up. she got dressed in her favorite reddish blackish skinny jeans and threw on her red and black Aeropostale shirt that matched it perfectly. It was the outfit she planned to wear for her first day of school as well.

She went back upstairs to her room to blow dry her hair. ( thinking that everything was unpacked ). She walked into her room and found it was unpacked thinking it was Lumpy or her dad she went along with it. Shes not going to complain for some one else doing her work. She blow dryed the straitened her hair. Then put hair spray in it. Then she picked up her favorite jolly rancher perfume and sprayed that on herself to cover up the smell of hairspray. She opened the window before she left the room and then walked into the lobby area. Just as she reached the other side of the door the swung shut Casey jumped and turned around. The hanging beads that were hanging on her door started flying every where. Casey jumped and screamed and flew down the staircase beads hitting her in the head as she did. She ran down stairs and ran into her dad and lumpys room .... but they were not there. The wind then came down to the kitchen and blew all the pictures and magnets of the fridge. The doors swung open and closed open and closed. Then Lumpy came home she just walked through like nothing was happening but randomly she dropped the groceries and started screaming. Now these were not shreaks of fear or happiness These were shreaks of pain. Lumpys eyes started flickering from normal to bright highlighter yellow. Casey yelled Lumpy come here stay away from there. But the process of her being pocessed was done.


Casey thought and thought just standing in that corner hoping this was a dream but hoping doesn't fix it all. Hoping changed nothing that just happened, hoping made her feel worse. Casey was sitting there tears rolling down so fast wondering if her stepmom is still standing there with that blank look upon her face. She peeked around the corner. Her 'stepmom' looked at her in sudden movement. She said "i'm trying to save you from this i'm trying to stop i can't take it any longer, fifty years! are now done!" But nothing happend no sudden explosion or dramatic effects nothing happend!

"Cut, cut, Cut!!!!!! Why didn't she explode honestly who does Dramatic Effects?" Asked the director "Bob Dulsike" Casey said being her self and answering any question going out there. "Someone FIRE! HIM and then hire someone better"


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