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The Sounds of Silence

Book By: sqjpure

Bizzaro story about a military test on a new pill that give you all the nutrients you need to survive at full strength for over a month but someone about the results is off....

Submitted:Aug 9, 2008    Reads: 221    Comments: 3    Likes: 0   

This symbol signifies that the scene has moved to another person.


"Its finally the last day of our three week test. Physically all four test subjects excluding myself, the control, are in perfect condition. All our daily military exercises along the coast and foliage of the rian forest have given consistent results. But…

Samuel Stover slapped his neck for the dozenth time. A mosquito buzzed around Sam's ear as if giving a victory dance. The sweat that lined his soft features only added to Sam's frustration. Sam hacked a low hanging branch out his way revealing another person on the other side of the tree, It was Geode a he's soldier from the test. Sam gritted his teeth when the burn of the fifteenth sting started to hurt. Sam rubbed his neck groaning. He lifted a small Dictaphone and put it to his mouth again

"but I feel there's something different in each person, mentally. They're growing less attentive and increasingly narc…

Sam paused when Geode disappeared into the foliage. He eyed the set of trees where Geode had just been.

"Um.. narcissistic. Um.. yes. They'd grown less attentive to much of what I ask them. Also the blood reading bracelets we've given them seem to be compounding the aggitated states their in. It was small at first but now the anger and stress fits are growing longer with each alarm that warns of a lack in thier nutrient level. I've reported this to HQ but they insisted that we continue till the end of the oper-"

The fern braches behind Sam shifted and Geode appeared right next to Sam with his gun raised. Sam's heart stoppedwhen Geode's rifle cocked and straightened.

"What the.."

Vince cocked his rifle and fire drilled dozens of holes into the forest. He kept firing carefully until he heard screaming and stopped. Jazz(Jasmine) wasyelling something again. It seemed she was always saying something.

Nigger was the only Vince word he could ever use to describe her. He turned away from her but she didn't take the hint. There was no explanation good enough for Vince that could justify the introduction of niggers into a perfect army. They were slow, lazy and talkative. Vince bent low to examine his work with his rifle. Perfect holes marked the tree in even intervals. It was perfect aiming and shooting, which to Vince was a turn on.


"OhmygodOHGOD" Claire gasped and exhaled desperately reaching for anything solid to hold on to. Twigs broke, braches snapped and sand slipped though her fingers. Her body was flipped by dark hands from her laying on her back to her on her stomach, sending everything she clung to flying in all directions. A stuttery and hoarse cry was the only sound that could come out here mouth as her body was involuntarily pushed forwards into the sand and rotten leaves. She clung onto a thick root and used it for leverage. The thick and firm hands held her waist and squeezed hard turning her pink skin white. Claire's breath dug into the sand as Domenic's pelvis slapped against her butt cheeks making her breasts bounce and slap against her chest. It wasn't sexy for Claire but it was hot.

For Claire this was a means to an end. She had a large itch and Domenic had the right 'tool' to satisfy that scratch. She followed 'test regulations' for long enough and she'd been living without sex for long enough. It had been longer than three weeks since 'her itch' or pussy had been scratched but now for the first time she didn't care about orders. She just wanted to fix her problem she wanted to get fucked.


Geode dropped his rifle and slapped Sam on the back.

"Calm down. We can't have our 'control' freaking out can we? It might mess with the reading at the end." To Geode that'sall that Sam was. He was the control. A loser there only to make sure this experiment worked. Geode had to starve himself for the pills while Sam got to stuff his face. Sam didn't have to hold the bracelet that hammered against Geode head when it was time to eat their pills. Geode swallowed his anger and waved his gun in the direction of their hiking destination. "Its just us on this coast 'control' Come on. I'll take you to the meeting point. Dominic and Claire should be close if not there. Jazz and Vince will beat me too if I keep moving like this." Geode said moving on.


Dominic was enjoying his 'victory dance' as he put all his energy into shoving Claire's rear into his cock. He got tired of moving his own pelvis and now was relying on his own arm strength. It was working like a charm. He regretted only taking his pants off now. He wanted to seeing his own muscles in action. Claire was a rush to fuck. She just went for anything. He pushed, pulled, squeezed and used any rough housing he could think of but she just took it. Dominic leaned back and lifted Claire a few centimetre off the ground. He wanted to see his arms pushing Claire in and out himself.



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