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live or die

Book By: rosey14951

you either live with him , or die because of him ... which option is better?

Submitted:Mar 30, 2014    Reads: 28    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

"Matt, matt stop playing your games. Matt this isn't funny!!!" it was about ten o'clock at night, but I wasn't sure because my cell phone was dead. It was dark and I was scared out of my mind. I told matt that we shouldn't have gone through here. About a year ago two people were killed on this trail, the guy who killed them was never found. I walked aimlessly through the woods and I could hardly stand the fact that I was alone and scared. "MATHEW CARTER JENSON STOP THIS JOKE!!!!" I began to cry at the fact that I was afraid and fearful that I was never going to see matt again. He was my whole world and everything to me and if I never saw him again I think I would die. * Crack*, I stood there in my place crying softly and turning franticly in every direction. "Who's there?!??" I turned again and still no answer. I keep walking, I heard it again *crack * but this time it was much closer to me. I kept walking and picking up the pace becoming more and more scared with everything step I took. * Crack* at this point I was running faster than ever until I hit a small stream. This I could see perfectly from the full moon light above. I looked down at the stream and saw something strange … it was a tint of red water in the stream. I look up the stream and saw a tiny waterfall that I could easily get to. I climbed up the small hill to get to the top where the waterfall was and I screamed instantly. It was matt, or at least I was pretty sure it was. What I saw was frightening. Matts head, eyes gone leaving in their place a pool of blood. His nose, twisted and mangled. His mouth gone, lips cut off and every single tooth either broke or gone completely .all together his head was decapitated. Then I looked done, his once pure white shirt was now red with blood. His body was torn down the chest from neck to hiss torso, his insides were gone and the only thing in there place was air, I could see to this back skin, all his bones were broke in the worst way. His arms and legs were severed from his body and scattered up the waterfall. The only true reason I could tell it was matt was because of his hair … it was perfect still, blond and still looked as it normally did. I stood there and cried. Then I heard it. "Rosily "I turned around and saw no one. "Who's there!?!" I looked around. I saw no one, just the low moonlight above. I turned back towards matt and my eyes flooded with tears of sadness and anger. " rosily" this time it sounded closer and I tuned again , this time , saw a man not too far away from me , he was wearing jeans and a hood , both stained with dark red . I started to run away from the stream and started to run deeper into the woods. I began to lose my breath and started to cry more." rosily" I heard again and I stopped. This time he sounded so close that he could be right behind me. I turned and I saw the man, about an arm's length away from me. "Who are you?!?!?!??! What do you want????" he came closer and I backed up, I freaked out and was about to start running again until he grabbed my arm and darkness overcame me.


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