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The Devil's Angel Chapter 5


1: Never live in an abandoned mall.
2: Always get food, money, and equipment.
3: Always have someone near your side.
4: Observe the subject.
5: Research.
6: Never piss off a dead trans-gender cannibal that has evil powers and can kill you in a flick of the wrist.
Chapter 5 of the Devil's Angel. Oh, and the things above are included.

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"I still can't believe that your parents are dead!" Sandra said while eating two fries from Burger King. This was the last of Logan's monthly pay. He had enough to feed Andrea, Donna, Jeremey, Sandra, Valerie, Kevin, and himself for lunch.

"What are we going to do for money?"

"Whoa, hold on. What are we even doing. I know your parents are dead, Donna made you a man, and there is a killer in town." Kevin said.

"True. But the reason is, the killer was at Jeremey's Horror Movie Night last night and it dissappeared into thin air. And by thin air I mean the ground." Valerie said.

"Maybe there was a sewage pipe dumb-ass." Kevin said.

"Kevin! I have lived in that house almost eight years. I would know if there was a sewage pipe or not. There isn't one behind my house!"

Kevin gave him a blank stare. He then took a sip of his Coke.

"Listen guys, whatever killed our parents isn't human. It is some kind of supernatural being or somthing of the sort." Andrea said. Sandra nodded and Jeremey did the same.

"You know what guys. Here is all the money I have. A fifty. Go get high or something and don't include me in your five year old horror game." Kevin walked away towards the exit and a car came smashing through the windows hitting Kevin and anyone else that was in the way.

"OH MY GOD! KEVIN!" Logan yelled. Andrea looked out the window and saw the creature.

"GUYS! THE CREATURE!" Andrea yelled. Sandra grabbed the fifty dollar bill and ran out with the rest of the gang. They headed to Jeremey's car.

The car didn't start. The creature was coming towards the car.

"Jeremey hurry up!" Valerie said un-patiently. The creature was getting closer and the car was not starting.

"JEREMEY HURRY!" Andrea yelled. The car turned on and they drove up to the creature, hit it and drove near downtown.

"Andrea, didn't Mom and Dad have like ten thousand bucks in their bank account?" Logan asked.

"Yeah they do!" Andrea replied.

"Even if there was, how are you going to get into the bank account? You need their ATM card and their PIN code." Sandra said.

"Actually, this fifty can get us a gun." Jeremey said.

"Oh no, we are not robbing the bank."

"Maybe we can get our little killer to ram another car into the bank?" Andrea said with a wicked smile on her face.

"I have a plan." Valerie said. "What we do is Logan, Andrea, and Sandra go into the bank and begin to try to get the money. Meanwhile, Jeremey and I will go and ram the car into the bank side, therefore killing all the people at the front desk. Andrea and Sandra pull out their pistols and Logan goes into the big vault and steals all the money. Then we leave out of Nevada to California and go to Torrance and stay in the Rolling Hills Mall. It has been abandoned for many years. We stay there until our little friend comes to kill us and we try to take shots at him! Good plan eh?" Valerie said.

"Yes but there is a couple of flaws. First, we are underaged to get weapons. Two, what are we going to tell our parents. And three, what if the police track us out of state?" Sandra said.

"Sandra, darling. Logan has a gun! He has a rifle. He can kill the guy at the weapon store and steal all the weapons. We can tell our parents we are going on a trip. And the people at the bank won't be able to activate the alarm because they will already be dead!" Andrea said.

"The cameras! They have cameras at the bank you know!"

"Sandra, I am really good at computers. No wonder my report card are all A+'s!" Valerie said.

"Sandra our plan is bullet-proof!" Logan said. "Valerie can hack into the system, mess up their hard-drive, therefore turning off the cameras so the police won't know what is happening. But we will have a time-limit. The police staion isn't that far from the bank. We will have ten minutes at the most with the money and everything after the cameras are hacked."

"Lets get back to Logan's house and get the gun and head to the Gun store. We need guns for everyone!" Andrea said.

The six headed to the Evan's home and went into the basement. Logan got his gun and was shocked he had a six pack of bullets. They went to the Gun store and began to show the man at the front his gun for trade.

"Yes. Very nice gun." The man said. He began to look at the inside of the barrel. "Do you have bullets in here?" The man asked. Logan pulled the trigger with the barrel aiming at the man's left eyeball. The man fell to the ground and blood spilled everywhere. Logan went behind the counter, grabbed the keys, opened the drawers and pulled out six pistols. He left his rifle there and went out to the car with a cloth bag.

"Any good ones?" Jeremey asked.

"Six pistols. Here you all go. And here is two 100 packs of bullets for all of you." Logan handed out the merchandise.

"Okay now to the bank. Valerie, do you have your laptop?" Jeremey asked.

"Already hacking." Valerie replied.

The car pulled out in front of the bank and Valerie was still hacking. Logan, Sandra, and Andrea got out of the car and walked into the bank.

"Hello sir, how may we assist you today?" A lady at the front said.

"Valerie, is the hacking almost done?"

"Damn boy, I finished five minutes ago!" Valerie said. Jeremey began to call Andrea to tell them that the cameras were out.

"Hello? Yes. Okay. We good? Got it." Andrea put down the phone and passed the news on to Sandra. They stepped back.

"Valerie hold on." Jeremey said. He punched it and the car came blowing into the building, hitting everyone at the front desks. Sandra and Andrea pulled out their guns and pointed it at the people there. Logan ran back and shot down the hallway door that was locked. He saw a man and pointed his pistol at him.

"Tell me the combo for the big vault. NOW!"

"5087! Don't shoot please!" Logan shot the man in the head and ran to the big vault.

"Jeremey! They figured out we hacked. Contact Logan and tell him that we are going to the Supermarket and that he is going to have to steal a car. We are going to begin to get groceries."

"Got it." Jeremey called and told Logan while he was stuffing the bag with hundreds of thousands of dollars into a few cloth bags.

"Sandra we have about five minutes until the police get here." Andrea said.

"I know. Just keep calm." Sandra said back. "Logan is going as fast as he can.

Logan walked back into the main area and told them what Jeremey had said. They got into a car and Sandra hotwired it like she did to her parent's car and they drove off to the Supermarket.

After about 45 minutes in the supermarket, they spent about 3,000 dollars on food and other things they will need like entertainment. They got back into the car and went back to the neighborhood to tell their parents about the "trip." The parent's agreed to let them go and they sped off to Torrance where the Rolling Hills Mall awaited for them.

"Valerie can you get any Wi-Fi and research on this thing that is chasing us. Maybe like a chemical explosion or something."

"Sure, just give me a minute." Valerie said.

They all sat there for about five minutes until Valerie said she had some info.

"I have some info. There was a chemical explosion in one of the Disease Labs in an underground base. A man was trying to make a potion that can do multiple things. It could change the current gender, make you a cross breed of a Devil and an Angel, and kill you. No wonder the thing isn't dead when you hit him with your car Jeremey."

"Well now we know what we are dealing with." Andrea said.

The six stopped for the night and they knew if they woke early, the could get to Torrance by sundown the next day. Donna hadn't said anything. She was probably still trying to understand what had happened. Then again she was at her house all day. She still wasn't saying anything.

The next day, they woke up at dawn and began to drive once more to Torrance. They were probably going to make it before sundown if they kept this up.

"Guys." Donna said.

"Yeah?" They thought it was something important

"I'm hungry." She said.

Everyone laughed for a second. Donna was laughing the most.

"And we forgot one thing at the Supermarket." Donna said.

"What was it?"


"Well we can get some when we get to Torrance." Sandra said.

At about 5:00, they had finally made it to the Rolling Hills Mall. They unlocked the door with a lock-pick and went inside. Of course there was no alarms because the mall was locked for a while. They got their sleeping bags and went to bed after a nice dinner in the food court.

The mall was a maze.

They couldn't of known.

They wouldn't of known.

That the monster was one step ahead of them.


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